Blackjack table with the dealer drawing a card, hands of three players visible , and the text 'BLACKJACK PAYS 3 TO 2' prominently displayed on the table

Intro to Blackjack

If you’re looking for a casino game that is easy to play with plenty of action, blackjack is the game for you. You don’t have to get into the heads of other players, it’s just you versus the dealer. This exhilarating battle to reach 21 is the reason why so many people play the game. There’s not too many places where you can reliably play real money blackjack casino games in the United States, but Ignition Casino is one of them.

Blackjack History

Blackjack started way back in Roman Empire times when gladiators were still strutting their stuff. The game grew across the world as people were spreading their wings and exploring new lands in search of fame and fortune. Nevada was the first state to embrace the game in the U.S. in a major way in the early 1930s. 

Fortune chasers helped the game grow in popularity in the City of Sin thanks to a specialty bet that was paying out 10-1 odds if a player got a hand containing an Ace of Spades and a Jack of Clubs or a Jack of Spades. Now you know how ‘blackjack’ got its name. Eventually, this specialty bet went away as casinos wanted more of an edge. 

Loads of books promise to show you the way to win in the long run playing blackjack. Many movies show blackjack card counters taking casinos for millions. While casinos do their best to gain an edge on players, blackjack players can arm themselves with some tips and tricks of their own. Want to show how good you are? Using an online blackjack guide can help you get one over the house.

Blackjack is a go to option for online casino players. You can play free blackjack games for fun online through Ignition Casino. Put your skills to the test and show the dealer who is the top dog.

What Makes Online Blackjack Great/Different?

You can play online blackjack while lazing on your couch or bed. All you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go. Everything from desktop computers to laptops and mobile phones allows you to kill time by playing online blackjack. 

You’re like a kid in a candy store with all the multiplayer online blackjack options. At a physical casino, you’re stuck with the same traditional options. With online blackjack, you’re certain to always find something new at Ignition Casino.

You also have tons of choices with betting limits and house edge. If you are just getting your toes wet and you want to play blackjack for nickels, you can do so. If you are a high roller looking to win big by betting thousands of dollars per hand, then you’re free to see how high you can raise the stakes.

Different Types of Online Blackjack

If you don’t want to get bored by always playing regular, old blackjack, here’s some other options:

Single Deck BlackjackThis option uses one deck of cards. As blackjack first became popular, whizz kids were able to count cards to help figure out the best time to bet. Casinos then added more decks to the mix so it became harder and harder to count cards. 

Double Deck Blackjack This classic blackjack variant uses two decks of cards. 

European BlackjackEuropeans love this type of blackjack, which is only different from standard blackjack in a few different ways. In European blackjack, the dealer only gets a second card after the player completes their own hand. There are also only two decks used in this variant, players can only double down when they hold a sum of 9, 10 or 11 and you can only split 10-valued cards that are alike (i.e. You can split Q-Q but not Q-10).

Zappit Blackjack Don’t like hard blackjack hands? Just zap them! This fun variant allows you to get rid of certain cards from your hand, getting another two random cards. If your hand totals 15, 16, or 17, you can zap your hand and avoid some tough decisions. 

Perfect PairsThis is standard blackjack with the twist of having side bets. If you’re feeling lucky, you can make a side bet that the first two cards you get will be a pair. Colored pairs and perfect pairs will pay out more than mixed pairs. 

Live Dealer Blackjack – Want the real casino experience? Pick your own dealer and take a virtual seat at our tables! Using the magic of streaming technology, we can show you a dealer in one of our Ignition facilities. They’ll deal you real cards at a seat at their table, and you can still make decisions by tapping or clicking just like with any other online blackjack game. The big difference is that this looks and feels much more like a night out at the casino.

Pontoon 21 Pontoon 21 definitely shakes things up at casinos. For starters, the casino dealer’s hole cards are kept face down, but player payouts are increased. Players must take a hit on 14 or less, but get to double down even after taking a hit. Unlike traditional blackjack, if both the player and dealer hit 21, the casino dealer will get a win. To compensate for this disadvantage, pontoons are attained when a player has an ace and a face card. This often pays 2:1 on your money.

Find out which blackjack games have the best odds.

Standard Online Blackjack Rules

  • Standard online blackjack uses six decks and at Ignition Casino, the dealer will always hit on a soft 17. A soft 17 is when one of the dealer’s cards is an Ace. For all other types of 17s and greater hand totals, the dealer will stand. 
  • The payout if you get a blackjack with your initial two cards is 3:2. If you’re not as lucky and get a blackjack after splitting your cards, this pays out even money. 
  • You can split as many as three hands in a given round and surrender any of your first two cards. If you split Aces, you only get one card and you can’t split them again. All two card combos can be doubled. 

Now that the world of online blackjack has no more secrets for you, you can hit the ground running and start raking in those chips at Ignition Casino.


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