Mad Monday will come again as it does every month. In October, the madness hits on the 10th (Columbus Day in the States and Thanksgiving Day in Canada). Qualifiers and tune ups will be happening from 9/26 onward.

Just like the September version, you’ll be seeing all kinds of tournaments in this event. It’s the perfect excuse to take the day off work after a hard weekend. There’s thousands of dollars up for grabs in each guaranteed tournament. Players can bring down table size with 6-handed tournies, get in for cheap on micro roller events, and play for a super-fast prizes thanks to hypers.

In the evening, the main event boasts a six-figure prize pool. Play for big money and don’t forget to play totally MAD to throw off the opposition.

Golden Spade Poker Open

The Golden Spade Poker Open is now in its 10th glorious year. If the name is too much to type, just go with “GSPO10.”

This poker extravaganza is a series of over 150 Ignition online poker tournaments. They’ll come in all shapes and sizes, with tons of different rules and themes to keep things interesting. There’s no need to argue about which kinds are the best poker tournaments, because there’s something for everyone: turbos and hypers, high rollers and micros, knockout bounties, monster stacks, and so much more!

And there’s at least NINE MILLION DOLLARS IN THE POT!!

Spades are usually black, but this month they’re all going gold! And if you win one of the big events, so will your account!

Qualifiers start on Tuesday, October 11th, and you can catch tune-up events from then Friday, October 14th. These will get you in shape to crush some real money poker online at the main events. These start the day after, on the 15th. They then run for a full month until the Main Event tournament on Sunday November 13th. If you haven’t won a ticket through any of the satellites or qualifiers, you can pony up $425 + $25 and buy in directly. You’ll be playing for your share of a huge prize pool.

That’s a lot of gold!

Your regular big tournies will feature some added prize money. The $150K guaranteed that usually runs on Sundays is going to $210K at a minimum. We expect it will go above that once players realize how much dough is on the line.

Look for the full schedule around September 9.

November Million Dollar Weekend

One of the best-named Ignition online poker tournaments is back yet again to enrich some players who can battle to the borderline. A cool million is guaranteed to be in the pot for this one, and plenty of players will be chasing it.

Qualifiers for the November Million Dollar Weekend begin on Thursday, November 17th. You can keep hitting these up until Turkey Day on the 24th. Then, you need to load up on pie and get a good night’s rest. The next days will be an absolute feast of poker! The 25th to the 28th will give you all the poker you can handle, including a Main Event on ____ that will be a day to remember for a handful of poker lovers who come out on top.

This is the real Cyber Monday right here!

Check our pages around October 7th for the full schedule and details.

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