Andar Bahar is one of our internationally-inspired casino games. In India, it is a simple game that has been played for centuries. Like the card game War, even kids can figure it out how it works. The goal is to pick whether a matching card is going to be dealt to the left (andar) of the middle card or the right (bahar). So simple, and still so fun. Beyond the core game, there’s also a bunch of side bets that make things even more enjoyable. Let’s start by learning how the game works.


In Andar Bahar, after you hit the Deal button, a single card will be laid in the middle of the screen. This is the card to match. Next, cards will be dealt, alternating to the left (andar) and right (bahar) of the middle card. When a rank match is hit, the deal stops.

Your goal is to correctly choose which side the match will appear on, “andar” or “bahar.” If you choose right, you get 1:1 payout, minus the rake.

(By the way, the words “andar” and “bahar” mean “inside” and “outside,” respectively.)

The game is played with one deck, so there’s only 52 cards to work with.

The game is incredibly simple for pretty much anyone to play and understand and is quite light on strategy. Just pick your bet size from the row of chips at the bottom, and chalo chalé (“Let’s go!”)

Fun fact: you can pick your background color! Navy blue or purple are available.


Andar Bahar is a straightforward game. You’ve got a 50/50 shot of picking the right side. That is, the chances are equal for each one. There’s really no way to figure out which one it’s going to be. It’s like betting red or black at a roulette table. Also, past results don’t have any effect on future performance. Even if it’s been andar three times in a row, the chances are still 50/50 that it will be andar next time.

Fun fact: there’s a little hand tracker in the top right of the screen. As you play, it will list A or B to show which side was correct trailing back into your hand history. It’s quite similar to a roulette tracker that you might see in a live casino.

In short: just pick a side and have fun! This isn’t much of a strategic game. Side bets are a little different, though. We’ll get into those next.


Andar Bahar offers five different side bets:

  • Middle card suit
  • Middle card color
  • Middle card value – any number, or individual card bets on jack, queen, king, or ace.
  • Middle card rank – exactly 8, above 8, or below 8
  • Cards dealt to find match – 1-7

Above each bet option, you will also see odds and payouts.

  • For the middle card suit side bet, the payout is 3.8:1.
  • For middle card color, the payout is 1.9:1.
  • For values, things are a little different. Picking individual high cards is high risk, high reward. The payout is 12.45:1. A number bet is quite likely, and so pays 1.35:1.
  • Will the middle card be above or below 8? Both options pay 2:05:1. Betting on the middle card being exactly 8 is another 12.45:1 wager.
  • For number of cards dealt, the payout increases as you go. If you bet that it will only take a single card to hit a match, it’s a 16.25:1 payout. This goes all the way up to a bet that it will take 7 cards, which gets you a 21:7 payout.

These Andar Bahar side bets give you a whole new layer of interesting wagers. For people who want something spicier than just picking left or right, there are a bunch of satisfying bets to land. The suit bet is a great place to start. For those who want large payouts, go for the final “cards dealt” side bet. Nailing that one will win you a ton of cash!

Fun fact: it takes an average of 13 cards to resolve a round of Andar Bahar and find a match for the middle card.


Playing Andar Bahar online is a great way to avoid the hassles of live play. There are no cards to mess with, no felt to spill on, and best of all: no casino to drive to.

With Ignition, thanks to mobile play, the casino is in the palm of your hand! You don’t have to download an app or anything complicated. Just head to and log in normally. Andar Bahar is in the table games section, usually found towards the top. Tap the game tile and you’re in. Online Andar Bahar is a super convenient way to play a fun, simple game from anywhere.


Remember: to play Andar Bahar, all you need to do is pick a side. (In our opinionated era, this should be second nature to you by now.) Go on a hot streak and don’t forget that there’s a whole list of side bets waiting for any of you psychics out there who love to call a shot and watch it land.

Try it out for free in practice mode to get the hang of things, and head to the real money version when you’re comfortable with how everything works. Good luck!