Ever wonder what all the Ignition Casino promotions and bonuses are, and how they work? We’ve created this quick summary to set things straight. With this info in hand, you can max out your bonus cash and enjoy tons of rewards.

There’s lots of extra money lying around for players who know how to get it. With a little help from casino bonuses and rewards, you can make your play sessions longer and more profitable than ever before. Don’t let a dollar pass you by – Read on to learn how to collect easy cash at Ignition.


The Welcome Bonus is one of the biggest Ignition Casino promotions. There’s thousands of dollars up for grabs here. Essentially, it’s a deposit match for players making their first transfer to Ignition.

The Ignition Welcome Bonus can be activated in two different ways.

The first is through a credit card deposit. This gets you a 100% match in the form of a casino bonus and an additional 100% match to use at the poker tables. So, if you deposit $100, you get $100 to use in the casino right away. This could be wagered on slots, table games like blackjack, and lots more. The poker bonus is earned over time as you play poker. Check out the full Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions to learn about it in depth.

The better, far cooler, way more profitable way to earn a Welcome Bonus is by using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. This entitles you to a 300% match broken down into 150% of casino funds and 150% of poker funds. That same $100 deposit now gets you an instant $150 in bonus cash to use at the casino. You also get $150 in bonus dollars you can earn by playing poker.

We know that not everyone is down with crypto yet, so we made getting started easy. Check out our step by step guide to enter the Crypto Age and make bank. You’ll get bigger bonuses (and might also enjoy an appreciating asset for some sweet returns).


The Ignition Referral Bonus might be one of the easiest casino bonuses and rewards to earn. All you need to do is link a friend to Ignition. Your bonus will be 200% of their first deposit, up to $100. If they deposit with Bitcoin, you get an extra $25. This bonus is unlimited. So if you’ve got a decent social media presence, you’re going to score some ridiculous money.

Get those followers gaming and let the good times roll!


Ignition Miles rack up as you play games. For each dollar wagered in the casino, you get a certain number of miles. You also earn miles for rake paid during poker and tournament fees. Then, you can convert your miles into rewards. The higher your lifetime rewards level, the better the conversion rate. Folks at the Diamond level can redeem 1,000 Miles for a dollar!

If you’re looking to get those Ignition free spins for your next slots session, this is a great way to do it. In fact, slots have a higher earn rate for miles than other table games. And specialty games like bingo have the highest rate: 10 miles per dollar wagered! Grandma was on to something at those bingo nights after all.


Remember the Welcome Bonus? That’s for first-timers. If you get nostalgic for the days when you just got started with Ignition, there’s the Weekly Boost. Every week, you’ll get rewarded for playing: whether it’s free spins on your favorite games, poker tournament tickets or more Ignition miles to redeem for cash bonuses, every week is a good week at Ignition.


Keep in mind that Ignition Casino promotions are almost always better with crypto. Rewards increase and cash stacks grow, so don’t be scared to dip your toe into the crypto waters. Once you’re in, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start making extra cheddar with Bitcoin before. If you want to make the most bonus money at Ignition, leave credit cards behind and don’t look back.

Still have questions on how bonuses and promotions work? Check out the FAQ below!


  1. Can I combine promos or use multiple bonuses at Ignition? Absolutely! We hope you do! There’s so many ways to make extra money here, and we want players to take advantage of all of them. Get a big Welcome Bonus, refer friends in, rack up Ignition Miles, and live large with every boost you can find!
  2. What makes a good casino bonus? Ignition Casino promotions offer some of the best rates around. In our mind, that’s one of the key signs of a good casino bonus. A 300% match on your first Bitcoin deposit is huge. Start things off right with one of the biggest bonuses at any online casino site.
  3. Do return players get bonuses? The Welcome Bonus can only be used once, but the rest will always be there for you. You can get Weekly Boosts, Tell a Friend bonuses, and Ignition Rewards all along the way. If you’re playing, you should be getting rewarded. And at Ignition, that’s exactly how things work. We reward EVERYONE for sticking around, not just first timers.
  4. What are wagering requirements? Some bonuses have play through requirements (also known sometimes as “rollover”). This means that you need to hit a certain amount of wagers before your bonus can be withdrawn. Check out the Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions to read about an example requirement for the casino portion of the bonus.
  5. How can I earn more bonuses? Like poker? You get paid up to $200 extra for your Royal Flushes and up to $1,000 for certain bad beats, too, Check the links to learn more about how to make poker’s best and worst hands pay.
  6. How do I redeem bonuses for cash? In your Ignition profile, you can tap the Rewards tab. There, you will see available bonuses. You can click claim on any that are available. For rewards miles, you can click Get My Bonus and enter the amount you want to redeem. More info on this topic is available at this targeted link from our Help Center.
  7. Where can I use my bonuses? Casino bonuses can be used to make wagers at slots, table games, and specialty games. Poker bonuses are earned by playing poker cash games and tournaments, and then can be used anywhere you like.
  8. Are crypto promotions more beneficial? Taking advantage of promotions using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin almost always offers a better bonus. At Ignition, it’s definitely the way to play.

Get Bonus Cash to Wager Right Now.

Ignition has more promotions than you can shake a blazing bonfire stick at. Come check them out and get real money to use today.