Lots of our players love the online poker action here, but when it’s time for slots, there’s no place you can find more of the best action than Ignition Casino! We’re always working on rolling out something new so that real money online slots never get boring. Players all have their favorites for online slots betting, but changing things up is a great way to keep playing fresh and fun.

In this post, we’ll cover some of our favorite new online slots with the best bonuses and bonus games at our casino. But if you don’t see something exciting in this article, keep in mind that we have dozens of slots covering pretty much any theme and experience you can imagine. There’s exciting slots, relaxing slots, mysterious slots… slots with fun music and sounds, slots that are quiet… there’s even a slots game featuring Cleopatra in various states of undress.

In short, there’s something for every one of our players here.

Golden Buffalo

Golden Buffalo joins Mystic Wolf as one of our Native American-themed new online slots. Playing Golden Buffalo is a lot like taking a long ride through the best canyons of the American Southwest. There’s twangy western music playing as you go along, accompanied by the sounds of animals and insects that help create an immersive experience.

Sometimes real money online slots are an escape, and the Golden Buffalo slot game is a great example of that.

The game itself features 6 reels with four symbols showing in the active online slots betting window. On the reels, you’ll see a core set of numbers familiar to those who like playing cards, as well as many animals scattered amongst these numbers. There’s racoons, eagles, wolves, and of course, the Golden Buffalo, the centerpiece of one of our favorite new online slots.

That’s the animal players will be calling for as you spin your way to a huge casino jackpot.

Get three Golden Buffalos during play and you’ll be on your way to free bonus spins. In these bonus rounds, the wild multipliers will become active if you have more than one wild in a winning way. If you hit that requirement, each of those multipliers will then multiply together. You can win up to a maximum of 3,125 times your bet for our best payout.

Big bonus money if you can nail it.

Chillin’ Penguins

The Chillin’ Penguins new online slots game is a little bit Antarctic and a little bit tropical, all at once. Players will be hanging out at the casino with penguins that have sunglasses, ukuleles, and tropical drinks as they spin and float along. These penguins are clearly on vacation, and so they’re “chillin’.” Makes sense to us.

The game features 5 reels that are 3 symbols high. In addition to penguins, they’re filled with boats, life rafts, and something that’s either supposed to be a lucky shamrock, a palm tree, or a hybrid of the two. There are also the best little rubber penguin toys that count as wild symbols.

Players will be most focused on reels 1 and 5, though. That’s where the frozen penguins land to bring you bonuses. Fill up both reels with frozen penguins and you’ll enter a bonus round with free spins. As more freezing penguins appear, the board gradually freezes. Freeze the whole thing for a big real money online slots win.

It’s a pretty chill way to play and get some online slots betting in. Spin along as you listen to jazzy, relaxing music and hear the underwater bubbles make their way to the surface.

It’s hot. It’s cold. It’s both at once, because chillin’ happens at both temperatures in casinos.

Mystic Elements

This new online slots game is built around the core ancient elements of the world: air, water, earth, and fire, along with other natural symbols. Mystic Elements features a gentle spa-like beat that plays while you spin the online slot reels and gaze at the stars in the background.

Far out, man.

There are five reels, each 3 symbols high. You’ll be keeping your third eye on the aural purple swirling mystery symbol. These will morph like wilds to help you get more wins. When you find 3 or more, you’ll be awarded free spins. If you find 3 mystery symbols, you get 10 free spins. 4 symbols wins you 15 free spins. And if you find 5 mystery symbols, you’re in for 20 free spins.

After that, you’ll enter a new realm of stone for your free bonus spins. The mystery symbols can also re-trigger during free spin rounds for up to 150 free spins in the best case scenario. You’ll get tired of spinning and winning by then, but your virtual casino jackpot will be simply enormous.

But that’s not all! If, during the free spin rounds, you get 5 of the cosmic spinning white light symbols, you’ll win the big bonus progressive jackpot. You could be in for tens of thousands of dollars or more in real money online slots cash, depending on how high it climbs.

Many things are spinning, and you’re hopefully winning at our casino, but the mysteries of the cosmos remain completely unsolved. We can make you rich. We can’t answer the big questions, though. The good news is, you can take your online slots betting winnings and hopefully pay someone wise to fill you in.

Ten Times Win (New Look)

The classics never go out of style! Technically, this isn’t one of our new online slots – it just got a major makeover. The animations, sound, and music have all been redesigned to keep what’s fun about the original while dressing it up for a modern experience.

Ten Times win is a traditional-looking real money online slots game. There’s three reels with the familiar cherries, lucky sevens, BARs, and the shiny 10x win symbols for nice bonuses. Land one of those and you’ve got a wild that not only transforms to help you win, but that also multiplies the win by ten. Online slots betting is most fun when your wins are getting increased, so that’s the name of the game with the new look Ten Times Win.

Keep an eye on the casino paytable to the left of the game to see all the winning combinations. At the bottom of the chart, any 7s or BARs together will get you paid a bit. After that, you’ll want exact matches to really get paid big winnings. Look for the sevens or, if you’re really lucky, a row of 10x multipliers. Land on those and you’ll max out at 5,000 times your bet!

We can’t give you that old school Vegas shower of coins out of the payout tray, but we’re guessing the big bonus win will be more than enough to make up for it, right?

So those are some of our new online slots games. See anything that sounds fun? Head right on over and start clicking your way to the jackpot. And if not, don’t forget that we’ve got rows on rows of real money online slots for your pleasure. Sports, history, mythology, magic, horror, fun… there’s something for everyone at Ignition Casino.

Our slots room is right this way, friend!