Cryptocurrencies and gamblers have a great deal in common. Both are cool with risk. Both are rebels. Both are dreamers, if you will, with a common goal described in one word: more. It’s a symbiotic relationship, loaded with jeopardy and fueled by the thrill of the play. While gamblers enjoy games, cryptocurrency is a game. Play it right and the rewards can be astonishing. Get it wrong and the crash is silent but deadly. But both tend to rise again.

In 2010, Bitcoin was introduced at a cost of 10 cents. If you had invested (gambled?) $100 back then, you’d have 1,000 digital coins. By 2021, your investment (winnings?) would be worth nearly $50 million. Raising the question, “WTF?”

So, how did we get here? And what next?


Cryptocurrency was created when the 2008 global financial crisis hit. It has inspired people to take money matters into their own hands. The creators wanted to manage their money without the “help” of controlling companies, restrictive governments and fee-happy banks.

Bitcoin is considered the first cryptocurrency. It became the means to combine decentralized control, user anonymity, blockchain record-keeping, and planned scarcity. The genius (or geniuses, because they were more than one person) behind Bitcoin uses the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, now reportedly worth an estimated $35 billion.
Around 2015, Bitcoin started experiencing rapid growth and became a significant currency online and off, as some businesses started accepting it.

Today, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Tether and others provide an outlet for personal wealth protected from restrictions and confiscation, but not immune to inherent risks.

Is cryptocurrency a good investment? Like gambling, it’s just as possible to get rich with cryptocurrency as it is to lose it all. But like gambling, you can set your own limits and reduce the risks you’re willing to take. The potential rewards are certainly enticing.


At Ignition Casino, we encourage poker players to use Bitcoin. Proof? Every time you deposit digital currency, we’ll hook you up with a 25% casino match bonus up to $1,000. We love Bitcoin so much we’ll boost our Tell-a-Friend bonus of 200% of your friend’s first deposit up to $100 with an extra $25.

It gets more interesting when you play poker with Bitcoin because your chances grow to huge proportions. Rev up the action and boost your bankroll with unlimited bonuses whenever you deposit with Bitcoin. Meanwhile, we are always looking to make your Bitcoin investment payoff while you’re having fun playing (and winning) in our casino. There’s no better deal anywhere.


Before grabbing your seat at the poker table, you need to open a Bitcoin account. It assures you anonymity, the security of your Bitcoin and allows you to spend in total privacy.

Get your Bitcoin account started with this simple 4-step process:

  1. Create a free wallet on a site such as blockchain.com

This is where you store your cryptocurrency. Your wallet allows you to transfer Bitcoin safely. It only takes 5 minutes to setup and it’s totally free.

  1. Create an exchange account with a provider listed at Bitcoin.org

Creating a Bitcoin Exchange is free and takes about 5 minutes. An exchange account is used to buy Bitcoin and it’s where you change your withdrawal back to dollars.

  1. Buy your Bitcoin on the exchange account with traditional money

Steps to buy from an exchange can be found in the FAQs section of the site you selected. Purchase limits vary, up to $25,000 daily, from exchange to exchange for verified customers.

  1. Transfer the Bitcoin from your exchange account to your wallet

Transfers usually take a couple of minutes and your wallet may ask you to choose a transaction fee to complete the transfer. Transfers between your exchange and your wallet are unlimited.

Now you’re ready to play with Bitcoin at Ignition. Your Ignition Casino deposit will only take a few minutes before the funds are available in your account. Using Bitcoin at Ignition Casino means you can take advantage of our Bitcoin Match Bonus with your deposit. All bonuses are bigger and better with Bitcoin.

Get more details and helpful videos on how to start with bitcoin here!


Bitcoin is not the only player in this digital world. The advantages of cryptocurrency have given rise to many competitors, including Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Litecoin, and others. Which is better for online gaming? Let’s compare.


The crypto that started a revolution, Bitcoin is the world’s dominant cryptocurrency platform. Every casino operator offering cryptocurrency gambling accepts Bitcoin, including us. It’s recognized globally by both cryptocurrency users and investors. In fact, some online casinos immediately convert other cryptocurrency deposits into Bitcoin.


This is actually a fork of Bitcoin. In computer coding, a fork happens when someone takes a current piece of code and continues developing it in a way that strays from the original. Bitcoin Cash officially forked in 2017 after a disagreement within the Bitcoin community.The disagreement was caused by a Bitcoin blockchain growing so large that transactions took too long to complete.


In the top 10 cryptocurrencies, Litecoin is considered best positioned to compete with Bitcoin. Litecoin is a fork, but it differs from Bitcoin. At the start, a Litecoin transaction could be processed in 90 seconds, while Bitcoin used to take more than 10 minutes. The time difference is not as big now, but Litecoin is still faster.


Another Bitcoin fork, Bitcoin SV is faster and transactions cost less. Its larger block size reduces the number of transactions. This ends up not only lowering the fees but also increases the network’s processing speed. Bitcoin SV is ideal for purchasing gift cards for food, clothing, gaming, entertainment and all kinds of merchandise.


Ethereum is another popular alternative to Bitcoin. It’s more affordable to purchase and its transactions process quicker. So, if you’re looking for lightning-fast deposits and withdrawals, this is an awesome option for online gaming with crypto. And you’ll still have all the same sweet perks of a decentralized currency.


USDT, like Tether’s other stablecoins, is “pegged” to the value of the dollar. One USDT is always worth one U.S. dollar. No matter what, that’s the price. It can’t shoot up or down unless the dollar does. And the dollar is by far a more stable medium of exchange. From day to day, dollars are generally worth about the same amount, although inflation has been slowly creeping along for many years.

When you have USDT, you never have to wonder what the value is. You don’t need to look up a chart any more than our American users would look up a chart to find the value of the dollars in their pocket. This makes it ideal for an Ignition crypto deposit currency.

If you’ve still got questions, don’t stress! At Ignition Casino, we offer endless support to all our members. All you need to do is visit the Ignition Casino Help Center or our crypto section. You can also learn more about all the benefits of crypto gambling.