An online casino site is a great place to have fun, but sometimes you get tired of traditional games. You need to take a break from hardcore Texas Hold’em, striving for perfect blackjack strategy, pulling the online slot lever and hoping to hit a jackpot win… sometimes you just need something new and different.

That’s when our online Specialty Games and free games really shine!

In this post, we’ll preview a few fun options.

One is an online scratch off game called Tiki Treasure. Another is our creative online Sudoku Box Game, and the final is another online scratch card game we call Beach Bums.

Each of these online specialty games has its own charm, but the biggest benefit is that they offer you something new and different when you’re not in the mood classic casino games or just want some fun free games. We all love to win bonus cash, but games at our site, above all, are supposed to be fun! If you’re not entertained by one game, it’s probably time to find another that’s hitting the mark. It could be that you need faster action or a chance at a progressive jackpot. Or it could be that you need to slow things down and just chill for a while.

Whatever your mood is, head to Ignition Casino’s online Specialty Games section to find what you’re looking for.

Tiki Treasure

Tiki Treasure is an online scratch off game with a tiki theme (tiki are wood carvings from ancient Polynesia). Scratch your card with your mouse like a virtual coin, or simply press reveal to see if you’ve won. You need three matching symbols for a cash bonus, good for a win of 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, or 50x your bet. This is one of the online specialty games at our casino site where you can play for as little as a penny per card, so you don’t have to be a whale for Tiki Treasure. You can also play a version from our free games selection if you don’t want to put real money at stake.

Sudoku Box Game

If you weren’t around for the Sudoku craze when it first hit the west, our online Sudoku Box Game is your ticket to finally get in the game at our casino site! There’s lots of reasons to give it a shot.

This specialty game version is quite different from the traditional paper game, though. We’ve put a casino spin on things for our online Sudoku Box game. Instead of filling in your grid with numbers one through 9, the online Sudoku grid will fill itself almost like a slot with spinning reels. If you see a number three or more times, you win. You also get a special cash bonus payout if all of the numbers 1-9 appear. If they’re in order according to the pay table, you get a bonus jackpot win with plenty of cash (unless you’re playing free games).

Beach Bums

Beach Bums is another fun specialty online scratch card game built around a beach theme. A shredded surfer dude and a bodacious beach babe both take time off their busy schedules of “looking really, really, ridiculously good looking” to watch you scratch cards and win bonus cash down by the beach. Of all our online specialty games, this may be the easiest and most relaxing. You’ll need to match 3 symbols for a win – three coconut drinks, three seashells, three beach balls – you get the idea. If you’re feeling lazy, you don’t even have to rub off your online scratch-off card. You can just click “reveal” and all the symbols will come out.

The seashells are worth 50x your bet, so hit the beach and keep your eyes peeled, because those things really pay a big bonus!

It’s all here in the Specialty Games section at our casino site.