Shaundle Pruitt with Ignition T-shirt

Team Ignition pro Shaundle “Crazy Sixes” Pruitt has been hosting freerolls on Ignition for a couple of months now and the game is getting bigger every time!  We’re inviting all poker players to get in on the fun by registering for these FREE tournaments whenever they come up.

So far, the games have been held monthly and feature a $1,000 prize pool, along with the opportunity to win merch (like Ignition hoodies and tees, special decks of cards, and more). Players can also cash in on VIP bounties for knocking out Sixes or one of his Twitch mods.

Anyone who has ever been on Twitch has wanted the chance to knock one of those little green-named power-trippers out, right? Well, now’s your chance!

Who is Crazy Sixes?

For those who haven’t yet encountered the man yet, he’s a poker pro who has been playing since long before the Black Friday online poker bust over a decade ago. His extensive experience serves him well as he works through the daily grind and takes on big time tournies like the Irish Poker Open (he and 50 Ignition players went in 2023) and of course, the WSOP.

He’s a final table regular at Ignition tournies and a lethal competitor. He’s also a highly insightful poker player who runs regular streams on Twitch! We’re proud to have him as a Team Ignition partner.

Crazy Sixes livestream screenshot

What are Crazy Sixes Freeroll Tournaments Like?

Crazy Sixes “Home Game” Freeroll poker tournaments typically feature a prize pool of about $1,000, although the game is going to be bigger for March. Tournies are seeing several hundred players register with the top earner getting nearly $200 for the first-place finish. They take place around 9 p.m. Eastern on the third Wednesday of each month.

For March’s tourney, things were bigger. Casino King joined and the game was a ton of fun! The prize pool got a BIG bump to $5,000, and there was a $100 bounty on both Sixes and Casino King. Each player was allowed to re-enter once for $5. It was a great chance to score a Benji for sucking out on a professional poker player. In fact, the worse the beat you guys hand him, the better (for entertainment purposes).

Crazy Sixes and Casino King with Ignition T-shirts

In April, the Sixes “Home Game” tournament freeroll had a record-setting number of participants with 769 entries. Sixes cashed again and also gave away some money on his Twitch stream. If you’re playing or just watching one of these tourneys, look for the keyword from Nightbot and type it into Sixes’ Twitch chat. He also gave away Ignition merch there, so some people got some nice T-shirts and hoodies. We saw one of his viewers hit a royal flush, and there were a few solid bounties scooped up by players knocking out Sixes and his Twitch mods.

Jonathan Allshouse won the April tourney after nearly six hours of play, beating out 769 other entrants.

June’s game is set to be a good time at the tables. There will be more bounties, more giveaways, and there might be some raffles, too. Register for the $1K Freeroll poker tournament that kicks off on June 6th. And don’t go easy on Sixes and his crew!

How Can Players Find Out About Sixes’ Freerolls?

Keep an eye on Sixes’ Twitter (aka X) account for announcements, but the tournies are currently scheduled to be fairly regular. Mark down the third Wednesday of each month until further notice. A few hours before each tourney, the password will go out so that players can get in. Then it’s game on!

What’s Social About the Tournament?

Sixes has a whole community playing, thanks to his Twitch streams. You can see him play (on a delay) while you play! Senpai may even notice you if you’re crushing it at the tables. You are also welcome to drop in on the stream and talk about how the game is going. It can be a more fun experience than a solo lock-in game where it’s just you in the dark with the glow of the computer.

Now it’s you, the computer, and 600 new friends!

How Does Sixes Do In His Own Tournies?

You guys won’t let him have a single hand off!

As you can imagine, he has a huge target painted on his back. He’s managed to cash once so far, but with everyone gunning for him, it’s hard to make moves. You guys won’t respect his raises, you call his all-ins with rags, and he can’t get a moment’s rest.

It’s good fun.

Think of it as the “Rattle a Pro” challenge. Collectively, we have faith that you can knock him off his game and claim that juicy bounty.

Currently, the team is brainstorming new prizes and twists to the game to keep things interesting as the year goes on. Don’t miss the no-cost freeroll poker event that’s making Wednesday nights must-play opportunities.

See you there.