Online poker is one of the biggest games around, but if you want to win when you play Texas Hold’em online, there are a few key differences from live, in-person poker to keep in mind. It’s a totally different poker game experience for players that first keeps what’s awesome about live poker and then gets rid of all the annoying parts about playing poker in person (like waiting in lines, being stuck at a single slow-moving table, and having to wear clothes when you play). Let’s get right into it!

In Online Poker, the Games Move Faster

This is one of the very best things about playing online poker games. Instead of waiting for the dealer to actually handle cards… instead of having to hold up while players count out the pot, their chips, and their raise… instead of pausing while a player first gets their drink order… instead of sitting around while everything is cleaned up after a hand – you just get to play the game of poker!

The rules are the same, but the speed is turned way up. You’re not in a slow riverboat ferry – you’re in a poker speedboat cutting across the water.


Of course, this means that online poker games move a lot faster than live games. The cards fly out preflop, you make your call, all players see the situation and make pretty quick decisions, and the hands go by smoothly and efficiently – like clockwork. When you play Texas Hold’em online, you’ll see that the action in the game is much more seamless than poker at a live casino because the computer is handling everything while all the players simply kick back and enjoy playing.

If you’ve never experienced it, you can always play online poker free for a while first to get a feel for the pace of our games, and then take on the real money poker tables afterward. The game experience is actually a perfect mix of relaxing and exciting.

Relaxing while you toss the crap poker hands, and then browse the web, look out your window, or watch a show…

Exciting when you get some action in your game and start playing poker according to your strategy, working on taking down your next pot win from preflop to the river. Be ready to play – online poker hands move quick!

You Can Play Multiple Poker Tables

With an online poker game, you’re not stuck at one table and locked into playing through an unfavorable situation. Brick and mortar casinos may seat you somewhere you don’t want to be at first when you play poker live. You could have an overaggressive player just after you, hammering away at your bets throughout the game. Or you might find that a live table just has too many good players, and isn’t profitable enough. You’ll feel like you’re in a firefight all night.


But when you play Texas Hold’em online, the rules allow you to have a bunch of tables open to find the most profitable games. 

This gives you way more action if you’re in a selective mood and only want to play and hold premium hands preflop. It also gives you more chances to hit big poker hands, use your favorite strategy, and make other players pay. The best part is how fast the action is. If you’ve been playing the game for ages and find that one table is just too slow, you can get four tables going and win as much as you like. Most of the game is making quick preflop decisions anyway, right? 

Essentially, you have total control over how many hands you’re playing in online poker at our casino.

You Can Still Pickup on Tells from Other Poker Players

A lot of newer players have this misconception about online poker games versus live: they think there are no tells, and that each player sits totally secure behind the computer screen, giving away no information about his or her hand as the game goes along. Not true.

As you play Texas Hold’em online, you’ll start to pick up on all kinds of online poker tells from other players at our casino. It’s not against the rules at all!

One of the biggest online poker tells that gives away another player’s hand is click time. Did the player click in fast, or have their hand set to auto-raise? Auto-check? Or did they hold on for a long time to consider the hand, and then check raise? Maybe you dragged another player kicking and screaming into a bet they didn’t want to call? The time it takes them to choose an action always provides a bit of information about their hand, their strategy, and the way they play the game. You’ll see right through them!


And if the casino has a chat feature to give players a way to talk while playing poker?  Players blabbing away is online poker tell gold, and you should mine it to win.

There Are Endless Poker Tournaments to Play In

At a live poker game in a brick and mortar casino, you can’t just hop into a poker tournament at any time. Hell, you practically have to hold up your whole day to schedule it around playing in a live poker tournament.

But with online poker? When you want a tournament, you get one! With some online poker tournaments, a few minutes after you register, you’ve got a hand to play. This means that you can wait until it’s convenient for you, and ensure that you’re in the right frame of mind to win at poker. 

A live poker tournament starts when it wants to, and you have to take your seat, ready or not – those are the rules. When you play Texas Hold’em online, on the other hand, you can wait until you’ve got your drink, the temperature in your place is just right, it’s the time of day you like to play, you’re feeling focused on your strategy, and you’re ready to win.

That’s why being an online poker player is so awesome at Ignition.