Check out the latest Big Money Poker Winners

Poker wins don’t come easy, but in Money May, they sure do pay off! Our online poker tournaments feature some of the largest prize pools online, and the big winners below played their way to the very end.

If you haven’t rode the tournament “roller coaster” yet, you need to give it a shot. It’s one of the most exciting experiences BY FAR at Ignition. Grinding out a final table appearance will have you feeling like a celebrity, honestly. There’s even spectators by that point! The people bounced along the way watching from the rails and rooting for their favorite to take down the top prize.

Joining this monthly list of poker winners takes grit, skill, poker knowledge, and a bit of luck, here and there. The best players can make their own luck, but it doesn’t hurt to have a bit of the real thing to help you with those shoves, toss ups, show downs, and suck outs.

Below are the players who wore the crowns at the Ignition online poker tournaments in the month of May.

Roland K. from Ludlow, Washington won $29,526.47 at the Million Dollar Weekend Super Duper HR Tune-Up

As we head into big online poker tournaments and series at Ignition, there’s typically a large number of smaller tourneys to get players pumped up for the main event. These may be satellites and qualifiers, special rules tournaments, or something we call a “Tune Up.”

A Tune Up is an event to help players shake off the rust, if they haven’t played in a while. You can get the mistakes out of the way in this event, sharpen your game, and be fully warmed up when the big main event kicks off. Or, you can simply take down a huge prize and become one of our poker winners right then and there!

That’s what Roland did from his spot in Ludlow, which is just around the Puget Sound from Seattle. Hopefully, he had one of those famous Pacific Northwest views while he played, but if not, he might be a little closer to that down payment thanks to his almost $30K windfall at the Super Duper HR Tune Up at May’s Million Dollar Weekend.

However, something tells us a player that is buying in to Super Duper High Roller tourneys may already have a bit of cash on hand, though…

Congrats, Roland, we want to see you here!

Ignition online poker tournaments pay out big bucks, and we want you to get them this month! Browse the buy ins and find something that looks enticing, and you could be one of our profiled big stackers in June. Dream big, cash in bigger!