When Blackjack is not enough, Ignition has tons more for you

cards close up, aces

You walk into a casino, chips in hand, a decent bankroll in your pocket, grab a cool drink off the bar and head for the tables. You scope the room trying to get a vibe, a scent, a magnetic energy pulling you towards a positive chance, perhaps a game that’s heating up. You’re used to the overwhelming sound of this place. The dull roar of gamblers at play, the occasional gleeful shout, a few too-loud laughs, bells, sirens, clanging coins. It’s intoxicating, electrifying, and exhilarating. Where are you headed?

You’ve been playing blackjack for so long, you don’t need to count cards, you never did. You can almost hear them speak as they’re dealt. “Jack, ten… Two, seven, king.” You’ve won. You’ve lost. You’ve broken even. The dealer knows your name. You’re so comfortable in the hunt for 21, you see blackjack tables in your dreams.

It’s not surprising. Blackjack is often the first game gamblers play. First, it’s a great game. Second, it’s quick and easy to learn. Third, the odds are in your favor. And fourth, the payouts are phenomenal. Blackjack is never boring, but sometimes you have to ask yourself, “Is that all there is?”

At Ignition Casino, we can answer that with a convinced, “Heck no!” We’ve got games to rival and complement your blackjack skills that are just as much fun and just as generous with the payouts. So, step away, step out of the box, break the chains, reach for the stars and give free rein to the warrior spirit that brought you here in the first place.

Here are some amazing games we believe will satisfy your thirst for excitement and perhaps open new doors that lead to the big payouts you crave.

Double Deck Blackjack proves that less is more

We started talking about trying something different from blackjack, yet here we are touting another version as an alternative. Why? Because, as we said at the top, blackjack is a beautiful game. And it’s even more beautiful once you get to know all the flavors.
With only two decks in the shoe, Double Deck Blackjack is to your advantage. The rules are the same. First to get to 21 without going over wins. But playing with a double deck instead of the common six-deck game keeps the house edge low and your chances of winning up. Please don’t tell this to six-deck blackjack, but the frequency of hitting a two-card 21 is higher with fewer decks.

At Ignition, we make sure the dealer stands on soft 17, giving you more options to build a strong hand. You can double any two cards, split one hand per round, and take insurance when the dealer’s up-card is an Ace. You also get a 3:2 payout for landing a perfect hand of 21, which is what makes Double Deck Blackjack the best version.

Trying is believing, so take this blackjack variant out for a test drive now.

Our slots are too much of a good thing

When you’re ready to move away from the blackjack felt for a minute, our slots are in a world of their own – population: ginormous. Getting started may be a little overwhelming, so we’ve got an online slots guide to help everyone navigate our sea of one-armed Robin Hoods.
Online slots come in two flavors: 5-reel and 3-reel. Basically, our 5-reel slots feature elaborate storylines, while the 3-reelers are a bit more traditional. Ask yourself what you want out of an online slot session: a traditional and simple experience, or an adventure into a themed world?

If you like your online slot experience to stay as close to the traditional slot machine as possible, the 3-reel games are your go-to. With one to three paylines, you’re sure not to get lost in the noise. And just because these variants don’t have themes as crazy as their 5-reel counterparts, doesn’t mean they don’t have themes at all.

Our 5-reel slots have more capacity for varied bonus features and engaging storylines. Paylines range from 8 to 50, with some games offering the popular any-way-pays format. That means you get paid when matching icons land anywhere on consecutive reels and they don’t need to form a line.

There is a big choice and we provide some handy hints right here!

Caribbean Stud Poker is quick and fun action

After you’ve explored all or most of our slots, head back to the table for this unique version of poker. Caribbean Stud Poker deals fast action with no need to host a tournament. It’s just you head-to-head with the dealer.
This game shares a progressive jackpot with Caribbean Hold’em and Caribbean Draw Poker, so it goes up pretty fast. Get in on the jackpot bet and pocket either portions of it or the entire thing when you land an incredible hand. The usual rules and strategies still apply here. When you think you have the right cards, double your ante. If you don’t think you can beat the dealer, fold and forfeit your ante. To win, you have to beat the dealer who must qualify with a hand containing an ace and a king or better. When the dealer doesn’t qualify, you’re paid 1 to 1 on your ante and your raise is returned to you as a push. When you beat the dealer who has qualified, you’re paid on the ante and your raise.

Deal yourself in and ride this poker game to a profitable finish!

Tri Card Poker: easy to learn, easy to love, easy to win

Tri Card Poker is two casino games in one. You can win against the dealer and you can win on how good your cards are. All you have to do is make the best poker hand with three cards.
The odds are more than 95% in your favor – not quite blackjack level great but still pretty good. Put down an ante bet of $1, $5, $25, $100 or $500 and click deal to start the action. You’ll get three cards face-up, and the dealer gets three cards face-down. If you think you’ve got enough to take down the dealer, raise the stakes with a second bet. If not, fold and start a new round. Discretion is the better part of valor after all. The dealer needs a queen or higher to qualify, and you need a straight or better to earn an ante bonus.

Created in the mid 1990s as a poker alternative that can be played quickly like other table games, Tri Card Poker is a big hit at Ignition Casino.

Let ’Em Ride Poker is about the voyage and the destination

Commonly heard in casinos around the world, “let it ride” is called when a player decides not to withdraw part of his or her wager, looking to increase the pot. The original Let It Ride game was invented by the founder of Shuffle Master, John Breeding, who was trying to boost demand for his card shuffling machine.
Now we’ve got a seat here for you at Ignition to play this quick and easy table game version of poker, available on your mobile and desktop. Since you’ve got no opponents to worry about, Let ‘Em Ride gives you full control of the game’s pace, choosing to raise or check, depending on how confident you are with your three-card hand and the two community cards. To take home that pot, you’ll need a pair of tens or something higher. Each top tiered hand you land lets you enjoy a bonus payout from the Progressive Jackpot. Just be sure to drop that $1 chip on the side bet when the round starts to reap the rewards.

Ready to ride? Fasten your seatbelt and hit the gas!

Zappit Blackjack forgives to give you another chance to win

Obviously, we’re not trying to turn you off of blackjack. Quite the contrary. We are offering you variations to make your online gambling time more fun and interesting. Exhibit A: Blackjack is even better with our Zappit version. It’s a fun twist on the classic game of Twenty-One with the same objective: score closer to 21 than the dealer without busting. Easy, right?
The beauty of Zappit is in its flexibility: you can discard undesirable hands. If you end up with a hard total of 15, 16 or 17, a Zappit button appears, allowing you to discard and replace your cards with new ones. It’s fundamentally the same as the original game, but with additional ways to give you more control.

Zappit Blackjack is played with six decks, which are reshuffled after each hand. The dealer will hit on a soft 17 and you can split up to three hands. However, split aces receive only one card and there’s no re-splitting of aces.

With minimum $1 and maximum up to $500 bets, you might find yourself playing Zappit Blackjack even more than the original. In which case, our work is done here.