General Rules of European Roulette

Like many casino games, the concept behind Online Roulette is simple, but once you put some bets down on the virtual felt and make a wager, things can get very, very exciting. All you need is an online roulette wheel and some money, and you can turn your living room (or any other location, thanks to mobile games) into one lively casino.

So, what are the rules of the roulette game online?

Well, at the center of every roulette game online is the wheel. The wheel is laid flat, and has an axle in the center so that it can spin. The wheel has 37 cells or compartments called “stops” along it’s outer edge, with numbers from zero to 36 (in American Roulette, there’s also one compartment numbered “zero zero”). These numbers are not labeled in order, and are colored red and black in alternating fashion, with zero colored green to ensure that there’s an even number of reds and blacks.

After bets are placed, a ball is then rolled along a track at the edge of the wheel, eventually losing momentum. As the ball falls into the wheel, deflectors bounce it around until it finally comes to rest in a numbered compartment. And if you bet on that number, the real money payout is 35 to 1! 

Playing roulette online at Ignition Casino uses the same components. You’ll still see the wheel with numbers. You’ll still see one ball. The only thing missing from the game is having to deal with your chip stack for bets and people spilling drinks on you as they stumble by.

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How To Play European Roulette

The biggest decision to make at European Roulette is how big to make your bets at Ignition Table Games. You can bet on a specific number or combination of numbers. You can bet on odd or even. You can bet on a group on numbers. And if you’re in a no-nonsense mood, you can simply bet on a color. Once betting is done, you click “Spin” and the roulette game online begins. The ball spins around the online roulette wheel until it comes to rest. Hopefully, you’ll be a winner!

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Odds with the Biggest Payday in European Roulette

Here’s how the bets and real money payouts work in European Roulette at our casino:

Bets                                                               Payout

Red                                                                 1:1

Black                                                              1:1

Odd                                                                1:1

Even                                                               1:1

1 to 18                                                             1:1

19 to 36                                                          1:1

1 to 12                                                             2:1

13 to 24                                                          2:1

25 to 36                                                         2:1

Six number combination                            5:1

Four number combination                         8:1

Three number combination                       11:1

Two number combination                          17:1

Any one number (including zero)             35:1

The best odds in European Roulette come from betting on the more common outcomes. Bets on odd, even, red, or black will get you paid the most often – about half of the time. Other numbers or number groups on the online roulette wheel are rarer, and offer longer odds. Our recommendation is to simply get some European Roulette practice at Ignition Casino so each free roulette spin can teach you a little more about the game. The Best Odds in European Roulette.

European Roulette Strategy 

European roulette online (or in a live casino) is a luck-driven game. That said, if you keep an eye on the payouts for your bets, the online roulette wheel will be kinder to you. If you’re ready for any payout, betting on a color or a big group of numbers is the way to go. If you want to see bigger money, though, you’ve got to pick a number combination or even one number (like zero). That’s pretty much all there is to the game.

Using a Roulette Calculator to Win

A roulette calculator can help you win roulette online in the sense that it helps you manage your bankroll by betting the right amount. Because you can win or lose on each spin, the best “strategy” is to control how much you put at risk on each spin at the casino. Usually, this is between 1 and 4% of your bankroll, depending on how high your tolerance for risk is. You can find a roulette calculator here.

Now you’re good to go!, It’s time to put down some bets, spin the wheel, and let the sparks fly.

Stack up your bankroll and get in the game with online roulette at Ignition Casino!