Gambling is supposed to be fun and entertaining. However, because it involves winning (and losing) money, some players can sometimes get off track. The key is to play responsibly and understand playing casino or poker is entertainment-based. Gaming responsibly means accepting the risks and always staying in control. That means setting a budget, not spending more than you can afford, understanding the odds of winning and not letting your gaming life affect other areas of your life.

Read on about responsible gaming, including the signs of problem gambling, advice on how to gamble responsibly, and helpful resources to help you stay on track.

1.Set Limits on Wagers

Casinos don’t like to talk about losing but the reality is that no one wins all the time. Setting limits will keep you in control while gaming. Limits to how much you deposit or bet, how much you’re willing to lose, how much time you spend gaming and more.

Consider these healthy boundaries:

  • Deposits –Put a cap on the amount of money you deposit into your casino account daily, weekly or monthly. And resist going above it, even if you’re on a win streak.
  • Wagers –Choose an amount you can afford to bet. Once you’ve reached that limit, stop betting more money. If your maximum wager is $10, don’t bet any more than that.
  • Losses –Set a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly amount that you’re willing to bet. If your daily loss limit is $50 and you win $25, you now have $75 to lose before hitting your limit.
  • Time –Limit the amount of time you spend playing online daily, weekly and monthly.

2. Manage Your Bankroll

Managing your bankroll is going to help you to be happier and, yes, a better player if you do it correctly. It takes a little planning, some self-discipline, and firm self-control. Committing to proper management leads to a far more enjoyable gaming experience overall. It’s easy to lose track. But these techniques can help keep it under control:

  • Establish a budget – How much can you afford to bet? The amount should be within your disposable income limit. The key is sticking to your budget. Yes, it’s difficult not to get caught up in the rush of winning, but you must be willing to walk away once you’ve hit your limit.
  • Bank your wins – Be aware of the house edge. That’s the amount that the casino projects you will lose based on the odds of the games you’re playing.

With some luck and strategy, you can win. If you keep playing with your winnings, your luck is liable to turn against you and back all of it. You can stop that by banking your winnings once you hit a certain limit. For example, your budget is $100 and you commit to banking it once you’re ahead by $50. You can still play with the original $100. But if you lose it, you’ve still got the $50 you banked. That’s how you cut some of the house edge.

  • Don’t pursue losses – This is the number one mistake in bankroll management. Take your losses and accept that gaming is not going to always be in your favor. You need to sensibly take the bad with the good, which can put you closer to breaking even than players who are always chasing their losses.

3.Claim Your Bonuses

It’s a smart practice to increase your bankroll with the bonuses most online casinos offer. At Ignition, our bonuses are renowned for their incredible generosity.

  1. Welcome Bonus – We welcome new players with a combined Poker & Casino Welcome Bonus – our biggest ever. You can get up to $3,000 when you make your first deposit with cryptocurrency, or up to $2,000 when you deposit with a credit card.
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  3. Weekly Bonuses – No online casino anywhere treats its players better than Ignition. Every week, regular players will receive a special Weekly Match bonus code that can be redeemed on any reload deposit. Just enter the code to add a 100% match up to $100.

There are tons more ways to earn bonuses and rewards at Ignition and it’s a smart way to help you with your budget and limits


Fortunately, gamblers can find national and worldwide resources that provide excellent help. Some of the best options include Gamblers Anonymous, The National Council on Problem Gambling and Gam-Anon.

Most states offer programs and many work closely with The National Council on Problem Gambling. Follow this link to find problem gambling resources and services in your state.