While the pandemic is keeping us away from family, friends, and co-workers for very good reasons, there’s no health risk in playing online blackjack, baccarat and roulette. But where’s the authenticity of a real live person shuffling and dealing the cards or spinning the wheel? It’s right here at Ignition Live Casino.

Our live dealers are real people working from a casino studio, using a variety of gaming stations to run games the same as in a real casino. Our live dealers are filmed and streamed online. It’s a real thing happening in real-time. And you can choose from two versions of three games: Live Dealer Blackjack, Live Dealer Roulette and Live Dealer Baccarat.

1. The cards and dealers are real – like the money you can win

Sometimes you miss the human element with online casino gaming. It feels kind of distant. Online games are still fun with big payouts, but when you’re playing a computer, you’re doing it solo. Instead of random number generators throwing the dice and dealing the cards, you could be playing with a real person manually dealing real cards and chatting with you and other players.

You can even talk with the other players at the table through a text box. If you’re playing blackjack, it’s especially exciting to bet on the other players when they’re on a winning streak. Bricks-and-mortar casinos are social places that encourage human interaction. We do the same at Ignition Casino, and protect you at the same time. Who says gambling isn’t healthy?

2. The sights and sounds of a real casino experience

Playing a live dealer casino game feels like being part of a social event. The live dealer calls you by name and the sights and sounds of real live gaming only add to the sights and sounds of winning. Hearing the organic sounds of shuffling and dealing cards, clacking roulette balls and tumbling dice is just like being there.

In no time, you’re texting with fellow players and the live dealer, feeling comfortable at a virtual table with real live friends. Sharing the celebrations of a big win or commiserating over a loss, knowing better luck is coming, along with bigger and bigger payouts.

3. All the best table games you love

Right now, Ignition Casino offers three types of table games in our Live Dealer Casino. Learn about each game in order to find the best one for you.


Our live dealer versions offer new betting opportunities. There’s standard and early payout blackjack. With early payout, you can forfeit your hand early for an unknown payout valued bigger or smaller than your stake. You don’t know until you receive it.

Beginner blackjack players get directions on how to play each hand. With each card dealt, an optimal move is highlighted.
Go for it or trust your gut.


Live Dealer Baccarat is the same as our online punto banco version. Bet on the banker, the dealer, or a tie, then two cards are dealt to each side and potentially a third card may be dealt to conclude the round.

Live Dealer baccarat at Ignition Casino features the Dragon Bonus bet, providing the opportunity to multiply your win by up to 30X the amount you bet. The wider the win margin, the greater the payout, with the top payout of 30:1 coming from a 9-point win margin.

Try it right now!


You can play American and European Live Dealer Roulette at Ignition Casino. The same bets offered in our online versions are also available in the live dealer version. Playing different versions of roulette table games with our live dealer is a winning bonus!

Ready to roll?

4. Interact with the dealer and others to liven up the fun

When chatting with live dealers and other players, we ask everyone to keep it friendly and respectful. Etiquette is just as important online as in a real casino. Abusing dealers or other players through the chat box will end the abuser’s privileges.

While not obligatory, tipping live dealers is your choice. Select a chip denomination and click or tap the tip box on the table. Our Ignition Casino dealer will thank you by name. And we thank you for playing with respect.

It’s always win-win at Ignition Casino!

5. Side and back betting lead to interesting payouts

Live dealer blackjack at Ignition Casino includes functions that are different from our regular games. For example, with some blackjack games, you can muck your hand early and get an “early payout.” Then there’s back betting. That’s when you bet on another player and win or lose with them. Study their playing style before you back bet because there’s no refund if their decisions go wrong.

Some bets are available in the live dealer versions. For instance, with live dealer blackjack, the betting options are Pairs and Rummy. A Pairs side bet pays 11:1 if you’re dealt two equal rank cards. A Rummy side bet pays 9:1 when your initial two cards plus the dealer’s up card forms a Rummy.

The live dealer experience has reinvented how people play in online casinos from the comfort of their own homes. Whenever you feel that your online gaming lacks a social element – and we’re all missing that these days – play your favorite table game with our live dealer for real money. This may turn out to be your favorite way to play online casino games.