Poker is legendary. A game of skill, wits, huge decisions, steely nerves, big winners, bad beats and crazy stories. 

In 1973, the newborn FedEx company was facing bankruptcy over a $24,000 bill for fuel. Owner, Fred Smith (his real name, apparently) took his last $5,000 to Vegas and turned it into $27,000 in a couple of poker games, saving the company and setting him on a path of a net worth of more than $2 billion. In a reverse scenario, a poker player down to his last buck left the casino, drove to the next town and robbed a bank, claiming he had a bomb. He pocketed $5,000, which he took back to the poker game and proceeded to lose it all.

Because the game of poker has been around since the early 1800s, there are thousands of stories like that. And they go on to show how the game has become an integral part of life for pros and amateur players alike. From the Old West days of Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp to today’s millionaire players such as Dan Bilzerian ($200 million), Phil Ivey ($100+ million) and others, poker may be the most popular game on the planet. And why not? It’s a fascinating, challenging and fun pastime that could put a lot of money in your bank account.

We celebrate poker at Ignition in really big ways. You can get into a variety of games and tournaments. You can play poker and interact with other players. In fact, we offer many features to make the game endlessly exciting and potentially lucrative if you play your cards right. Ignition may have the best poker room you’ll ever play online. Here’s why:

1. Anonymous tables keep the game in your hands 

Hit the felt with total anonymity when you play poker at Ignition Casino. It assures your opponents stay clueless about you and your strategy. This is how we even the playing field just like playing in a live casino with strangers. 

If you’ve been playing poker online for a while, you realize that there are players out there who use heads-up displays (HUDs) to figure out your playing style. They use HUDs to track every hand you’ve ever played, learning your decisions and anticipating your moves. They gain an unfair advantage and slow your growth as a poker player.

At Ignition, we eliminate all that so you can play poker as intended. It’s a level playing field with no history shown to your opponents. There’s zero tracking software. It helps you build your live game skills. And the card sharks are shut out.

With anonymous tables at Ignition, IDs are replaced by numbers and every hand is played freely without building a profile. Whether you take your poker playing seriously or not, make anonymous tables your go-to and enjoy the freedom of playing incognito.

2. Exciting tournaments which are easy to enter

If you haven’t played a tournament at Ignition – why not? We offer some of the best online poker tournaments around and they’re all easily played from your couch or on your mobile device.

We offer many tournament types. You can play Cash or Sit-and-Go Tournament tables at the same time, plus our multi-table tournaments feature up to 20 tables.

You’ll never run out of games to play here. We’ve got online freeroll tournaments with no buy-in or entry fee. In our online satellite tournaments, you can win your seat into a bigger buy-in event. Plus, the new Jackpot Sit-and-Go format pits you against two players for a random prize. Try playing Jackpot Sit-and-Go’s on your mobile device, too.

From the Monthly Milly and Knockout Tournaments, to Monster Stack, the 150K Guaranteed weekly and more, we have made poker tournaments major events at Ignition. Our members love them and so do we. In fact, we’ll help you get in with tips and strategies that may put you in the winner’s seat.  

The Golden Spade Poker Open is our big money online tournament series that happens every year on our site and in your living room – and it’s constantly growing. This is guaranteed great poker action every day and every night for a full month.

This event attracts all types of players, making it like a virtual Vegas with the added allure of millions in guaranteed prize pools. Beginning a few days before the event, qualifiers help you get in while enjoying some poker action to prepare for this incredible event.

There’s always more at Ignition! Our online Mini Main Event offers lots of cash prizes, along with piles of events for high rollers and low rollers.

Visit the poker lobby for the entire qualifiers schedule and play your way into our Golden Spade Poker Open.

3. No need for downloads for playing mobile poker 

Our mobile poker feature lets you play anytime, anywhere. You can use your smartphone or tablet, no download required. It’s all super quick, amazingly friendly and provides simple, clear options for betting. 

Mobile Online Poker at Ignition lets you play your way. Without barriers and hoops to jump through, this is a real online poker experience that you can enjoy anywhere.

Our mobile poker cash games and tournaments can grow your bankroll from everywhere you go. It’s all action all the time and all you need is your mobile device.  Learn more about Ignition Casino Mobile Poker! 

4. Generous Ignition poker promotions and bonuses 

As if our tell-a-friend Bonus, Bitcoin and welcome bonuses aren’t enough, you can take advantage of even more promotions when you play poker here. 

For instance, if you hit a royal flush in a Texas Hold’em cash game, you win a bonus payout of 50x the big blind – up to $200. If your aces and kings burn down to four of a kind or better, including a royal flush, your Bad Beat bonus is 100x the big blind – up to $1,000. 

More? Every Ignition Mile you earn in regular play is directly exchangeable for casino cash or entry tickets to our tournaments. Imagine having enough miles for a free shot at a huge weekend poker tournament – we’re talking six-figure guaranteed prize pools. Learn more about our amazing Ignition promotions! 

5. Ability to Play with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies 

If you haven’t done it yet, playing poker at Ignition with Bitcoin offers advantages you don’t get anywhere else.

First, simply depositing Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency earns you a 25% matching bonus up to $1,000. It gets better. That match bonus is added with EVERY Bitcoin deposit. How’s that for an awesome deal? If you upgrade your account to a Bitcoin Exclusive membership, you can access additional Bitcoin bonuses.

Next, while our Tell-a-Friend Bonus pays you 200% of your friend’s first deposit – up to $200 – if they use Bitcoin, you get an extra $25. Now you can why playing poker with friends can be a profitable decision.

Lastly, to give you another reason to play with Bitcoin, you get exclusive entry into the $2,500 Bitcoin Depositor’s Freeroll. It’s easy to get in. Simply make a weekly Bitcoin deposit of $20 or more and you get a ticket for the Sunday Bitcoin Depositor’s Freeroll – your chance to win $2,500. 

If you’re new to Bitcoin, we have an easy 5-step guide to help get you started. It’s your access to a world of turbo charged bonuses and exclusive offers.