Teen Patti originated in the mid 1900s in India, where it’s played all over the country, in the streets of Mumbai and in local clubs. This three-card poker variation also known as Indian Poker, Three-card Poker or Flush, with more than 6 million monthly players, uses your familiar 52-card deck. Winning demands thinking strategically and some luck.

Teen Patti begins with each of 3 to 6 players placing their bet into the pot. Each gets three face-down cards. Then a series of betting rounds starts, moving around the table clockwise. The usual bet, call, raise or fold are all part of this game.

Players reject one or two cards by placing them face-down. They then go to the bottom of the deck. New hands are dealt and the betting restarts.

There are four different ways to bet:

  • Blind Bet: Each player wagers a small blind that grows with each subsequent bet.
  • Chaal Bet: Optional fixed amount that’s the same as or larger than the big blind.
  • Side Show Bet: Happens after completing the chaal bets. A side show bet is placed with the person to the left or right of the player. The lowest-ranked hand folds.
  • Showdown: When two players remain or after everyone has called the highest bet, the showdown round begins. The highest-ranked hand wins.

The pot is divided equally if the hands end in a tie.



Teen Patti delivers its entertainment with an escape into a digital games world. Boost your wins with these strategies.

  1. FOCUS ON THE BIG PICTURE: Evaluate your risks. Don’t fold every poor hand. If you can, bet on mediocre cards, without forgetting your limits. It’s not always good to fold. If the majority of your opponents fold, bet even on a solitary ace or small series.
  2. PLAY BLIND: Contrary to what it suggests, this technique is most effective with inexperienced opponents. Simply observe their conduct, feelings and gestures.
  3. WATCH OTHER PLAYERS’ MOVES: Remember the significant cards that have been played already so you can better guess whether your opponent hold better cards. Star with remembering the big cards – ace, king and queen – that have been eliminated.
  4. MANAGE YOUR MONEY: having a bigger bankroll helps your survive losses and play longer. Improve your odds of winning by playing more. Keep your betting bankroll to about 20% of total profits.
  5. PRACTICE: Outsmart your opponents with creativity, talent and attitude. These abilities take practice. Remember that practice makes perfect. Teen Patti at Ignition is the smart place to begin.


It’s very easy to play online Teen Patti at Ignition. The gameplay and rules are simple. And there are two versions.

In Teen Patti Rapid, you make your bet by dragging a coin value onto the table and start the deal. If the resulting combination of cards is indicated on the payout table, you win.

Teen Patti Pro is just a little more complicated and allows a bigger variety of bets. There are three different choices: Bet on the dealer, the player or split. You get not one, not two, but three chances to win big. You can even increase your fortune by side betting on hands ranging from pair to royal flush.


Q. Is Teen Patti compatible with my mobile device or tablet?
A. Yes! Swipe up on your mobile or tablet to view the game in full screen mode.

Q. What are the minimum / maximum bets?
A. $1 minimum up to $500 maximum.

Q. How do I place my bets?
A. Bet the amount you want: $1, $5, $25, $100 or $500 by simply dragging and dropping the chips on the playing surface, or tapping directly on betting areas. In Teen Patti Rapid there’s just one placement spot. In Teen Patti Pro, you can bet on the outcomes of the player, the dealer or a split.

Q. Can I increase my wagers?
A. Definitely. You can double your bet when you start a new round. Just make sure it’s less than the $500 maximum bet.

Q. Can I play Teen Patti Rapid and Teen Patti Pro in practice mode?
A. It is highly advisable to play your first few rounds in practice mode without risking any money. Getting a feel for the game first is a smart move.