Feature-Rich Future: 2024's slot games are brimming with novel twists, turning every spin into an adventure of chance and skill.

Every year, the casino industry brings fun new projects to the table to keep things fresh and enticing. This year is no different, with all kinds of interesting initiatives underway. Here’s what to watch out for:

Visionary Ventures: The Atari Hotel and More

Classic gamers, rejoice! The Atari Hotel concept is still moving forward. The problem is: it needs a location. Development has been in the works since at least 2020. The 400-room building plan needs around 5-7 acres to call home.

Meanwhile, iconic names like The Mirage make way for new legends under the Hard Rock banner, and The Tropicana’s transformation into a sports haven marks an era of monumental shifts in the casino world.

Technological Triumphs: VR and Beyond

Casino games are now taking advantage of VR, with several launching or launched in the Metaverse. It may have fizzled after huge initial hype from Meta, but the tech platform is going to be an interesting place for experimentation while innovators try to figure out what does work in the new world of virtual reality casino gaming.

Other tech that may make a splash in 2024? Voice-activated games that you can simply talk to like Siri or Alexa, better security features that stay a step ahead of scammers, and social integration that lets you bring in friends for an experience that is more like a fun night out at an in-person casino.

Man in VR headset with game controllers, gaming chips and roulette graphics overlay, in a dynamic, light-streaked setting.

New slot features

As we survey games to find new additions to our own slot room, we’re seeing some cool features rolling out. The first is bonus rounds with more interactivity. This has always been a significant opportunity that game developers are just scratching the surface of. A bonus round with a skill element would attract TONS of interest from players looking to combine traditional video games with online casino games.

We’ve also seen refreshing free spins, where a particular symbol restores a free spins countdown total. It’s a lot like a retrigger, but slightly different (and perhaps easier to hit). Slots may also be integrating more with real-world events. For example, an Olympics-themed game that offers big jackpots in connection with times when the Olympics is running. The more we connect games with exciting events, the more fun everyone will have.

Now, it’s time to hit the online casino floor.