Let ‘Em Ride is one of our online casino games that gives you an easy and fun poker fix without all the competition. Let ‘Em Ride doesn’t even have a dealer to beat, so it’s super chill. In this article, we’ll talk about how the game works, how to win, and lots more.

Fun fact: this game, like other table games, (link to previous uploaded article about casino games with jackpots) has a progressive jackpot!


In Let ‘Em Ride, you’re trying to make the best five-card poker hand you can. You start with three cards face up, and then there’s two rounds of betting and two remaining cards to be flipped over. You need tens or better to qualify for a win (the payout chart is below for each hand).

Many online table games like this will have a dealer to beat, but Let ‘Em Ride is just a relaxing solo game. Here’s how it works.

  1. First, pick your ante amount from the row of chips at the bottom of the game screen.
  1. After you pick your ante amount, click on the Ante button in the middle of the screen. This will make the Deal button appear on the right of the screen.
  2. Click deal. This will get you three cards face up and two cards face down.
  3. Evaluate your hand. You’re trying to get a pair of tens or better. If you already have that in your first three cards, you’re guaranteed a win. If not, you’re going to need some cards to help you make a winning hand.
  4. Raise or Continue. Your first choice is to raise or continue. Raise adds funds to your wager. It’s great if you have a made hand or a big draw. The continue button lets you “stand pat.” No money is added to your wager. This functions like a “check” in normal poker, for players already familiar with the game.
  5. Check out your next card. After you decide to raise or continue, a fourth card will be flipped over.
  6. Raise or Continue (part two). Now that you’ve got four cards showing, decide whether to raise or continue.
  7. Final result. Making your last raise or continue decision flips over the fifth and final card. Your hand is now complete. If you’ve got a pair of tens or better, you’re getting paid!


Below are the hand rankings and the odds payouts for each one. As always, that royal flush is king (and queen… and jack…)


If you have a pair of tens or better showing in your first three cards, you know you’ve got a win. You can feel free to get in all those raises. That way, you maximize your prize!

If you don’t have a made hand, you’re betting that a much-needed card will come on the turn or river.

Let’s say you don’t have a made hand yet. In those situations, you need to know how many “outs” you have. If your cards are of low ranks, even a pair won’t necessarily get you a win. For example, holding 2-5-8 rainbow (all of different suits) is rough. You probably don’t want to go with raises there.

On the other hand, holding J-Q-K suited offers you tons of outs! Any card could pair and get you a win. This means you have three outs for each card. There are 9 cards in the deck that can bring you a paired win. You’ve also got an open-ended straight draw and are three cards to a flush. Two running cards could not only get you a win, but a big win! This is a potential raising hand with so many outs in the deck.

Let’s say you have a pair, but it’s less than tens. In this situation, a third card could make you trips, but the chances are only 1 in 8. It’s your call whether you want to build a pot in the hopes of winning. The Continue button is always there for hands that still need some help. A big turn card could create a situation where you feel comfortable raising on your second chance, even though you didn’t on the first.

Simple tip? If you don’t get dealt tens or better right off the bat, 3 cards to a straight flush are the best hand for raising (especially if they include cards that are ten or higher): T-J-Q of spades, for example. These are the best Let ‘Em Ride bets.


At the upper right of the game screen is a golden button with a white star. When you click it, the button gets pushed in and the progressive jackpot wager becomes active. It stays active for each hand until you click the button again to cancel the wager.

If you get any of the hands listed below, you get a fixed amount or progressive jackpot payout, as specified

Want to know how to win Let ‘Em Ride? It’s like many online casino games. You have to stick to good hands and then you need some luck, too.


Let ‘Em Ride earns you .5 Ignition Miles for each dollar wagered. Miles can then be converted for funds in your account. It’s quite similar to a rakeback program.

Your conversion rate depends on your Ignition Rewards level. They are: Steel, Chrome, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium, Diamond. Steel lets you trade 2,500 Miles for $1, but by the time you reach Diamond, you’re trading only 1,000 for $1. It pays to play at Ignition!

Ready to try your luck at Let ‘Em Ride? Give it a shot and experience a fun and relaxing poker alternative.