It seems everyone likes to think of themselves as multitaskers these days. And why not? It’s kind of a requirement in a world dominated by social networking, telework, Zoom meetings, stay-at-home parenting, posting angry and funny Tik-Toks, answering the door to UPS, UberEATS, and people asking if you know where Jesus is. The thing is that we’ve all gotten pretty good at multitasking. Don’t you surf the net, eat, exercise, use the bathroom, and watch TV sort of at the same time?

So, that got us thinking here at Ignition. With Super Bowl LVI – or Super Bowl 56 for those who have no patience for Italian math – coming up real soon, we thought, “how can we help our members make the most of all those multitasking skills? And, better yet, how can we make it profitable for you?”

Easy. Our sports-themed slots are the perfect complement to the Big Game. They’re accessible 24/7, easy to play, deliver solid hits of exciting entertainment, and are renowned for putting a bunch of money in people’s pockets – yours, for example.

So, what games have we got to get you from pre-game through the half-time show and on to the trophy ceremony? Oh, baby.

Gridiron Glory 

This is a 5-reel, 3-line video slot with 243 ways to win that takes place between the goal posts of a stadium jammed with a huge crowd of cheering fans. All the action, free spins, stacked wilds, bonus features, and literally hundreds of paying combinations are in your hands.

It takes guts to play real football. All you need for Gridiron Glory is a hunger for action, the patience to stay in the game, and a little old-fashioned luck. Just fire up your mobile device, tablet, or desktop, pour yourself a cool beverage, get some salty snacks, put the Super Bowl on your big screen and drown yourself in football. It’s the perfect diversion between plays, during penalty calls and arguments, injury time, when commercials play over and over again, or if your team starts crapping the bed. Hey! It happens. Gridiron Glory works as soothing therapy, too!

World Cup Football

Super Bowl’s number one adversary – the one that kicks the NFL’s ass every year – is soccer. When it comes to audience size and revenues, the UEFA Champions League final consistently beats the Super Bowl. Don’t let that stop you from playing World Cup Football.

This sports slot can bring joy and happiness into your life by adding a diversion to the big game on the big screen. Join four of the world’s greatest footballers on the pitch before tens of thousands of screaming soccer fans and wankers for 4 rows, 5 reels, and 50 paylines of non-stop action. Land a World Cup trophy wild and the players might trigger a re-spin. If you get a World Cup logo scatter, you could score 50 more free spins!

World Cup Football’s prize pot can get enormous, reaching 15,000 times your stake. And while we all love the Super Bowl, shooting for soccer glory is a smashing good time every time! “Bloody brilliant!” as our Brit friends would say.

Try virtual sports

 The moment you dive into our virtual sports, you’re onto non-stop action running 24/7, where the wagering can get captivating as long as you stay cool and bet smart.

Our basketball and soccer games play just like the real thing and take just a couple of minutes to play out and then payout. Perfectly timed for between Super Bowl plays or during commercials. We’ve got horses that never tire and your options are fluid during the races. There are greyhounds and camels racing, too!

If you like motorcar races, check out our supercars and speedway tracks. The graphics and audio feel super real, so, even with the Super Bowl game playing in the background, the continuous action just adds to the excitement!

Play something completely different

 Super Bowl weekend is all about losing yourself in the spectacle of play time. A perfect opportunity to experience our newest games and step out of the ordinary into the extraordinary. You’re going to want to play these games, too:

Thundercrash features extreme multipliers and massive payouts while you fly your spacecraft as high and as far as you can for a chance to win $100,000!

10 Times Vegas is Vegas at home with wild retriggers for more chances to win a huge progressive payout, while increasing your stake by as much as 100X!

Fury of Zeus spins through wealthy Greek gods led by Zeus on your hunt for winning combinations, free spins and colossal payouts!

Play online poker

Poker lovers love Super Bowl, too. So, we make it simple to watch the big game and play your favorite game.

Our Super Saturday poker tournament complements any pre-game Super Bowl fun by starting the weekend with a day-long poker marathon on Super Saturday. This is the pinnacle of Texas Hold ‘em action over many events, plus loads of chances to score really big before the 6 pm kickoff on Sunday.

Just one week before Super Bowl LVI, the qualifiers kick off. Grab a seat and play into the big weekend so you are pumped for both big games. Here at Ignition, Super Bowl weekend is organized to honor both great games with seriously large prizes. We have seen guaranteed prize money rise above $750,000. This year, there’s no telling how big it’s going to get!

No one can guarantee that the Super Bowl will be exciting. Some years, the events surrounding the game have been more exciting (we’re looking at you, Janet Jackson). However, Ignition is going to be there to replace any moment of dullness with games that keep your mood elevated. Enjoy Super Bowl LVI!