When live soccer is shutdown, out of season, or simply not on, virtual soccer leagues at Ignition Casino turn the action right back up! With online virtual sports betting, the excitement of the pitch is never out of reach. You’re only ever one pass away from the next game and next wager.

But wait! What is virtual soccer, and how does it work? What are we even talking about here?

Let’s dive in.

How Virtual Soccer Works

Imagine if your computer could create and run its own soccer league, just like you see in real life. It would have players, teams, matches, and lots of the things that make real soccer so captivating. That’s what happens virtually on Ignition Casino computers every single day!It’s important not to confuse online virtual sports betting with esports or video games. There are no human “players” or “controllers” taking part in the game. Instead, when a virtual soccer game takes place, it’s a simulated game. It feels like you’re catching up on real soccer results, but virtual soccer is done entirely via computer. Instead of people being in control, our carefully-designed algorithms handle all the action.

How Virtual Soccer League Works

In the Ignition Casino virtual soccer league, you’ll see a number of national teams like USA, Brazil, South Korea, Germany, Italy, England, and Spain. Every few minutes, two teams will go head to head in a virtual soccer match. Yes, that’s right. These virtual soccer matches only take a few minutes to play! 

Each team has certain strengths and ratings, and the Ignition Casino algorithm uses a random number generator, along with these settings, to produce match results. Favorites are more likely to win, and will win most of the time. Underdogs are more likely to lose and suffer defeat more often than not. 

However, just like real life, these results can flip flop. A strongly favored team can come up short in virtual soccer, and an underdog can have their day on the pitch. Online virtual sports betting mirrors what we experience when betting on soccer leagues from real life.

Virtual Soccer Odds and How they Work 

There’s a lot of ways in online virtual sports betting to make wagers on virtual soccer. The first is our old friend, the moneyline.In this example match, we see Nigeria taking on Italy. Nigeria is the underdog at +344, which means that a $100 bet will win you $344 dollars of profit if Nigeria comes out on top. Italy, the favorite, requires a $116 bet to win $100 should Italy emerge as the winner. In the middle, a draw costs $100 to win $241 if the teams battle to even scores at the final whistle.

There’s lots of other proposition or prop bets to place in virtual soccer. You can bet on whether a goal will be scored or not (Goal / No Goal), you can bet on total goals, and you can bet over/unders in a number of ways.

If you’ve ever bet on soccer before, many of these bets will be familiar to you. The goal is to provide a lot of the excitement of traditional soccer betting while also offering WAY more availability and speed of matches. Instead of having to wait days between matches, you get them on demand every few minutes. 

Just click the grey button with the bet you want and the details will appear in your betting slip in the upper right hand corner of Ignition Casino’s online virtual sports betting window. Confirm your stake/bet, and then click the green Place Bet button when you’re ready.

Virtual Soccer Tips

Okay, now that we know what virtual soccer is and how online virtual sports betting works, how do we make it pay? Well, just like in real life, there’s no sure things. Favored teams usually win, but not always. And betting correctly on an underdog pays way more, so there’s a lot of excitement to be had.

The biggest tip for starters is to get your bankroll management rules in place. Don’t toss all your available funds into a single bet. Instead, bet a small percentage of it each time so that, if things don’t go your way, you’ll still be completely in the game for the next match. Losing and winning are both part of the online virtual sports betting experience, so you want to be able to ride through all outcomes with no problem.

As always, if you feel yourself getting heated and going on tilt, close the computer and step away. It’s not worth burning your account to the ground chasing losses if you have a bad run. Take a break and come back to it when you’ve got a cooler head.

As for picking teams and wagers, focus on what’s fun for you. If you like a particular country, maybe they can become your new virtual soccer favorite? Or if there’s a team that’s scoring like crazy, you can get in on over/unders to see if the trend is your friend or not. 

Want to see what virtual soccer league betting is all about? The best way is to head to the Ignition Casino virtual sports tab and kick off your next wager whenever you like!