Don’t let the reputation fool you: online bingo for real money is a super exciting game that people of all ages can enjoy.

Many players are familiar with betting on the basic game played live in person. You get a card with numbered boxes and then fill them in as those numbers are called. If complete a row before anyone else (typically five boxes horizontal or vertical), you shout out “Bingo!” because you’ve won.

Players learning how to play online bingo at sites run by casinos will find that betting on the virtual version at Ignition Casino is even easier. You don’t have to mark your own cards: the computer handles it for you automatically! There’s also a bunch of bonus bingo varieties you can play at our casino site no matter where you are in the world (even Australia!), and we’ll cover those in this online bingo guide below.

How Online Bingo Works

Most versions of online bingo for real money at online casinos offer a few features that many sites have in common. First, you pick a number of balls to call out, and select how many cards you want to play, along with the coin value of each. Once you’re all set up for betting, the game can play out automatically. Balls and numbers will appear while your cards fill up and the wins roll in. There isn’t much complexity to master when you’re learning how to play online bingo, but there are a few fun variations to learn about in our online bingo guide.

Online Bingo Game Variations

You can see all the Bingo game variations at Ignition Casino here. Use the drop down menu just above the game icons to sort by “Bingo” and you’ll see all the different games appear neatly organized. Here’s a preview of a few fun ways to play online bingo for real money at our casino site.

  • Pesca Bingo. This Bingo game has an undersea theme. In addition to making rows and columns, you can get special patterns that have bonus cash payments. After the balls come out in a round, you can buy up to 13 extra balls if you’re close to a win and want to bring home a big money jackpot. If you fill up certain special patterns, you’ll enter the bonus “fishing” round. Pick fish until you match 3 bonus prize values and you’ll earn that prize (i.e. reel in 3 fish that reveal a $500 bonus money payout and it’s yours).
  • Go-Go Bingo. This Bingo game has 12 winning patterns and up to 9 extra balls to help you score a big win.
  • Bingo Ribierhinos. “Ribierhinos” loosely translates to “people of the river.” And with a 4k jackpot at stake, you’ll want to become best friends with the river man, especially since he’s the one who helps you to extra balls. Enter the bonus round to collect baskets of fish. Pick baskets and win bonus cash prize amounts until you see the word “collect.”
  • American Bingo. This is a classic style Bingo game. Play a few cards and see if you can put the other imaginary churchgoers to shame.
  •  Amazonia Bingo. This is one of the Bingo games at Ignition Casino that features a progressive jackpot, so brace yourself for big wins if you stick around. There’s over $50,000 in bonus cash at stake as of this writing. Enter the forest bonus round and pick your animals to get awarded smaller bonus cash amounts to tide you over until your ship comes in.
  • 30-Ball Bingo and 80-Ball Bingo. How many balls do you want? Are you looking for quick games with 3×3 cards or do you want maximum chances to win? These bingo game varieties let you decide.
  • Five Reel Bingo. A slot machine and the classic bingo experience had a baby and we call it “Five Reel Bingo.” It really plays more like a slot than anything else. Markers, troll dolls, and regular folks from bingo town are all waiting to meet you!

Reasons to Play Online Bingo

As you learn how to play online bingo at our casino site, you might wonder why people would pick betting on this version. Let’s see. You can win big money, skip all of the manual labor of marking cards, you get more bingo game action faster than ever before, you can buy bonus balls, there’s no other people to get in your way or scoop up a bingo before you do… so the real question is, with the convenience and huge prizes at stake 24/7, why would anyone play in person bingo?

Tips While Playing Online Bingo at a Casino Site

Aside from managing your bankroll and not playing for more money than you want, the biggest tip is to remember how powerful bonus balls can be. Buying extras can take your card from a single line to a special pattern in one of the bingo game varieties above (e.g. Pesca Bingo), which helps you chase the big wins. As far as our online bingo guide goes, that’s the biggest tip if you want huge jackpots.

The other tip is to pick a variety that’s fun. If you prefer a simple, classic game, then play that! If you want a lively one with tons of extras, we’ve got that too. Play your way and you’ll have fun whether luck is with you or not.

The bingo cards are ready to go in our Specialty Games section. Grab yours today and good luck!