At Ignition, we’ve got the casino and poker part down, but what about the community? Ignition is much more than a place to get your game on and score cash prizes – it’s also where poker and casino players connect to create a more engaging experience.

That’s why we created the Ignition Forum; a place where you can post your big wins, player experience, strategies and trending topics in the casino/poker industry. There’s thousands of players here that have an Ignition Casino account – time to turn those accounts into voices. 

What Is the Ignition Forum For?

The Ignition Forum is a place to spark discussion, give feedback, learn, and more. It really depends on what direction you take after you log in. Building an online casino community means communicating with each other, and that’s what we’re out to do. 

No doubt a lot of things cross your mind about your Ignition Casino account day to day, but there weren’t a lot of places to talk. Most Forums lived elsewhere. Now, we get to have these discussions where it matters. There’s really no better way to get player feedback than to hear it from you, so whatever comes to mind, we’ve created a place to share it.

  • What happened during your last session?
  • What issues are tripping you up?
  • What game are you loving right now?
  • Taken down any tournaments lately?
  • Is there some strategy that you read about that you want to share?

The list of topics can go on forever.

How to Get Started

Using the Ignition Forum is pretty straightforward. After you use your Ignition login, head over to the Forum section.

If you want to dive right into a thread, you can click the orange text. In the example above, you could click on “A Night with CLEO JACKPOT WIN!” This would take you into a Forum thread. There you can read comments and learn what’s new in the thread. If you scroll to the bottom of the comments, you’ll see a Reply button. That way, you can join in the conversation with any questions or information you have, or really any reaction at all. 

What Can You Do in the Forum? What Type of Information is Available?

The Forum is easy to navigate:  

  • After you login, choose a category to read about (like Site Feedback, or Updates). Threads are grouped by related topics and things are kept orderly. There’s also tags available, to make things even easier to locate. These filters are shown in the drop down menus just above the list of topic categories.
  • Information can vary widely, although things are pretty focused in this early phase of Forum growth. We expect more topics to be added in time as various players from our online casino community chime in with comments and questions.

Who knows what kind of player feedback or conversations will come up? It’s open for you, and hopefully you’ll make use of it to help us turn Ignition Casino into a totally new type of experience. If you want to connect, we’re making that possible.

What are the Benefits of Participating?

  1. Getting informed. The most basic benefit of the Ignition Forum is getting information. Maybe you didn’t find what you needed in the Help Center and you want to talk to the community. Or maybe you have a question for an expert? Or, you just want to have a conversation about the Ignition Casino experience? No matter what comes up, there’s probably room to discuss it in the Forum.
  2. Engaging with the community. It can be an isolating time for us all, and a thriving Forum can help us connect with others who share our hobbies. You might find someone who loves the same games as you to chat with, or could hear a comment that you’ve always wanted to make but never knew how. It’s a way to make the online world less lonely.
  3. Improving player experience. You can even improve our online poker community. Instead of just leaving player feedback or making comments, you can flag posts that step over the line or violate rules. Flagging issues with posts can help our moderation team focus in on players who are making the Forum a less awesome place to be. In that way, you can be a force for good at Ignition Casino, being a hero in your own way to the players who need the Forum to be as good as it can get. 

Ignition Forum In a Nutshell

We’re going to start taking a much more active role in providing our members with exclusive content. We also want to give you the ability to interact with our subject matter experts on topics like game experience, strategy, and more. We’d love to get your take on what kind of content you would like to see from us and any other topic that’s on your mind. 

Head over to the Ignition Forum and start a thread with anything you want to chat about!