In the beginning, every player is focused on how to deposit money into their Ignition Casino account from their bank or credit card account. But of course, that’s not what your ultimate goal is at a poker site. At the end of the day, you want to play, be the best, win a pile of cash money, and then withdraw it. That moment when freshly won cash finally hits your bank account is when the dream finally becomes real. And no one wants to wait for money to transfer – you want your payment as fast as possible, right?

So the real question is, how do players withdraw money fast once you’ve had some good sessions of real online poker?

Withdrawal Methods at Ignition Casino

Okay, so you’re ready to withdraw and cash out – online poker has been good to you. What are your options at Ignition Casino? Well, we’ve got a few convenient ways to get your money back into your hands.

The most traditional way for players to get payouts at poker sites is a bank wire transfer. Another classic method is to send a check by courier. And if you want to get cashed out by another player, you can sell that player a voucher good for the funds in your account.

Our favorite method for withdrawing your real online poker winnings, however, is through a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Why Crypto/Bitcoin is Best

Making your withdrawal or cash out request using Bitcoin is without a doubt the fastest way to get your money. That’s why it’s our players’ favorite way to get money (and for that reason, our favorite too). Once the transaction is approved (24-48 hours), payment can take place in minutes, with Bitcoin hitting your digital wallet almost immediately. This is quite a bit faster than credit card or check payouts. Credit card and check methods can sometimes take days, and delays like that just aren’t worth it when there’s a method like Bitcoin around.

When you’re ready to make a withdrawal from online poker, Bitcoin also features the lowest minimum and highest maximum amounts. This gives you the flexibility you need, whether you’re a modest winner or a big stacker who just took down one of our huge guaranteed prize pool tournaments and needs to move six figures. In fact, the Bitcoin max amount you can withdraw after winning at real online poker is unlimited. Ignition Casino doesn’t cap how much of your poker money you can take out using this method. When you finally score the biggest online poker payday of your life, you can tap it all in one shot using the world’s most secure and efficient currency.

And that’s why Bitcoin payment is best at our site. It’s the king of payouts.

How to Withdraw Crypto/Bitcoin

When you’re ready to withdraw, online poker can go on pause for a moment.

The first step is to open your digital wallet and get it ready for payouts by clicking “receive”. The wallet will generate a unique address for you to copy. Once that’s open and prepared, you can head to Ignition Casino and click through your account to a withdrawal. Ultimately, you will see a field requesting “your wallet address.” Now it’s time to paste that address you copied from your digital wallet, enter the desired amount of your withdrawal, and submit the request.

In 24-48 hours after you make your request, the Bitcoin will arrive in your digital wallet. If you’re looking to take advantage of favorable conversion rates, it’s a good idea to move your new winnings from your digital wallet to your cryptocurrency exchange account promptly for conversion into the currency of your choosing.

Please keep in mind that you have to wager a deposit completely before withdrawal from our poker site. This rule prevents churning of accounts and abuse of our deposit bonus and financial systems by bad actors.

Okay, hopefully, you’ve dealt with your last annoying credit card withdrawal process in real online poker. The age of Bitcoin is upon us and with it a new era of convenience for players and online poker casinos alike.

To learn more, head here and check out the exact steps for your next withdrawal.