If you want the fastest possible path to winnings, playing online poker cash games is it.

You can sit at a table to play, and if your bankroll is big enough, start taking down large pots almost immediately. Of course, that’s not always how it goes, but if you want a shot at big winnings, these games are a lot faster than tournament play. With a bit of luck, solid strategy, and an adaptable mindset, you can quickly take over a table and dominate, raking in pots as you play and turning the table into your own personal cash cow.

First, let’s cover a few important points about how online poker cash games work.


When you play online poker for real money at Ignition, cash games are pretty easy to understand once you have a little practice.

The first thing to know at our site is that Ignition Casino offers Quick Seat, which means that you select what kind of poker experience you want and we take you immediately to a table for playing ASAP. First, pick whether you want to play Texas Hold’em poker or a version of Omaha. Then, pick whether you want no limit or limit, and select the number of other players you want at your table. Hit Next, then choose your stakes. Find a game where your bankroll allows you to bring at least 20-40 big blinds to the table. If you’ve got a few hundred bucks, you can sit at a $.50/1, for example, and have enough money to succeed.

After that hit “TAKE MY SEAT,” and you can jump right into the action at a new table that fits all your preferences.

This takes you to a traditional poker experience where you have total control. You can sit down and get up whenever you want, even if you just had a big win and want to cash out on a high note. If you’re playing online poker with Bitcoin, those cash outs can happen pretty quickly. We’ll cover our best withdrawal method in more detail in a section below.


You can play online poker for real money anytime, anywhere, thanks to Ignition Casino’s Mobile Poker platform. Fire up the client when you’re on the commuter train, waiting in the doctor’s office, stuck in the bathroom… whenever you want, wherever you are, you’ve got poker waiting for you.

There’s no new schedule to learn, and no long lines to wait in at our site. Our whole casino is built around getting you the online poker action you want without boring delays. It’s really just a matter of picking what kind of poker you want and the stakes, and we handle it from there, escorting you virtually to your own poker perch. For people who like to play online poker with Bitcoin, it’s one of the fastest ways to get playing without having to jump through hoops or archaic financial system roadblocks.


The strategies that help players win at a cash game are a little different from those that get you to the final table in a tournament. And if you’re a new player fresh from practicing with free games, you’ll need to adapt to play online poker for real money.

The best things to keep in mind are the fundamentals. They are the core of many successful players’ games for a reason. Being in late position is strong. Choosing solid starting hands is strong. Adapting your play to the table is strong. And lessening the impact of a beat with a smart fold is incredibly strong (and protective of your poker bankroll).

The biggest shift in mindset is that you’re not under the gun at all. There’s no time pressure to stack up on other players like there is with an online poker tournament. You’re going subjected to increasing blinds. You can pick your spots and maximize advantageous situations. You can sit out when you need a break.

As a bonus tip, you can also take time to read the table. If there’s a player who is loose and aggressive, punish him/her by baiting him into traps where you feign weakness. If there’s a player who seems to barely participate at all, lean on that player with bets, but beware the hand where they finally have the courage to bet themselves – they probably have the goods.

Float like a butterfly and sting other players like a bee when the odds are in your favor, and you’ll soon have some winnings to send home.

Next, let’s cover the best and fastest way to get that money back into your hands: withdrawing from online poker with Bitcoin.


There are many ways to withdraw winnings from Ignition Casino, including checks, voucher sales, and even wire transfers. But for the best, most efficient, and most secure method of withdrawal, we encourage players to transfer funds from online poker with Bitcoin. When you play online poker for real money, it can take some time to actually build a bankroll, especially if you’re new and still learning the ropes. But once you’ve got a good amount of money in your account (especially if you got a deposit bonus), you don’t want to wait even more to get it out, right?

A Bitcoin transfer, once approved, happens almost instantaneously. It doesn’t get much better than that! Approval can take a day or two in some cases, but for the most part, Bitcoin beats other withdrawal methods hands down. The steps are all laid out at this link, so there’s really no mystery to it.