Blue 42! Blue 42! Hike! Meet the NFL Kickoff Mini Series online poker tournament. Ah, yes. Fall is in the air.

That crisp, fresh smell means that soon, the NFL’s behemoths will be putting on their cleats and pads and taking part in the glorious grind of the gridiron. Helmets will smash. Balls will sail overhead. Spikes will hit the turf of the end zone.

And of course, we’ll be sending out some passes of our own. We’ll be tossing virtual cards onto the felt for our new NFL Kickoff Mini-Series! Last year’s NFL Tune-up went so well, we hit the weight room and will be running it back even stronger than before.

Our roster includes a variety of poker tournaments in the month of September. These culminate in a season-sparking main event with a combined total of $3 million in guaranteed prizes over the course of the tournament. Below, we’ll cover all the details of our Mini-Series, as well as all the hype surrounding modern NFL betting.

1.NFL highlights

Each season, starting in the fall, 32 teams battle for supremacy in a game so rough that it can only be played professionally once per week. The whole season is only 16 weeks – 16 Sundays of football. At the end, a win-or-die playoff is held and the division champions head to February’s Super Bowl to crown the baddest football team on Planet Earth.

This past season, the Kansas City Chiefs took home yet another Lombardi Trophy after downing the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35. This year, as always, it’s anybody’s game. Sportsbooks have the Chiefs (+675), Bengals (+800), and Niners (+850) leading futures odds for those who want to bet on the NFL. Speaking of which…

2. Why is NFL betting so popular?

It’s electric. It’s hard-hitting. The NFL brings action like few other sports can, and so NFL betting takes something that’s at a ten and turns it up to eleven. There are tons of options that also allow bettors to make wagers their own way. Forget just betting on outcomes – like wins and losses – there’s player props, futures, parlays, and lots more.

If you like a team’s defense, you can bet on that unit to hold the opponent below a certain number of points. Or you can bet the “under” on the total combined score.

If a quarterback is hot, you can bet that they will have two or more touchdowns, or perhaps exceed 200 yards passing.

If you have faith in a team as a whole, you can bet in early September that they will reach the playoffs.There’s just so many ways to participate in NFL betting. There are even live bets that let you place wagers in games as fortunes shift and the action plays out.

Couple that with the easy access of online sports betting, and you’ve got a recipe for a hotter NFL betting environment than old school bookies ever dreamed of.

3. NFL Kickoff Mini-Series – an NFL poker tournament series at Ignition

Given all the excitement in the air, we just HAD to get in the game in our own way with an NFL online poker tournament. We call it the NFL Kickoff Mini-Series.

On Tuesday, September 5th, our first qualifiers will begin. This starts off two days of Tune -Up events to get you ready for the event series. The Mini-Series officially kicks off along with the start of football on Thursday, September 7th. The defending champion Chiefs will be taking on the Detroit Lions. At the Ignition poker tournament, players will be taking on whoever dares sit down at the tables!

After that, you’ll have your pick of poker tournaments. We usually have bounty tournies with knockout bonuses, buy-in sizes from micro roller to high roller, deep stacks, turbos, and all kinds of different styles of game. It all culminates on Main Events Sunday on September 24th. We’ll be hosting a $200K guaranteed poker tournament that will be like starting in your own NFL game.

You won’t have to run any sprints, drive any weight sleds downfield, or take a single hit. But the competition will be every bit as intense, so bring your A game!

Check out our strategy library if you want to brush up on poker strategy. Every football team that wants to succeed needs to spend time in the film room and drawing up Xs and Os at the whiteboard. Take the same approach to your own poker play, and you’re bound to improve your results.

Who knows – you could be the next big winner to take down a huge tournament! Every team that ever won the Super Bowl started first by believing in themselves…

Have a great NFL season, everyone!

(We’re off to the supermarket for beer, nachos, wings, and a pile of barbeque for that first at-home “tailgate” grill).