Playtime grows up at Ignition

Remember the games you discovered or invented when you were a kid? From backyard football and street hockey to kick-the-can, hopscotch and Marco Polo, then on to spin-the-bottle and beer pong. We fell in love with them because they were easy to play, exciting and hours of fun. We learned how to win and lose (sometimes poorly, maybe with a few tears), and we learned how to grow up and compete fairly – well, most of the time.

Those kids’ games led to more complex board games and thrilling video games, which consumed our lives with dazzling effects, mind-blowing challenges and heart-pumping game play. Lots of us also made the leap to online gambling where we learned to love the idea of playing anywhere and anytime, while winning a few bucks. The thrills continued with online casinos like Ignition that offered endless good times, great games and awesome payouts.

Today at Ignition Casino, we offer hundreds of online games that you can play on your desktop, tablet or mobile. However, the age-old question we used to ask as kids still keeps coming up, “What do you wanna do today?”

At Ignition, we have a few hundred ideas and here are some of our most popular games, the ones you should be playing especially if you’re a beginner. Let’s get started…

Blackjack is easy to play, easy to win, and easy to love

Grab a seat at the blackjack table, toss some chips down and let the fun begin. You’re looking to get closest to 21 without going over, and so is the dealer. Whoever goes over, loses automatically. Whether you’re in an actual casino or logged in at Ignition, blackjack is one of the easiest games to play and your chances of winning are better than most casino games. The house has only a 0.5% edge, which means you get the best odds.

At Ignition, you can play one, two, or three hands at once time. You will learn how to Double, Hit, Stand, Surrender and use Insurance to get an advantage one the dealer who has to hit on a   soft 17.

Start by betting as little as $1 using the colored casino chips found at the bottom of your screen. As you get comfortable, you can increase that bet as high as $500, which is when the winning can get really interesting.

Place your bets, hit the “Deal” button, and receive two cards face up. The dealer takes two cards – one face up and the other concealed. You can ask for more cards or “stand” if you like your chances. Or you can surrender to win again another day.

If you’re a veteran playing online blackjack for real money, use Real Play mode. Beginners would be wise to start in Practice Play mode.

Tri Card Poker is fast, fun and profitable

Tri Card Poker is like two casino games in one. The goal is to make the best poker hand with just three cards. You win against the dealer, and win based on how good your cards are.

The odds are more than 95% in your favor – not quite blackjack, but pretty good. Ante up with $1, $5, $25, $100 or $500 and click “Deal” to start the action. You’ll get three cards face-up, and the dealer will take three cards face-down. If you think you’ve got what it takes to beat the dealer, raise the stakes with a second bet. If not, fold and start a new round. The dealer needs a queen or higher to qualify, and you need a straight or better to earn an ante bonus.

Tri-Card Poker was created in the mid 1990s as a version of poker that could be played quickly like other table games. Check it out for yourself at Ignition Casino!

Reels & Wheels XL is a hot slots game that pays

An enhanced version of the classic 3 reel, 1 line slot, Reels & Wheels XL provides more lines for more opportunities to build your bankroll. Plus, Free Spins, Bonus Wheel and Jackpot Wheel are big parts of this game.

The in-game play shows the different, and quite awesome, payouts on the left side of the screen. Get the bonus icon to appear anywhere in the middle of the screen and a giant wheel will appear and spin for you. This wheel has lots of big multipliers, but also the huge jackpot prize.

You can win 12 Free Spins, some with random multipliers up to 10X. Or you can win up to 500 times your bet and access the Jackpot Wheel feature with five different jackpots.

Ready to go big?

Roulette puts a new spin on winning

Whether in person or online, the sound of that little white ball rolling around a roulette wheel gets people pumped. Superb for mobile, tablet and web play, Roulette at Ignition is always ready when you’re on the go and, there’s a new “double up” button that lets you double your bets when you hit a hot streak.

The Roulette wheel at Ignition consists of 38 equal chances for the ball to land on any of them. All you need to do is wager where you think the ball will stop by placing your chips on the same number and color on the roulette table.

Winning can make some people dizzy, so maybe take a seat before you play.

Craps is the most fun you can have with dice

Some say that the name “craps” comes from a Louisiana mispronunciation of the word “crabs,” which had been the curse word for the numbers two and three in dice games in aristocratic London. Others believe the name comes from the French crapaud, or toad, a description of the crouching style players adopted when throwing dice in the street or back alley.

Craps is one of the most entertaining casino games you can play because of the sheer amount of available bets. Craps is played by betting on the outcome of a roll of a pair of dice, and not surprisingly, is a variation of a very old dice game.

This is a game of rounds. The first roll in a round is called the come-out roll and can determine the outcome of the round because a 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12 on the come out will end a round. If any other total is rolled (4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10) that number is called the point. A black puck is placed on the table to remind all of what the point is. If a point is rolled, the dice will be rolled again and again until the same point or a 7 is rolled.

When the dice stop, losing bets are removed from the table and winning bets and ties are paid. For winning bets, the original bet amount is returned after winnings are paid out.

Blow on the dice for luck and throw all caution to the win.