Getting every bonus dollar you can with Ignition casino promotions

Winning in the casino will get you a ton of money. But knowing how to make the most of all our Ignition Casino promotions gives you extra money without having to win anything. Essentially, it’s free money. You just need to know how to get your hands on it. And there’s more promotions than you might think, so it pays to know them all. Let’s hit the bonus buffet.

Below, we’ll cover:

  • Ignition bonus types
  • How to use crypto to maximize bonuses
  • Ignition Rewards
  • What to do when bonuses run out
  • How to claim bonuses
  • Ignition bonus types

The best of our casino bonuses is the Welcome Bonus. This is an up to $3,000 deposit match for first-time players. The amount is split into $1,500 for the casino and $1,500 for the poker tables. It’s the way to ensure that, even if you have a bad run when you get started, you’ve got plenty of extra money to play with. That can go a long way, too! If you’ve been thinking about tearing up the slots with big $100 spins, free money might be your ticket to the biggest win of your life. The more you bet, the more you can win.

Hot Drop Jackpots are one of our newer ways to get free money with casino promotions. These must drop jackpots were added to a few of our most popular slot games. There’s an Hourly, a Daily, and an Epic. Each must be awarded before time runs out (or, for the Epic, any time at all!). Spin the reels of a qualifying game, catch three Hot Drop symbols, and you could be on the Hot Drop wheel grabbing a six-figure bonus!

The Tell a Friend bonus is an even easier to snag bonus. Just invite a friend to use your special link to sign up for a player account at Ignition. When they make a deposit, you get casino bonuses. If you have a lot of friends (e.g. you’ve got a following on a social media account), you could be in for big bucks! The reward is 200% of your friend’s first deposit, up to $125.

Ignition Casino promotions include weekly poker freerolls, a Royal Flush bonus, and a Bad Beat bonus. If you’re a Texas Hold’Em fan, you’re going to like it here.

How to use crypto to maximize bonuses

Most of the bonuses above have a crypto booster. You get more if you’re using crypto, in general. 

We even have crypto exclusive memberships for people who are down with digital dough. These offer weekly deposit matches, free spins, bonus Ignition Miles, and weekly poker tournament tickets!

  • For the Welcome Bonus, a crypto deposit takes your match from 100% to 150%, and increases the cap from $2000 to $3000.
  • For Tell a Friend bonus, a cryptocurrency deposit gets you an extra $25. It could be made with any of our supported cryptocoins, too. At the time of this writing, these include Bitcoin, Bitcoin variants like Cash and SV, Litecoin, Ethereum, USDT.

In general, crypto is the way to go. It’s extra money you don’t want to leave on the felt.

Ignition Rewards

Ignition Rewards (we call them Miles) are one of the easiest casino bonuses to earn. You get them for playing pretty much any game here. Each game offers a different earn rate, though. Specialty games like Bingo, Keno, Thundercrash, and others earn 10 Miles per dollar wagered. Slots get you 3 Miles per dollar. And table games get half a point per dollar.

So, what can you do with these Miles?

Miles can be redeemed for money. It’s a lot like a cashback program. The more you earn, the higher your Rewards level goes. It accumulates over the lifetime of your player account, so you can only go up! You start at Steel, but if you play for a long time, you’ll reach gold, platinum, titanium, and even diamond level. The conversion rates there are spectacular!

What to do when bonuses run out

If you’re running dry on bonuses, the Weekly Boost is always there for you!

It’s an Ignition Casino promotion that’s available each week. So don’t sweat it if you’re not eligible for the Welcome Bonus anymore. The Weekly Boost is all you need to keep your mean machine moving down the highway. You will be given a variety of different offers as your Weekly Boost: Whether it’s free spins on your favorite games, tournament tickets, or more Ignition miles to redeem for cash bonuses, your account will be filled with rewards.How to claim bonusesWhen you sign in to your Ignition account, click the profile icon. This will bring up a drop down menu. Scroll down until you see the little money bag icon that says “Rewards”. This dashboard is broken into two tabs: Rewards and Bonuses. In Rewards, you’ll see what you can redeem your Ignition Miles for. There’s free spins on slot games, tickets to poker tournaments, and more.You’re looking for the Bonus tab.Over in the Bonus tab, you’ll see any bonus that’s currently active. The details of the bonus like amount earned, play through progress, and other details are all there. Scroll down to see other bonuses that might be available. Not all bonuses can be combined, so you may have to pick and choose. You can complete your current bonus first and then check back afterwards, or you can forfeit your current bonus and pick another. It’s up to you.When a bonus is available, just click “claim” to make it active and it’s yours! Keep an eye on details, terms, and conditions, though. You don’t want to lose a bonus you’re close to, and you don’t want to grab a bonus with terms that don’t work for you.Get your bonus bucks up and keep the good times rolling, at Ignition.To learn more, head to our Help Center FAQ section on bonuses. There’s tons of info there and it might help you understand things more clearly.

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