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What happens when you take a group of Australia’s best pro gamers, match them with Ignition’s athletic influencers, hand them some paintball rifles and drop them into a COD-style warehouse warzone?

You’ll have your answer with Ignition’s Warehouse Warzone.

The Chiefs are Australia’s leading esports team after clinching back-to-back wins at the LCO Championships in 2023. They performed feats of individual and collective brilliance to sweep their rivals aside in the regional League of Legends circuit. However, mouse clicks and frame data would have to be left behind when Ignition Casino flew them to an undisclosed location in the summer of 2023.

Ignition plunged them into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The building looked like something out of a zombie movie, replete with wrecked cars, graffitied walls, ramshackle defences and derelict huts. They were handed machine guns and decked out in tactical gear for the battle of their lives: a series of gel blaster showdowns against Team Ignition, also known as Team IGN. They locked horns with Team Chiefs in team deathmatch, elimination and capture the flag events.

Warehouse Warzone is essentially a gel blaster version of Paintball, which is designed to look and feel like Call of Duty. That naturally gave Team Chiefs an advantage, what with them being superstar gamers and all.

Alex Glenn Leads Team IGN into Battle

Yet Team IGN had an ace up their sleeve. They brought in former Brisbane Broncos captain Alex Glenn to captain Team IGN. If there’s anyone you want on your side in a battle, it’s the one-club servant, who displayed pace, power, and leadership during 12 years with the Broncos, while also representing New Zealand and the Cook Islands at international level.

Glenn cut an imposing figure at Warehouse Warzone when he squared off against his opposite number, Team Chiefs captain AlphaAnton. While the esteemed content creator may have more than 400,000 followers on TikTok, Team IGN thought he’d be no match for Glenn in the cut and thrust of battle.

However, they were sadly mistaken. During the event, three best of five matches were played in three days (the first featured standard matches, while the others were Christmas-themed), and Team Chiefs emerged with the day-one, 3-2 victory.

“That was awesome!” a delighted AlphaAnton exclaimed. “That was intense. We had a great time out there – a lot of laughs, a lot of banter, and a lot of pain!”

“We definitely want to do it again, especially against those boys!”

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Sweaty

Yet Team IGN would soon gain sweet revenge. For the Christmas games, the combatants wore Santa hats and tinsel over their tactical gear, and the war resumed. The players were now well-accustomed to the warzone layout and the format, which requires one team to take out all of the members of the opposing team – in dramatic fashion!

The action reached a fever pitch, with both teams fighting desperately for supremacy in the increasingly sweaty warehouse. When all was said and done, Team IGN clinched victory in the base capture game by a 15-point margin.

“What an unbelievable event!” said Glenn, who made 288 appearances for the Broncos during his NRL career. “The sweat is dripping. It’s pretty full on. It was an unreal experience.”

“Make sure you get down there and have a go.”

The Weapons of Choice

The primary weapons used for the battle were gel blasters, which offer an ideal alternative to paintball guns. They generate enough power to leave a mark, and they look similar to the M4A in Call of Duty.

However, there is one key difference. Gel blasts don’t hurt you. If you’ve ever been left with a nasty welt, cut or bruise from a paintball crashing into your body, you’ll probably be grateful for the chance to play with gel blasters instead. In addition to the gel blasters, special weapons such as a foam axe were scattered throughout the map. These weapons offered instant kill potential, but they also required close proximity and skill to utilize effectively.

Safety Note: These are toy gel blasters, not real weapons, used in a safe and controlled environment with professional referees. They create an authentic atmosphere, with sweat and pride on the line in an exciting location, but no players are ever at risk of physical harm.

Back to Reality

The elite gamers at The Chiefs Esports Club enjoyed a break from their gaming chairs and keyboards at Warehouse Warzone. It helped them put some key skills to the test in the real world, including teamwork, agility, endurance, and planning, which should help them thrive as they tackle bigger challenges in the year ahead.

The Chiefs recently merged with Team Bliss Esports to create an ANZ powerhouse. A former rivalry became a brotherhood, although both The Chiefs and Team Bliss will continue to operate standalone teams within the same group.

Last year, The Chiefs climbed three places to rank No. 11 in Sports Entertainment Network’s annual list of the Top 25 Sporting Teams in Australasia. They were the only esports team on the list, sandwiched between Perth Scorchers and Adelaide Strikers.

In January, the team announced an eagerly anticipated return to Rocket League. They plan to take Oceanic Rocket League by storm after signing 2023 OCE MVP Superlachie, previous World Championship attendee Hntr and young superstar Gus.

Team IGN is also looking forward to an eventual rematch with Team Chiefs, and they’ll be sharpening their shooting skills in the meantime!