Winning a little money playing online Texas Holdem games is fun. Honestly, it never gets old. But it pales in comparison to winning big money through online poker tournaments. That’s where millionaires who bathe in poker chips are made literally overnight! Real money Texas Holdem games can change your life, if you’re good (and a little lucky).

In this article, we’ll cover four of the best ways to become a rich poker playboy or poker queen, as applicable. The path you choose is up to you, and most people will probably attempt to combine all of these methods in their mission to play their way to the money mountain top.

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If online poker tournaments are the “shortcut” to poker millions, cash games are the scenic route. But if you’re diligent and employ solid strategies, real money Texas Holdem can be your key to wealth. It’s really all about leveling up by winning your games.

Proper bankroll management requires that you play at tables with a percentage of your bankroll in chips, not the whole thing. If you deposit $1,000 cash or Bitcoin (for bonus hunters) at Ignition Casino, you only want to play online Texas Holdem with $50-100 at stake at the table in a given session, especially if you’re playing no limit. This means that you probably need to find a $.50/1 table so that your stack is big enough to absorb the swings. As you tally up your winnings from session to session, you can eventually join a bigger table. Once you reach $2,000, you can sit at a $1/2 table, and on and on it grows.

Ultimately, the goal is to become a high stakes online Texas Holdem player and get enough of a chip stack to play at the best $100/200 or $200/400 tables where big money can be made. From there, poker millions are within reach.


Jackpot Sit and Gos at Ignition Casino are some of the fastest and most rewarding online poker tournaments you can play. These rapid-fire tourneys let you play real money Texas Holdem games with two other players in a winner-take-all final table simulation. They come together super quickly, so there’s no waiting around for a scheduled online poker tournament to go live. There’s no delay while you wait for tons of players to arrive from around the world.

When you want to get a tournament, you’ve got one in no time.

Oh yeah, then there’s the jackpot!

A randomized bonus prize amount up to 1,000 times your buy-in will be at stake when you play in Jackpot Sit and Go tournaments. No matter what you pay to get in the game, you could be walking away with a LOT more than just the other players’ chips if you make the best moves and knock out the competition. Online Texas Holdem with added prizes is just about as much fun as you can have at our poker site.

That is, until you see the prize pools for the big tournaments and our Golden Spade Poker Open (aka the “GSPO online tournament series”). Then the path to poker millions becomes immediately illuminated.


Without a doubt, online poker tournaments are where it’s at when you want to get a massive payday by playing real money Texas Holdem. We’ve got over two million dollars in prizes guaranteed each week, so you’ve got plenty of shots to play to a huge payday.

Take our classic $200k guaranteed tournament – if you want to devote some time on Sunday to kicking back and kicking ass, this is the game for you. There are also two re-entries allowed if you get bounced and want to rejoin the game.

Monster Stacks allow you to enter an online Texas Hold’em tournament with a buy-in of your choosing and start with a huge chip stack. That way, when you want to throw your weight around, you’ve got a lot of weight to throw around!

There’s a few other varieties of tournament that you can play, but we won’t list all the games here. That would ruin all the fun! Login to the Ignition Casino poker client and see what’s on the schedule. Your big payday tournament could be seating right now, and you don’t want to miss it. Get in and let the chips fly!

Speaking of things you can’t miss, the Golden Spade Poker Open is the hottest live tournament series in online Texas Hold’em right now in fall, 2020. Here are the details.


The Golden Spade Poker Open has ten million in guaranteed prizes available. Of all the online poker tournaments going in the real money Texas Hold’em world at this time, this series has got some of the best and most rewarding prize pools you’ll find on any poker site. There’s over a hundred events taking place on both weekdays and weekends. The GSPO online breaks down as follows:

$500,000 for the Main Event
$200,000 for the Mini Main Event
$150,000 for the Super High Roller Event

There are also poker tournaments all the way down to $7,500 with highly affordable buy-ins of just $5+.50 to get all the chips you need to play to a big win.

No matter what your path is, we’ve got all the steps along the way at Ignition Casino.

We’ll see you at the live tables, and wish you the best of luck in your journey to become a poker millionaire!