“Will the next card be higher, or lower?”

That’s the simple question at the heart of this higher or lower betting game at Ignition. For some cards, the question is really easy to answer. If you’re looking at a king, you know that the odds are overwhelming that the next card will be lower. If you’re looking at a deuce, it’s probable that the next card will be high. But what about an 8 or a 9? Well, now things are getting interesting.

Welcome to the simple, fun, and profitable game called Hi-Lo Switch. Anyone can play this game. The rules are super easy to understand. Let’s get right into it.

How to Play Hi-Low Switch Online

When you press the Deal button, three cards will be laid face up. The goal of the game is to pick one of the cards and guess whether the next card to be dealt will be higher or lower. There are icons above and below each card. For example, to bet that the next card will be higher than a particular card, click or tap the icon above that card. Simple, right?

In the image above, clicking the upside-down heart above the 9 would make a bet that the next card dealt will be higher. After you click above or below a card, the next card will be dealt, and you will either receive winnings or lose your wager. The fun of the game, though, is going on streaks!

Playing Hot Streaks in Hi-Lo Switch

When you make a correct guess, you’ll have a new card in your three-card lineup. You can then let your winnings ride, and guess again, with more at stake. If you get a succession of easy guesses, you can get a really nice hot streak going. You can make a ton of money on simple choices!

You get to pick which of the three cards you’re going to wager on, too. So, you can pick a risky bet, if you’re in the mood. You can also pick safe bets. For example, picking lower than a queen, higher than a 4, and so on are all relatively safe choices. It’s easy money, most of the time.

You decide when the streak ends. The button to the right will say “Collect,” when you’re winning. You can stop at any time and bank your money. Then you can start again from a more modest bet amount, if that’s the way you like to play.

What Do Those Numbers Mean?

The numbers above and below each card are pretty straightforward. If you guess correctly on that bet, that’s what your wagering stack will go to. Here’s an example:

Our initial wager was 25. Let’s analyze a bet on the jack for the next round. Would you guess that the next card will be higher, or lower?

Well, most people know that the most likely outcome is lower. Jack is the 11th rank in a standard playing card deck. There are ten cards below it (aces are low), and only two above. The chances are that the next card will be low. So, making that bet would bring your wagering stack from 25 to 31.25. It’s not a huge win at that level, but a nice little profit for a fairly easy decision.

What about a high bet? There’s only two card ranks that can win you that bet: queen and king. It’s an unlikely win, and so the reward is higher. Take a flyer on the high and your wagering stack will go to 156 from 25.

Thus, the numbers reflect the risk/reward proposition of each wager. You can bet whichever one you’re in the mood for. Lots of people will go for safer bets and take the easy gains, though, trying to build a streak. Just watch out for the occasional unlikely card!

The “Switch” Part of the Game

As you can probably tell, the Hi-Lo Switch casino game has a switch feature in it. It’s right in the name! It comes in handy when you’re faced with tough cards. Remember, playing cards have 13 ranks:


7 has six cards above it and six cards below it. Do you want to bet on higher or lower with those odds? It’s a toss-up to get it right! You might as well lump 6 and 8 in there, too. Those are tough cards to bet on, and no one wants to get burned. So, there’s a SWITCH!

You can hit the Switch button on the left of the screen, and you’ll be dealt three new cards. You start with two switches available and gain a third when you win. If you’re facing tough bets, you can just switch them! This saves you from tough decisions when you’re trying to ride out a hot streak. Use them wisely, and you can rack up profits without ever having to make a tough call.

Learning How to Play Hi-Lo Switch

Even though the concept is simple, many players won’t want to put up real money to start. We don’t blame you and we don’t recommend wagering real dollars on a game you haven’t tried yet. Instead, launch Hi-Lo Switch in practice mode and play it for free to get a handle on how it works. This is a risk-free way to learn how to play Hi-Lo Switch. You can wager play credits for as long as you like. Once you’ve got the hang of the game, you try playing for real money.

So, higher… or lower? Let’s find out!