It was inevitable once online poker was invented. People were eventually going to develop software to track players at casino sites and analyze their tendencies. This information can give certain players an unfair advantage over the others. At sites that permit this dishonorable practice, newer players are at the mercy of experienced sharks that use advanced tools to gain access to information that tips the balance of play in their favor.

That’s why Ignition Casino lets you play anonymous tables online, completely free from the interference of improper player trackers.

Our online poker tables offer players the opportunity to play poker games without a persistent identity (like a trackable nickname). This way, it levels the playing field and resets the game back to a form that’s much closer to the original live poker experience. If you’re just learning how to play poker online at casino sites, you won’t be abused by shark players that are essentially cheating with software.

What is an Anonymous Poker Table?

When you play anonymous tables online, you only appear as “Player 2” or “Player 6” at the table, for example. When you move from table to table or play from session to session at the Ignition Casino site, you won’t appear with the same name or identification tag. This makes it impossible for outside software made by third parties to track your hand history, play style, and results. Instead, you arrive at the table with the same blank profile as anyone else.

No one at our online poker tables knows who you are or what you’re going to do if you’re playing anonymously. You can play your way and no other player has inside info on how you like to bet, raise, check, or fold in given situations. They can’t know how to play poker online against you, because they won’t know who you are.

Essentially, it’s a clean slate for playing poker that guarantees that no player at the table has any secret information on the other players.

Why You Can Make a Lot of Money Playing Anonymous Tables

Online poker tables present an exciting opportunity to make money, but player trackers actually give you an unseen handicap. Any plays that would normally be winning moves can be turned against you, causing you to lose hands that you perhaps should win.

For example, if it’s known that you like to bluff raise on the river and get a good percentage of folds, you would be very surprised if you tried this approach against someone using a HUD who could see that you have a tendency to bluff the river. As a result, you would have less success with this approach. Once you play anonymous tables online, however, this strategy becomes effective again. No one knows your tendency and your strong moves can have maximum effectiveness.

Once you’ve learned how to play poker online, an anonymous table ensures that your wisdom isn’t secretly being turned against you. It should net you a higher average profit per session.

Best Anonymous Table Strategies

The big difference when you play anonymous tables online at Ignition Casino is that you don’t have a persistent site ID, and neither do the other players in your games. This means that your poker table is a crew of fresh faces every time. There are no player notes to go by that give you insight into your opponents, and no one has any info on you either. For this reason, anonymous online poker tables have to be played using something closer to optimal poker strategy, as opposed to being able to make measurable adjustments for each player. So those who know how to play poker online by the numbers will have a better chance at success. Lean heavily on good starting hand selection, use of positioning, and adherence to good pot odds practices to maximize your returns.

Let’s not go overboard, though. If a player stays for a long poker session and you have a chance to observe their poker style, you’ll definitely get information about their decision making and behaviors, and can adjust your own plays against them.

Why HUDs aren’t Good for Poker

The drawbacks with HUDs are what allow people to play anonymous tables online. They create an unfair competitive environment, fundamentally. All players in our games are at different skill and experience levels, but no player should be at a different information level when you show up at their table. They shouldn’t be able to read up on all your past hands, see your tendencies and results, and get inside information about the cards you’re likely to hold in your hand when they decide to call your raise.

Online poker tables have to be ethically managed, or there’s no future for the game. The biggest impact would be on newer players who are just learning how to play poker online. Even after just a few poker sessions, the sharks would have a good idea of what the novice player is doing in a given hand, which would be disastrous for the new player’s experience. Good plays might not even pay off, given the fact that other players at the table would be two steps ahead at all times.

For that reason, we don’t allow player trackers or HUDs and no one else should, either. When you want a real poker site that offers a fair game, head to our anonymous tables and pull up a seat. They’ll never see you coming.