Cascading reels slots (also known as “tumbling reels” or “refilling reels”) are some of the most popular slots games at Ignition. In this type of slot game, when you score a win, winning symbols can disappear to be replaced by more symbols. This gives you more chances to rack up additional prize money, or even trigger a bonus round. The symbols typically pop and explode, allowing new symbols to drop down from the top of the screen.

If you’ve ever played the legendary mobile game Candy Crush, you know what we’re talking about. In this article, we’ll talk about why these games have so many fans, and what some of the benefits are of playing.

Hottest Cascading Reels Slots at Ignition

Reason 1: Big wins with a little bankroll

Everyone knows that high rollers can get big wins. If you bet a lot, you can win a lot, right? Well, with tumbling reels slots also give you the chance to score a nice payday without betting large amounts. This is because your wins can snowball. After each win, you’re getting a second chance (and possibly a third, and more) to win again. Depending on the game, this can really add up fast and possibly trigger some nice bonuses. You don’t need to start big with cascading reel slots. You can get big one win at a time.

Reason 2: Variety of themes

The best Ignition Casino slots are totally subjective. It’s up to your personal preference, that’s why we offer so many. Just because a game is popular doesn’t mean you’re going to fall in love with it. Some folks like classic games, others like sports, some want undersea and fantasy… fortunately, we’ve got tons of different games with different vibes.

Some are high-energy and loud, others are chill, and some are even funny. Cascading reels slots games give you so many ways to have fun – you’re not limited to just one. If you’re into games with this feature, you’ve got a lot to pick from and we’re always adding more.

Reason 3: More chances to win

Online slots can be simple. Sometimes you just choose your wager and spin the reels. Then it’s either a win or a loss, and that’s that. But tumbling reels slots are different.

Tumbling reel slots offer more chances to win than a standard slot. A classic one-armed slot machine was done when the reels came to a stop. Tumbling reels mean that after the reels have stopped, the action isn’t done. Instead, you’re getting more chances to line things up in a win. Think of it like a partial “free spin!”

Reason 4: Chaining wins and rolling them into big jackpots

For some games, cascading reels take winning symbols and remove them to make room for more symbols. This means that one win can turn into two wins, or three wins, or more. It all depends on the specific rules and design of the game, but this type of slot makes chaining wins possible. Chaining wins together is a great way to turn standard prizes into big jackpots. You never know what symbol is going to come dropping down from above!

Reason 5: Turn a non-win into a win

Potion Spells is an example of a game that isn’t just focused on replacing winning symbols. Instead, there are many ways that symbols can be chosen to merge or be replaced. This means that there are games where cascading reels could in theory turn a non-win into a win. Like many features, it depends on the particular rules of the game, but wouldn’t it be nice to get a chance to turn a failed spin into a nice prize?

Reason 6: Multiple “spins” in a single wager

This is probably the biggest reason of them all. Instead of a single wager getting you a single spin, you’re getting more. It’s related to reason 3 above. You get more chances to win because each spin could possibly turn into multiple partial spins. Sometimes, you’re only a symbol or two away from a huge payday. This is when cascading reels really shine. You get that second “spin” of some symbols, giving you another shot at victory. It’s always nice to get a little bonus included with your wager, isn’t it?

Reason 7: They’re exciting!

If you haven’t experienced refilling reels slots, you’re missing out. It’s an electrifying feeling when your symbols explode into another win, then explode into an even bigger win, and keep going, and going… it gets crazy. The excitement builds with each successful payline.

Play a game like Zombie FC, and tell us that you don’t cheer on those exploding blood splatters when they really get going. It feels like the zombies are on your side! And what would have been a small win on another game can actually snowball into a massive one as the symbols keep on popping. Give cascading reels online slot games a shot – you might have the most fun ever!