If you want the 2023 best slots to play, you’ve come to the right place. Scroll the list below to find a new fave!

1. Bonanza Billion

Bonanza Billion has one of the best slots features. If you’ve ever been spinning and spinning, waiting for that scatter to hit, you’ve got to try this slot. It has a Chance x2 feature that lets you DOUBLE your chances of hitting those scatters and unlocking free spins.
And if that’s not enough, you can just hit Bonus Buy to hit a guaranteed free spin round. How cool is that? The wait is over. Bonanza Billion lets you cut right to the chase and have all the fun you can handle in a Candy Crush-esque slots game experience. Disclaimer: You can’t trigger both features at the same time. Either the Bonus Buy or the Chance x2 can be triggered at once.
That’s not all, why try to line up symbols when you can just make symbols pay anywhere? Yes, that’s actually how Bonanza Billion works. You count up the number of symbols on the screen – in any position – and that gives you your win amount.

2. Aloha King Elvis

Elvis is a Hawaiian frog. Just go with it! If you want to know how to play and win slots, going along with zany themes is mandatory.
This sunny, beach-themed slot is one of the few you’ll ever see that is for a good cause. (Seriously, a portion of proceeds actually goes to protecting amphibians.) Like Bonanza Billion, The Bgaming Aloha King Elvis slot features a Bonus Buy button that lets you pick one of two bonus games:

1.Free Spins Bonus Games

The first triggers free spins. This then gives you a SECOND option to pick between the Special Guest Party with a giant symbol in the middle of the reels, or the VIP party, with only higher value symbols. Don’t you love when games let you play your way?

2.Coin Respin

This bonus round puts coins into the reels and lets you add them up from one round to the next. They keep adding up and the wins can go higher than a Waimea Bay wave!
And the music – well, we’ll just let you experience it for yourself. Even if you don’t play the game, launch it just to listen to the hilarious song sung by a modern international Elvis-style vocalist.

3. Aztec Magic Bonanza

The Aztecs were a mystical civilization that probably isn’t as ancient as you might think. In fact, Oxford University is older! Now, you can seek the riches of a fascinating empire in the Aztec Magic Bonanza slot game.

Dramatic drums and flutes play along as you stack up multipliers and striking native art symbols in the free spins bonus round, with retriggers. This one really sets a mood and transports you to a faraway place.

4. Potion Spells

Potion spells will have you in a Halloween mood in the middle of June with its toads, mushrooms, and eyeball symbols. There’s a lot going on in this one. Symbols drop in, explode, and lead to new symbols. They enlarge, and make wins easier than a moonlight broomstick ride. They turn wild randomly if you don’t win a round thanks to the second chance feature. They get promoted, turning one symbol into another. You’ll feel like the magic is helping you every step of the way. Keep an eye on the green tube progress bar. When it hits the pot, you’re unlocking tons of wild action. Or just click Buy Bonus and fill the pot in one shot!

5. Joker Queen

She’s not exactly Harley Quinn, but she’s close! In a game like this, you’ve first got to look for those wilds. The Joker Queen is highly unpredictable! Her hat could appear anywhere, and deliver you a bunch of unexpected wins.
When you see her face, get ready for a round of respins. You only need three to expand and trigger the special bonus round. In respin rounds, additional respin symbols each lead to another spin AND they’re sticky. You can rack up a crazy amount of cash like that.
The Joker and his Queen do what they want. And now, so can you! When you’ve had enough playing around, just Bonus Buy and a respins round is yours. You can pick your price: smaller for 3 rounds with all symbols, larger for rounds with only high value symbols like the familiar Batman logo.

That crazy carnival music will have you ready to lose your mind and go on a winning spree!

6. Burning Chilli X

Did someone order the slots extra spicy? It’s time to close your eyes and take a bite! This chili is muy caliente! You choose how many paylines you want and how big your wager should be. If you want the best chances of winning, pick that top pepper for 100 paylines. The Burning Chilli X slot is super colorful, loaded with bright cherries, lemons, grapes, and watermelons. It’s like Fruit Ninja and casino slots games had a beautiful baby!

Click any symbol on the reels to see the payouts for quick info. Hold down the spin button and you’ll have the fastest play speed you’ve ever seen. If you hate waiting this game is for you!
Keep an eye out for chili scatter symbols – they’re a way to get paid no matter where they appear.

 7. Wild Texas

Wild Texas will make you travel out west and set up shop in a lively saloon! Put down your six shooter and place your wager for some 5-card draw.
Jokers are wild (like the unmarked bottle of whiskey behind the counter). You’ll need kings or better to get paid. The top payout is a pure royal flush, with no joker used. Feeling lucky? Click the x2 Double button after a win and try to beat the dealer’s card. Pick one of four face-down cards – if you’re lucky, you’re getting twice your win! If you don’t want to risk your whole win, there’s also an option to play “double half,” with only half your wager on the line. Like to see how things run out after you pick your keeper cards? You can play 1, 5, or 10 hands at a time.

8. Plinko

Want something a bit different? You can play a classic, simple, and fun game called Plinko. You’ve probably seen it on the Price is Right before. It’s the ­­­­­­game where a ping pong ball is dropped down a pegboard. It bounces right and left, eventually making its way down into one of the buckets below. Each bucket has a wager multiplier on it that tells you how much you’ve won. If you bet $1 and land in a 5.2 bucket, you’ve won $5.20.

Our version of Plinko offers a number of features that allow you to customize your game. The first is the number of lines. The more lines you have, the bigger the rewards get. Generally, the lowest rewards are in the middle of the gameboard. That’s where the balls fall, most often. The bigger rewards are at the edges. In the picture above, an edge landing would get you 120x your bet!

There are two bet modes: manual and auto. Auto lets you drop a bunch of balls one after the other in rapid succession. You can stop the drop any time before the balls enter the game.

Another way to control your Plinko payouts is to choose your risk level. High risk = high reward. Try one of these new games today. Or better yet: try them all!