Our natural instinct to get out and hunt comes from our ancestors’ need for survival. Pre-historic humans were hunter-gatherers with large brains and opposable thumbs. The modern versions – humans 2.0 – are not much different. We need, we want, we survive on our wits. And we thrive on our smarts.

If you’re chomping at the bit to do something for fun, excitement and highly rewarding, Ignition Casino is your choice. We’ve got real-money slots for the hunter-gatherer in you, especially if you’re on the hunt for big money jackpots with online slots

Your prey are all gathered in one spot and the variety of targets will make your head spin. From the Golden Buffalo and Mystic Wolf to gun-toting Goodfishes, pillaging Vikings and lawless frontier, Ignition Casino is the place to play online slots and bring home the bounty.

Hunt for the Golden Buffalo

The American great plains buffalo stands over six-feet tall at the shoulders and can weigh more than one ton. Native Americans hunted them for food and pelts to make clothing and blankets, and they could bring a massive buffalo down with a bow and arrow after stalking and chasing a herd for days. Eventually, buffalos faced extinction so the hunts were ended to allow these magnificent beasts to thrive once again. But didn’t want to give up on the thrill of the chase and the victory of the win.

That’s why we developed a more eco-friendly way to answer the call of the wild. Discover the Golden Buffalo, a slots game with six reels and four lines.

Immerse yourself in the old west where you can capture the elusive Golden Buffalo and take home a fortune!

With every spin, you have up to 4096 ways to win. Then there are free games at sunset as the hunt goes epic with Wild Multipliers that can increase your winnings by more than 3,000 times. 

We no longer hunt real buffalos, but you can take down a heavy fortune in gold with your membership at Ignition Casino, where the rewards are thrilling.

The Mystic Wolf howls at the big payday

The lone wolf is a symbol of strength and intelligence, relying on its wiles to survive in the wilderness. Secretive and mysterious, this animal knows what it wants and works relentlessly to get it. If that sounds like you, we’ve got your game.

The Mystic Wolf is a 5-reel slot game with secrets and – waiting under the full moon – big wins for you. Hunt deep in the forest for treasure and rewards. Watch for symbols like the Moon, Magic Feathers, a Mystic Coin, a Diamond, Lunar Dice and more. Hit the right combinations and you may be howling with joy. 

There are so many features that lead you to a big payday. The Running Wolf symbol has a 5X payout during normal play. Mystic Wolf symbols award up to 50 free spins. All wins pay left to right and you can multiply your wins by staking coins per line.

Are you hungry like the wolf?

With Goodfishes, crime pays

If you’re angling for a big payday, Goodfishes is armed with rewards and it’s crazy fun. These fish live their life of crime deep in the waters off Brooklyn, New York. They will take out any fish that gets in their way. With five reels and 30 paylines, this story is a winner as long as you help them take care of business. An offer you can’t refuse, so to speak.

In Frankie’s butcher shop, fish are suspended from the ceiling. Make your choice for up to six unique bonuses. The Big Catch gives you a free spin until four gang members are locked up before you go back to normal play. But it gets real pretty fast with wild icon substitutes that create more winning combinations and bonus rounds.

Frankie the Fishmonger is a bonus round with six unique rewards. All you need to do is choose one of three fish to reveal your prize.

GoodFishes is a 5-reel, 30-line video slot with paylines that go left to right starting with the first reel. 

Play this online slots game with ruthless cunning to avoid sleeping with the fishes.

Raid the payouts with Vikings’ Victory

The seafaring Norse people of southern Scandinavia raided, pillaged, traded and settled parts of Europe, and explored westward to Iceland, Greenland, and Vinland. The Viking’s courageous expeditions brought them to North America long before the Europeans. Now it’s your turn, if you dare.

Launch your long ship and get ready for payouts from 5 reels and 25 lines. Vikings’ Victory is filled with bonuses to make the most out of your expedition. Battle your way through wilds, scatters, bonus rounds, free spins, and multipliers to reach a 5,000X payout. 

Then double your payout with the Gamble feature. Sound the horn, the Vikings are coming.

Wild Wild Spin is how the west was won

You got the badge, the gun and the know-how to deal with outlaws and settle scores on the streets in front of smoky saloons. The bandits shoot up the town, rob banks and innocent people, and they must be stopped. Wanted dead or alive posters show the big rewards offered for stopping these crime sprees. Luckily, you’re well armed with this 5-reel, 25-line slot game.  

Multipliers, free spins and shoot-out bonus rounds make Wild Wild Spin an adrenaline-pumping online slots game. You can draw from wild subs to multiply the line-win by three and even multiply your win by seven. Lots of free spins and multipliers, plus symbols to trigger bonus rounds.

Saddle up for a wild ride and clean up the town to claim your big reward.

The opportunities for online fun and big payouts are always here for you at Ignition Casino. Choose the theme that suits your mood and hit the slots whenever you want. We’re always open for adventure.