Poker on the Go

Anytime, anywhere action. Whether you play mobile poker for real money, or just want to play for free to get some reps in, playing poker on your phone is the way to go. 

Just like everything else in recent years, going mobile has opened up a ton of new options for online mobile poker. Whether playing for free or playing for real money, online poker fans don’t need to be stuck at home anymore. 

What’s in it for Me? Mobile Poker Benefits

Some time to kill on a lunch break? Play a couple of hands. Hanging out with friends? Show them who’s the poker champ. Solo road trip? Grab a seat at the table from the perfect spot.

No matter where you go, mobile poker lets you log in and ante up. And Ignition’s got some great features that are optimized for mobile devices, so you can really get into the game. More on that later.

Here are some great benefits you can expect when you play mobile poker:

  • Better security – today’s smartphones have the latest and greatest security features built in, while your average PC needs constant updating and is more vulnerable to security hacks.
  • Better access – this is the obvious one that we pointed out above – having poker in your pocket can make any road trip, family gathering or doctor’s visit about 100 times better. Plus you can actually win real money – so that’s cool.
  • Better skills – as part of the anywhere, anytime access of mobile poker, you can also sharpen your skill set by playing poker for fun, so when you get into the real money games you’ll be a smarter – and maybe richer – player.

How Do I Play on my Mobile Device?

You don’t need any special software . You just need to head to and log in like you normally would. If you’re a new player, you’ll need to join first.

Once you’re joined and logged in, you can play for fun money or for real money. 

If you want to get in for some real cash, you’ll need to make sure you have funds in your account. Just like you would on your desktop, you can make a deposit into your account from your mobile phone – just follow the steps on the screen. It all takes just a couple of seconds and you’ll be holdin’ em and foldin’ em in no time.

Features of Ignition Mobile Poker

You can play all the different types of poker at Ignition that you would play on your desktop, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, and Zone Poker. 

Playing Zone Poker lets you save time waiting for hands to end, so you can play non-stop – pretty much perfect for an on-the-go mobile player.

All our big tournaments with millions in guaranteed prize pools are also mobile-friendly. Same goes for the other action at Ignition. Cash games, The Black Diamond Poker Open, Super Millions Poker Open, plus weekly tournaments, Jackpot Sit & Go and others are all in your pocket now.

You can also customize your table and choose your card design – we made sure everything’s optimized for mobile. This includes all the rules of the different games and tournaments too – check out the “More” icon right on the homepage. 

How about cashing in that big win? You can deposit it to your financial institution or Bitcoin wallet straight from your mobile device. Just click the “Cashier” icon on the homepage, and follow the steps. You can take that to the bank. (So to speak. It’s actually all in your phone).

Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile Poker

Can I play in every kind of tournament?

You bet. All our big tournaments – with millions in guaranteed prize pools – are also mobile-friendly. Cash games, The Black Diamond Poker Open, Super Millions Poker Open, plus weekly tournaments, Jackpot Sit & Go and others are all in your pocket now

You can also multi-table for even more action, if that’s your thing – with mobile poker, you can play up to four cash tables or tournament tables simultaneously.

What kind of phone or device do I need to play online mobile poker?

All Android smartphones – and iOS phones starting from iPhone 4 – are all you need to get playing. If you want a larger screen, then go with a tablet or an iPad. 

What about data usage?

Wi-Fi is the way to go, of course, since you don’t need worry about data usage in that case. But if you’re playing off your wireless service provider, it depends on your location, playing time, your phone settings and other factors – so it’s a good idea to check with your network provider and review your data plan.

What do I do if I forget my account number or password? Do I need to get to a computer?

Nope. You can get it all sorted out from your mobile device. Head to and choose the “Forgot your details?” link at the top of the page. Don’t forget that you can access your account using the email address that you used to register with Ignition.

In what way is mobile poker different from playing in the regular desktop software?

Well, aside from a smaller screen – which is not a big deal since we created a kickass mobile design – nothing really. The tournaments are the same, the way you move cash in and out of your account is the same, and the excitement is the same, if not better since you’ll be playing exactly where you want to be. If anything, the security is better because your phone very likely has better safety protection than your desktop.

So there you have it. Online mobile poker 101. Now all you need to do is hit the road and play wherever you want to play at Ignition.