Full confession: We’re kind of antsy, difficult to please, and always ready for the next big thing. That may describe a lot of players out there and certainly reveals why we got into the casino biz in the first place. It’s because we love reinventing and challenging ourselves to keep our juices flowing – and the prizes rolling.

Full disclosure: Our members love it, too. And why wouldn’t they? We’re always introducing new casino games to keep them coming back for more fun, more excitement and more ways to win big. Now, if that sounds like a typical casino come-on, we plead guilty. But we’re not your typical online casino, we’re players, too. And we know what players like, aside from building a bankroll. They like to have new things to the table! 
So, here are our latest slot games you can play at home or on the road, from your desktop, tablet or mobile.

New 2022 Slots to Play At Ignition Casino

1.Explode into Volcanic Wins with the Primal Beasts of Genesis Island

Don’t run from these epic mega monsters – their cash prizes will keep you cozy in the lush jungles of a faraway land. Your new slots 2022 list has to include Genesis Island!

If you love movies like King Kong, Godzilla, or Jurassic Park, this game will be a juicy red steak to sink your razor sharp fangs into. Wild volcanoes bursting with lava let you know the action here is hotter than a screaming dino’s breath. Rustle through the undergrowth and burst onto the scene to find a 3-row, 5-reel slot game that’s packed with jungle action.
Here, nothing is small. The Evolution Mega Spin can hit at any time for 10 free spins. 2×2 or 3×3 Mega Symbols are available on the reels for every spin, bringing prehistoric prizes of mammoth proportions. Retrigger for even more money raining down from the heavens!
Just like in real life, an erupting volcano is wild. But these bursting bonfires will help you make money instead of turning your village to toast. Stacked wilds show that yes, everything is bigger on Genesis Island. Win up to 3,200x your wager and you’ll never want to go back to the mainland!

2.Dance the Night Away and Make It Rain Neon Cash with Raving Wildz

We hope Raving Wildz will boogie its way onto our list of popular online slots. You’ll be the judge of whether this one really has all the right moves. Launch the party and let the music take you away! This rave never dies, and these fur boots, booty shorts, and short shirts will groove along while you win your way from one track to the next. Glow sticks, gummy bears, and the wall of sound are all here to help you celebrate your wins. Wild disco balls bring multipliers, while stacked dancers help you find the cash hidden on the dance floor.

The free spins scatters really make the beat drop. Raving Wildz calls it “Big Up” time. During free spins mode, wilds stick around. New wilds come in and stack on the wilds you already have. Then, they Big Up by increasing your multiplier up to 3x. The total wager win is 81x. Do any other Ignition Casino slots put you in a party mood like this? Turn up with the Raving Wildz slot game this month for sure!

3. Gold Rush Gus and the City of Riches

Gus, the main character of one of our most popular online slots, is back! Somehow, he’s left his work mining the earth for gems and found his way to the jungle. There, he becomes your new BFF as you both search for ancient golden treasures.

Thanks to golden vases, golden necklaces, and golden birds, this is one of the best slots to play if you love that shiny, shiny metal. Who needs gems, anyway? We love goooooooold! Stumble upon the golden mask and you’ve got a wild that will cut through thick jungle vines to help you find more money.

Free Spins Temple Symbols trigger bonus spins with 2x, 3x, or 4x multipliers. Watch out for Gus’s brutish enemy – he’s out for your lucky bag of coin. Just like digging up a chest in the original Gold Rush Gus, you have a shot at different treasures. Get 2 scatter Key Symbols and you could get an instant win, a bonus game, or the whole progressive jackpot! Bank accounts need commas and extra zeroes, and Gus is gonna help you find them.

Feeling bold? The Take or Tap Bonus game gives you the choice to take your win, or tap for a chance at more. You could lose, so tread carefully and avoid those deadly jungle traps.

4.777 Deluxe – Now Perfect for Mobile Play

You told us and we listened – 777 Deluxe HAD to be updated for mobile play. Phones just weren’t doing it justice in the way it deserved. The improved version of 777 Deluxe is now optimized for portrait mode. Not everyone wants to play with their phone sideways, so we’ve got a version that plays just as well when your phone is upright.

The update doesn’t change any features, so this isn’t technically on the new slots 2022 list. Just think of it as one of our facelifted Ignition Casino slots. As always, the bonus feature will have you chasing that elusive golden 777 and the hopefully-huge progressive jackpot. We’ve seen this one in six-figure territory, so keep an eye on it when. You come to the Ignition slots room.

5. Other New Games to Try at Ignition Casino

We’ve still got a bunch of games that we added recently for you to try if this month’s new additions aren’t grabbing you.

  • Sushi Wins Reels and Rolls provides the cutest and tastiest lil’ sushi friends you could ever ask for. Burn your nose on some wasabi and cool off with a mug of beer!
  • Super Wilds XL brings these city superheroes to an enormous scale. You can join Multiplier Man, Expando-Man, and the Spin Twins as they battle to defend your bankroll from any attack.
  • Gongxi Facai will have you seeking the favor of CaiShen, a god of wealth and good fortune. Your red envelope may be filled with free spins and multipliers, if you’ve got luck on your side.
  • A rockin’ ape is your guide through Jungle Jam. The AC/DC rhythm guitar will keep you boppin’ along while the gold coins fly. Free spins mode really shreds – turn up your speakers and enjoy your own private concert in the rainforest.
  • Golden Children is another treat from the far east. If these magical cherubs like you, they’ll send down wild scrolls to help you bring in more treasure than you can shake a Chinese New Year drum at.

If all this newness is new to you…

Slots always seem to be the easy go-to for online or even bricks-and-mortar casinos, but don’t be fooled by the initial simplicity of these games. If you’re new, or if you haven’t been in the casino for a while, now would be a good time to brush up on your slots knowledge and learn how to play and win with our guide right here!