Promotions and bonuses make everybody happy. A little free money is just the sweetener the average player needs to take their game another step further. But did you know that you can get a bonus on your bonus?

Most of our promotions pay you more when you use Bitcoin. For example, the Welcome Bonus jumps from a 200% match to a 300% match. The Ignition referral bonus gets a $25 bump. And you can even join our crypto-exclusive club for a bunch of special benefits. We even accept cryptocurrencies that some other casinos aren’t ready to handle, like Ethereum and Litecoin.

In this article, we’ll dive into all our Crypto promotions and what makes them so profitable for the player. We’ll also show you how to find all those extra crypto casino promotions dollars we’re ready to hand out.


Before we get into our Bitcoin casino bonuses, let’s start with the basics. Why is crypto good for players?

Well, the big advantages are speed and convenience. Traditional payments that rely on major credit card processors are typically tied up in red tape. Some delays drag on for days while you jump through hoops trying to get a transfer to go through. In truth, they haven’t embraced modern international casino payment systems. Prehistoric payments are just too slow and unreliable.

This is where Bitcoin shines. A crypto deposit is done in minutes, and available in your Ignition account right when you’re ready to play. You don’t have to wait half a week for the transfer to be declined. It’s a sure thing. This kind of stability and transparency is something you’ll only get with crypto.

The same thing is true when you make a withdrawal. They happen faster and more smoothly than a transfer to your credit card account ever would. Once you submit your request, the Bitcoin hit your digital wallet within 24-48 hours. Sometimes, the transaction takes place even faster than that. Credit cards just can’t compete.


The Welcome Bonus is the biggest of our crypto casino promotions. When you make your first deposit, you get a huge deposit match. Credit card transfers earn a 200% match, but Bitcoin casino deposits have it beat. These earn a much bigger 300% match, up to $3,000. That’s a lot of bonus money.

The bonus is available in two portions. The first is a 150% casino bonus that hits your account right away. Wager this money on slots, table games like blackjack, and other games. The second is a poker bonus that you earn as you play poker cash games and tournaments. It’s like the game is always paying you a bit of money every time you shuffle up and deal.

If you make your first deposit with a credit card, you’re potentially leaving a thousand dollars on the table! Any good gambler knows that when there’s free money on the felt, you scoop it up. Be sure to max out your bonuses and make that first big deposit with Bitcoin.


Did you know you can get paid for linking your friends and followers to Ignition? Login to Ignition and grab your referral link from the Tell a Friend page. Then you can get your friends in the game and get paid.

When a referral makes their first deposit, this offer pays 200% of that amount, up to $100. If they become a Bitcoin casino player and use crypto to deposit funds, you get an extra $25! It’s one of our most straightforward crypto casino promotions.

This is a very easy way to boost your bonus by using crypto. If you’ve got a good friends list going, send your link out to followers. You might wake up to a few extra hundreds in your Ignition balance!


The Welcome Bonus is just available for your first deposit, so it’s good to make it count. But if you want ongoing rewards, we won’t leave you hanging. The Weekly Boost will keep on giving. The more you play, the more perks you’ll get every week. Head over to your Rewards section in your account to see your personalized offers.


If you haven’t used crypto before, you may think it’s just something for techies. This is probably how people thought about credit cards before they entered the mainstream. Then everyone realized it was way easier and more convenient than using cash.

To help people get into crypto, we’ve created a helpful Crypto FAQ section. It walks you through the basics and answers the questions that most folks ask their first time around.

Our Help Center also has a  section devoted to Bitcoin. There, we cover topics like deposits, withdrawals, limits, which cryptocurrency to use, and more. But if you’re curious, you can get your first Bitcoin using these easy steps:

  1. Get a Digital Wallet. This is what holds Bitcoin. Just like your physical wallet, it hangs onto your money. Unlike a bank account, a third party is not holding your money. Instead, you can hold it yourself for greater control and security. You can learn more about digital wallets here.
  2. Get an Exchange Wallet. An exchange is where you can exchange money for cryptocurrency. It’s just like a kiosk in an airport where you can convert dollars to local currency on a vacation trip. This time, you’re buying digital currency. To learn more about exchange wallets, click here.
  3. Buy Some Bitcoin from the Exchange. Okay, you’re all set up! Now let’s get some crypto! After you make your purchase, give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve just entered the modern era of global payments. You can use your Bitcoin to buy just about anything. Today, we’re using it to have some fun at Ignition Casino.
  4. Send Your Bitcoin to Your Digital Wallet. Remember Step 1? It’s time to send Bitcoin to the digital wallet that you opened. You’re almost there!
  5. Fund Your Ignition Account. Now that Bitcoin is in your digital wallet, you can transfer it to your Ignition Account. Thousands in bonus funds may be on your way soon if you’re maxing things out.


Want to learn more about Ignition’s crypto casino promotions? We’ve got them all on a page right here. Learn what it means to be crypto-exclusive, and how to use the VIP benefits to make the most of your Bitcoin casino experience! It’s not the future – it’s the present.