Practice Your Way to Win at the 2023 WSOP with Ignition Casino

For many years, the World Series of Poker has been the biggest event in the poker world. There are tons of tournament series now, but none can truly match the astounding prize pool offered by the big game. Hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake in a wide variety of games, all culminating in the main event that kicks off on July 3rd. There’s over 100 tournament events, with around 20 of them taking place online. The full schedule is packed!

So, how do you get ready for this momentous occasion? Ignition poker tournaments and Ignition poker cash games are the perfect way to get your game ready. Get sharp before you head out to the Horseshoe for live play or sign up for WSOP online events.

If you’re one of the brave players attending the WSOP, we have one simple piece of advice: practice! Like anything in life, before jumping in the deep end, you got to make sure you refine your skills. As it just so happens, there’s no better place to do exactly that than here at Ignition Casino!

We have a large player pool that will give you a ton of experience playing against all types of players from around the world. This is exactly what you’re going to find at the WSOP! If you’re eyeing those WSOP online events, there’s really no better form of practice.

The most important thing to get used to is how tournaments are structured, how they work, and how to reach that elusive final table. Fortunately, Ignition has online tournaments similar to WSOP events that are perfect for practicing. They allow you to figure out how level changes work, how to adjust your game at each stage of play, and what to do after the bubble bursts.

If you’re looking for quick tips, head here. Or check out the latest articles on strategy and tournaments.

The WSOP features the best poker players, so sharpen your skills before participating! Study different strategies, adapt your gameplay, and be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules of poker variants (if you’re going to play something other than Texas Hold’Em). There’s lots of types of events offered, like Omaha, Seven Card Stud, and more. You don’t want your first shot at a certain type of game to be at the WSOP.

Similarities between WSOP and Ignition tournaments

  • Game variety. Just like the WSOP, Ignition offers a huge variety of poker games at a variety of levels. The 2023 World Series of Poker and Ignition Casino are more alike than you might have thought. If you want practice for games like the WSOP’s $600 No-Limit Deepstack (Online Event #11), you can get it. If you want a super big tourney, we’ve got high roller events to rival big games at WSOP too. There’s also more than one kind of poker at Ignition. You can branch out from Texas Hold’em into Omaha or other kinds of games to prep for some of the lesser-known games at the WSOP. They might be your best opportunity to win due to the smaller field!
  • Huge prize pools. If you want to get a feel for playing under the pressure of a WSOP tourney that has a huge prize pool, you can do it at Ignition. A Sunday $200K guaranteed poker tournament is a great warmup for the big online or live events of the WSOP. There you can learn how to handle the anxiety that comes with closing in on the bubble with big money on the line, or how to find the courage to make the strong plays that can help put you in a position to make a final table (and get paid tens of thousands of dollars!)
  • Solid competition. To prepare for the WSOP, you need to play against good players. So make sure you know how to go head-to-head with decent competition. For that reason, it’s good that Ignition can bring you some decent opponents. The bright side of this challenge? Playing tough players makes you better, too.

Types of Ignition poker tournaments

We host tournaments in various formats, including multi-table tournaments (MTTs), sit-and-go tournaments, and satellite events. Ignition tournaments provide players with the opportunity to compete against others and potentially win significant prizes. The WSOP is organized this way as well. While the Main Event attracts the most attention, there’s all kinds of other tournament structures to check out at the WSOP. There’s bounty tournaments where knocking a player out gets you a bonus (we have those). There’s Pot Limit Omaha, which caps bet sizes and gives you more cards to deal with (we have that). There’s also turbo tournaments, with rapidly increasing blind levels (we’ve got em!)

Can Ignition poker cash games help?

In addition to tournaments, both the WSOP and Ignition Casino offer cash games where players can join tables and play poker with real money. This allows players to participate in poker games at their preferred stakes and play for as long as they want.

Don’t sleep on cash games even though the tournaments will be in the spotlight! They’re a great way to play some low-pressure poker where you can decide when the game starts and ends. When the wild winner-take-all structure of tournaments is wearing you down, cash games can rebalance your mind and get your game back to where it needs to be.

We’re wishing everyone luck who’s headed to the WSOP. Whether you’re playing live or online, Ignition is a great place to get in playing form. Tackle our tournaments and then take your skills to the big dance. You never know what prizes might be waiting for you there!