At the Ignition Casino virtual sportsbook, there’s tons of virtual sports to get on. One high octane option for race fans is supercar racing, which offers the chance to get on virtual races with a fresh race starting off every few minutes.

Many fans familiar with the Supercars Championship are from the home country of the event, Australia. But fans of virtual racing betting at Ignition Casino come from anywhere and everywhere.

How Virtual Supercars Works

Motorsports betting online works a lot like betting on offline supercars events. You can still check up on odds for each car and see who’s the favorite and who’s the biggest underdog.

If you click on Results, you can also see how each driver did in the previous races.

When you play virtual races online, you do a light version of the research you’d do before a real live race. After you find a car and driver that you like and lock in your bets, it’s race time.

There are six supercars in each race, and you can watch them battle it out in real time as they speed around the track, accompanied by a real announcer who keeps the hype going just like a live event. As the drivers jockey for position, eventually one takes the checkered flag and is crowned the winner.

But wait – who’s driving? What’s going on here?

Virtual motorsports betting online is built around simulated races. There’s no match to any live event happening on any real racetrack. Instead, our computer algorithm takes each driver’s chances and uses the random number generator as a seed input to run the race. It’s not a video game and no one is “playing” for any of these drivers.

It’s all done by Ignition Casino computers.

By running a simulated race this way, we don’t have to wait for a schedule of real world events to play out. Instead, we can have a race running every few minutes, with all the excitement and less sitting around.

Virtual Supercars Odds and How they Work 

Let’s take a look at some odds:

James Morgan in car 1 is the favorite. You can bet on him to win at +398 odds, which means that your bet of $100 wins you $398 if he crosses the finish line first. The show bet is even more secure. Here you’re betting on Morgan to finish in the top 3. The odds are listed at -159, which reverses the calculation of a “plus” sign bet. Now you’re betting $159 to win $100.

There are other kinds of bets and odds when you play virtual races online at our sportsbook.

Motorsports betting online at Ignition Casino offers variety. One special kind of bet is called an exacta. Exactas let you bet on the exact final outcome. You pick the driver who will finish first and the driver who will finish second, and wager on that exact outcome.Here calling for car 1 to finish first and car 2 to finish second would pay you $12,300 in profit if you placed a $100 down before the race started. It’s a longshot, but if you’re correct, you’re getting a huge real money win.

Another bet type is called a trifecta. Trifectas have you calling each of the top three finishers exactly.

Here you’d really have to polish off your crystal ball to get things right, but virtual racing betting is about taking chances on the odds sometimes. A correct call on car 6 coming first, followed by car 1 and then car 2 would pay you $77,900, and all you need to wager is $100. That is absolute madness, but if you can be on the winning end of that bet, you’re going to be putting a down payment on a supercar of your own before too long.

The over/under bet is pretty straightforward. Here when we play virtual races online we’re betting on the distance between the first and second place finishing cars.

It looks like the distance will probably wind up close to 4 units, and so you can bet on whether the final result will be more or less than that in this example race. If you take the over at -294, your bet of $294 wins you $100, if the final gap between first and second place is 5 or more. On the other hand, if you take the under at +146, your bet of $100 gets you $146 should the gap be 4 or smaller.

Please keep in mind that you don’t have to bet these amounts exactly. In the last example, a bet of $50 would win you $73.

Virtual Supercars Tips

Ok, how do we make virtual racing betting fun and profitable? Well, the first tip is to manage your bankroll the same way you would with any other casino game or sportsbook activity. Never bet with money that you need for other expenses, and only bet a portion of this betting bankroll when you play virtual races online. That way, no matter what the result is, you can live to rev up and roll another day.

When it comes to odds, stick to what’s fun and what you understand. If you just like trying to pick winners, that’s where you should start. Betting on favorites is a good way to keep your chances of profiting high. If you want a bigger payoff, though, find some good underdogs to ride to the finish.

And of course, if you’re just here for the biggest payday possible, gather your courage and hit those exactas. If you manage to land one during motorsports betting online, gamblers will be telling tales of your bravery for some time to come.

Start your engines. Supercars racing is ready to roll!