March Madness Goes Crazy for Action-Packed Casino Games

In 1908, the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) held a statewide tournament that became so popular that it sold out the University of Illinois gymnasium every time. In 1939, an IHSA executive called the event March Madness, saying “A little March madness may complement and contribute to sanity and help keep society on an even keel.” 

March Madness has lived up to its name ever since as sports fans, gamblers, fortune tellers, Presidents, grandmothers and kids have bet money, chewed nails, clutched pearls and said prayers watching for their brackets to come in… or not. 

Billionaire Warren Buffett’s March Madness contest offers $1 million a year for life for picking the perfect “Sweet 16” in the NCAA basketball tournament. Statistically, it’s almost impossible. But in 2018, eight of the most accurate entrants shared a $100,000 consolation prize.

For an equal amount of excitement – and way better chances to win – Ignition Casino has a few games that pair perfectly with March Madness action, with some very distinct advantages: no bad refs, no fouls, no chance of injury, and every opportunity to come home a winner… or better yet, stay home and win playing on your desktop, tablet or mobile device. Ready to get in the game? Try a few stretches then point your mouse this way:

1. Simulate a League in Virtual Basketball 

The madness in March Madness is all about hoops and gambling. Picking the teams you hope and believe will finish as you see it, based on your in-depth knowledge of basketball or, like many of us, for the sheer excitement of watching everything happening in real-time.

At Ignition, our Virtual Basketball game makes it simple to bet and win some awesome jackpots. Instead of actual teams, we pit city vs. city with 16 teams and online virtual sports games that only take a few minutes to complete. Watch clips of the games as they take place, narrated by an announcer to keep it lively. This action is way faster when an entire 30-game season is played in a day! It’s not a video game. An algorithm determines every factor of each game. The computer makes all plays based on the relative strengths and ratings of each team and player, and then shows the results.

The basic bet is called a moneyline bet on the winner of the game. Games have odds favorites and you can bet on whether you think the favorite or the underdog will win.

Games are tipping-off every few minutes, so it’s always a good time to get started. How about right now? 


2. Play Blackjack: A Game with Great Odds

With eight versions of online blackjack, Ignition Casino gives you lots of chances to play for real money or you can just try it for free to find your fave. Choose from two single-deck games, one double-deck, two basic six-deck, European, Perfect Pairs and Zappit.

Fewer decks decrease the house’s edge, so play single-deck blackjack whenever you can. You’ll get two options at Ignition casino: the classic game and a more streamlined, uncluttered style. Double-deck blackjack is as much fun and we’ve made it even better by restricting the dealer to stand on a soft 17. Other variations keep the game interesting and fast, while giving you so many chances to increase your payouts.


3. Become the Streetball Star in Your Neighborhood

A street cage in the city or a pickup game in the park is the Streetball Star slot game setting. The main scene is any neighborhood in a busy metropolis where shooting hoops with your buds is the ultimate escape. Street basketball separates the weak from the strong, the shy from the confident, the losers from the winners. It reflects life’s struggles and offers a prize for persistence. Ignition Casino brings the ball. You bring the plays.

Streetball Star offers you 243 ways to win. This original and engaging 5-reel slot game features cascading reels and a Spray Reels feature that spray paints over winning icons and removes the symbols before dropping new ones in their place. Plus, you can score multiple wins from a single spin. 

Streetball Star’s visual artistry gives this online slots game its gritty excitement, yet it’s as simple as it gets for all kinds of players. Betting range is 50¢ up to the maximum of $100.

Pile up the wins by hitting the net from behind the three-point line with our amazing twist on your free spins bonus. 

4. Cultivate Your Clutchness with Hot Drop Jackpots

Many basketball games go down to the wire, with a close score as the final minutes and seconds tick down. Our Hot Drop Jackpot games are the same way, offering a chance to cultivate your clutchness with a win as time expires.

Hot Drops feature must-drop jackpots, which means that they are guaranteed to drop. They come in three types: one jackpot is awarded every hour, another is awarded every day, and a third is the Epic jackpot, which can drop at anytime. It typically climbs into six-figure territory, though!

How do you win a Hot Drop Jackpot? Well, we’ve got a bunch of slot games that are now turbocharged with added Hot Drop symbols, like Golden Savanna, A Night With Cleo, and 777 Deluxe. If you hit three of these symbols during these games, you’ll unlock the Hot Drop jackpot wheel. This gets you the hourly, daily, or Epic jackpot.

When you’re watching March Madness, keep an eye on Hot Drop Jackpots. If the border of a jackpot goes blazing with flames, it’s time to spin the reels. The flames mean a jackpot is guaranteed to drop soon!

5. Win Your Picks with Heads and Tails XY 

Building a winning NCAA tournament bracket is all about picking the right teams in head-to-head matchups. When a game is a toss-up, you’ve got to be on point to figure out which team is going to come out on top. Which brings us to the ultimate March Madness casino game: Heads and Tails XY.

It really couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is pick the winner of a coin flip. The Bitcoin ₿ is heads, and a diamond is tails.

The big difference between this game and March Madness is that teams are seeded in your bracket. You know a 1 seed is supposed to win over a 16, and so it’s easy to pick a winner in a heavily-skewed game. But what about closer matchups? What about those 8 versus 9 close calls? Those are more like coin flips, and there’s no better way to prepare than to get going on a hot streak with Heads and Tails XY.

What’s that? Read up on the teams and do your research? No way. Coin flips are a matter of gut feel and instinct!

May Your Brackets Stay Unbusted

The Big Dance is an amazing spectacle. Hopefully these Ignition Casino games will make good companions when it’s time to tip off another season of that irresistible madness.

May your brackets hold up until the end, may your hot wings always have enough cool dip, and may your runs at the casino be March-worthy.