1, 2, 3X the luck: the 777 Jackpot in Live Dealer Blackjack

Hitting a blackjack is exciting. But what really gets us out of our seats are those huge progressive jackpots. Six figures? Seven figures? It gets crazy in the best way.

If you want to see your account reach some big totals, you’ve got to check out this little known feature, available only in live dealer blackjack. It’s a side bet called the 777 Progressive Jackpot. It gets you what is easily one of the biggest live dealer wins at our online live casino – if you’re lucky enough to score the Grand Prize.

This jackpot keeps growing the longer you play. A fraction of the player’s bet goes into the base jackpot amount, or seed jackpot, along with a fraction of all bets by all players on the same progressive jackpot network. This continues until somebody wins the jackpot and the seed jackpot reverts to its base amount.

Where Can I Find the 777 Progressive Jackpot?

When you’re seated at a live dealer blackjack table, you will see letters surrounding the chip with your bet amount. The top left letter is a “J” for “jackpot.” Click the “J.” This will let you put down a $1 side bet on the 777 Progressive Jackpot. Don’t forget, you have to activate the bet to be eligible. When the right cards come out, you want to be in the running for a big prize. But what are the right cards and how does the prize work? Let’s get into the details.

How does the 777 Progressive Jackpot Work?

If you make the side bet, when you are dealt three sevens in a row as the first three cards in your hand, you win the jackpot. For example, you get two sevens for a score of 14, and decide to take a hit. The dealer then delivers you another seven for a beautiful score of 21. If you had the side bet down on the progressive jackpot, you just won a bunch of extra money!

The specific sevens you get determine how large a prize you win.

What are the prizes for the 777 Progressive Jackpot?

  • Grand Prize: three sevens of diamonds wins the entire progressive jackpot.
  • Mid Prize: any three red sevens wins $1,000.
  • Mini Prize: any three sevens of any other colors wins $100.

As always, it’s those diamonds that bring you riches. A little red shape never looked so good.

Recent Ignition Big winner: Brian F. Scoops Up $293K!

Bryan was playing put a single dollar on the 777 Progressive side bet. He was probably hoping what anyone else hopes at a blackjack table – he wanted to see 21 right off the bat. But we had something way more special in store for Bryan. Our dealer laid out 7d7d. Bryan decided to hit his 14, and probably was blown away by what came next: 7d!

The entire progressive jackpot was cleared out in a single win. Bryan won 293K off his single $1 side bet. It’s easily one of the most impressive live dealer wins at an online live casino. Life-changing outcome, all from a tiny bet.

What are the prize rules?

There are some rules around the 777 Jackpot. Here’s the lowdown:

One jackpot per hand

A player is only able to win one jackpot per hand. Players who get the three diamond sevens will only win the progressive jackpot. They don’t also pick up the mid and mini prizes. In addition, players who win the mid prize will not qualify for the mini prize. You win the best jackpot you are eligible for, and that’s that.

Mid and Mini prizes are automatic

If you happen to get three red sevens or any three sevens in particular, and you win the Mid or Mini prizes, you will immediately receive the funds. That is, these prize amounts are automatically credited to your player account.

A Grand Prize requires verification

If you get three diamond sevens, you won’t immediately see the prize appear in your account. Amounts this large need to be reviewed by our team and verified. After these steps are completed, you will then see your jackpot winnings in your account balance. A small price to pay for what will probably be the biggest win of your casino journey.

Split hands will not qualify

The first three cards dealt must be part of a single hand to qualify. If you wind up splitting a hand, the split hand cannot qualify for the jackpot. You may want to rethink how you look at splitting sevens if you’re gunning for this jackpot, no matter what the dealer’s upcard is.

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Other jackpot requirements

  • Pushes and naturals. A player will still qualify to win a 777 jackpot against the dealer’s natural blackjack or push. If you land it, the prize is yours.
  • Front players only. Only the front player can play the $1 jackpot side bet. Players “betting behind” (that is, betting on the hands that others are playing) do not qualify.
  • Promo chips don’t count. If you are playing with promotional chips, you can’t qualify for the jackpot. You’ll need to bring your own wagers to the table to score this monster jackpot!

Still have questions? Check out this section of the Ignition Help Center to learn more.

Time to play

Go to Ignition’s live dealer blackjack section and pick a dealer who looks like they’ll bring you luck. Make sure to press the J button and get that progressive jackpot side wager active. Good luck at the tables!