Are you a fan? While dictionaries describe the word “fan” as a shortened version of “fanatic,” the Latin origin fanaticus, explains it better: insanely but divinely inspired. Basically, it’s a deep love for something – a celebrity, a food, a place, a style, a rock band, almost anything really, but especially when it comes to sports.

Fan the flames of sports slots glory

So, what kind of sports fan are you? Armchair expert? Fair-weather, only when they win? Or dyed-in-the-wool partisan? If you paint your face in team colors, buy $300 jerseys with your fave player’s name on the back, get tattooed with the team logo, spend thousands of dollars on nose-bleed seats, travel tens of thousands of miles to see games in every stadium or arena across the country… you’re a fan. If you love breaking shop windows and setting police cars on fire, whether your team wins or loses, you’re a fanatic. And you probably need help.

Now, if you’re both a sports and gambling fan – the two kind of go hand-in-hand – we’ve got ringside, courtside, 50-yard-line, ice-level and VIP seats for you right here at Ignition Casino.

Start with some light stretching, get hydrated, cork your eyes, get your head in the game of your choice, and prepare for the glory of winning big in the big league of Ignition online slots.

In Zombie FC you could win an arm and a leg… and a head

Europeans, Asians, South Africans, South and Central Americans – actually the majority of the world – call it football. As if. In America, it’s called soccer because… do we really need to explain? At Ignition, we’ve added zombies, because… why not? Everyone loves zombies, n’est-ce pas?
Well, you’re going to love Zombie FC, where the undead spin outside the grave with five reels of action that will eat your brain with stacked wilds and massive jackpots.

You’re going to need firearms, ammunition, and some spiffy cleats, preferably razor sharp so when a zombie goes down he, she, it, whatever, stays there. Now, let’s hit the field!

Zombie FC is non-stop action with gory graphics in a decaying stadium filled with dead people even Bruce Willis can see.

It’s the perfect slot for your desktop, tablet and mobile device, where you can stack wilds on a single reel. There are tons of free spins, tumbling reels and expanding wilds offering 10X, 25X and 100X multipliers that pay off for driving the deceased back into their graves. But beware… they will come back because, duh, they’re undead.

Enter the creeped-out world of Zombie FC and show a bunch of dead soccer players that you are very much alive (and please, no diving, it’s annoying).

Streetball Star is downtown, uptown, out-of-town action

Ballers love everything about hoops. The hats, the shorts, the muscle shirts, the sneakers, the swagger, the trash talk… You’re going to find that scene and fast-paced action on courts across cities and burbs every day.

We Americans love our basketball, while begrudgingly admitting the game was invented by a physical education professor in Massachusetts who, weirdly, never apologized for being a Canadian. Nevertheless, a great game on the paint and now an even greater game here at Ignition Casino with Streetball Star.
This is B-ball for those days and nights you don’t feel like breaking a sweat – or an ankle. There are so many ways to score, it’s bonkers. Matching icons on consecutive reels will do it nicely. Plus, there’s bonus cash to scoop up in an urban Spray Reels feature and free spins mode. Stacked wilds own a space on the reels that leads to added wins.

Feeling like you got the cojones to start a win streak? This court’s all yours, now show us what you got, Magic.

You want Hockey Enforcers on your side for a guaranteed W

Sharpen your skates, tape your stick, put on your pads, and wash your jock strap (please) – Hockey Enforcers is your chance to score if you can spin-a-rama the reels and shoot a puck without taking a hit. No worries, this is non-contact and high excitement.
Like the number of players on your team, you get five reels, to which we’ve added stacked wilds, free spins, and hundreds of winning combinations plus a bonus round. Every spin feels like a playoff round on your way to the Stanley Cup. You can bet as little as 60¢ all the way up to $120. Even if you’re no math wizard, you can clearly see the odds are favorable. And the payoffs may not rival NHL salaries, but they are big enough to satisfy amateur snipers, wraparound magicians, finesse players and goons (you know who you are).

On your mobile wherever you travel, or on your desktop or tablet when you’re relaxing between periods, get in the game with Hockey Enforcers.

Gridiron Glory has all the action and none of the brutality

Football season is notoriously short for good reasons. While it’s super entertaining, action packed, and intricately strategic, it’s also bone-crushingly brutal. Trying to avoid 12 opponents who average, six-feet and 350 lbs, and are determined to grind you into next year is exhausting to say the least. Fun game to watch from the safety of our couches, though.

The only danger you might face playing Gridiron Glory with us at Ignition Casino are tired fingers. But with the right stretches and good hydration, you can jump right back in the game without missing a play or an opportunity to win big.
It takes guts and grit to play football. For Gridiron Glory, all you need is the desire and determination to win. No pads, no helmet, no cleats, no refs to curse out… just a mobile, desktop or tablet gets you in the game for as long as you want. Call timeouts for refreshments and perhaps a neck rub from someone who tolerates you.

It’s a five-reel video slot filled with action, stacked wilds, free spins and more than 200 possible winning combinations – call an audible and score some cash for yourself.

Cricket Legends play American-style… for big money

If you’ve never watched or played cricket, you probably have zero idea of what’s going on. Or don’t understand some games can take days to finish, with the same batter up for hours on end!

Cricket was first played in the 1550s, and some of those games are still going on! (kidding… maybe) Those were the days when the British Empire “ruled the waves” as they say, which explains why cricket is currently played across the entire commonwealth, and especially in South Asia.

The pro game is played at the center of a round stadium, with two 11-man teams battling for runs and outs on a 22-yard straight pitch with a three-pole wicket (the sticky wicket) at either end. A super hard, compressed leather ball is pitched with a running overhand (bowled) at the wicket to bounce in front of the batter in an attempt to knock off the bails balanced on top. The batter, with his wide-face cricket bat, tries to hit the ball away from the wicket. If a hit ball is caught in flight by a fielder, or the bowler knocks off the bails, the batter is out… for the rest of the game. Here’s the wild part: only the batter and catcher wear protective pads and helmets. Fielders have no gloves to catch the hurtling, cement-like ball.

Our Cricket Legends slot game puts you on the pitch in front of a cheering crowd with none of the danger or tedium. In fact, this is the only time cricket gets exciting for North Americans. The ball comes at you via five reels and hundreds of winning combinations. Stack wilds, aim for free spins with 10X up to 100X multipliers, reach for 25 winning lines, with minimum 50¢ and maximum $100 bets.
Brew some Darjeeling tea, or some sweet iced tea, make a couple of watercress sandwiches, or a honking roast beef slider, and hit the pitch!

Of course, there’s more to life than sports, but we’re not sure what that is so we will continue to love watching it, playing it, discussing it, fighting about it, and gambling on it. The one thing we know is that you’re going to find new games to love or old favorites to rediscover right here at Ignition Blog. Play responsibly!