The World Series of Poker®, the wealthiest, most respected and oldest poker event in the world, is returning at the end of September with a highly anticipated Main Event: a no-limit $10,000 Hold’em World Championship, which attracted 8,000 entrants in 2019. The well-known Rio Convention Center will be the epicenter of the poker universe presenting a ton of tournaments with prizes in the millions.

Remarking on his sixteenth WSOP event, Executive Director Ty Stewart says, “Make no mistake, the 2021 WSOP will be the real deal and we’re preparing for a full house… we’re preparing for a poker reunion all players can celebrate.”

It’s the world’s biggest poker festival and this year’s event is expected to be the largest ever. At Ignition, we’re poker fanatics, and so are many of our members, some of whom may be planning to attend this year’s WSOP. 

Our best piece of advice, whether you plan to go or not, is to sharpen your poker strategy and skills first. And there’s no better place to do that than right here at Ignition Casino, where poker is king. Here are some training tips:

Ignition’s poker software opens a world of poker opportunities

Start honing your skills by downloading our Ignition poker app, which allows you to play anytime, anywhere from your mobile, tablet or desktop. The app gives you access to all the Ignition poker features, including Quick Seat, Anonymous Tables, Zone Poker, tons of tournaments and more. 

With Quick Seat, you simply choose the game (Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo) and the stakes you want. It automatically takes you to your table as soon as there’s a spot, so you don’t have to hangout in the lobby surfing for room.

Anonymous Tables is a cool feature you should consider using. If you play under a username, your opponents can track you and figure out your playing style. By playing anonymously, you are protected from the sharks who use heads-up displays (HUDs) to get information about you and learn your strategies.

Zone Poker is an essential part of your online real-money portfolio. If you play 100 hands an hour at a cash table, Zone Poker allows you to double or even triple your volume. The moment you fold, you’re moved to an open seat with fresh hole cards waiting just for you. If you are feeling warmed up and raring to go, play two Zone Poker tables simultaneously. 

There are a lot of poker games to keep you busy and we even offer tips and strategies to get your playing muscles (mostly your brain) in shape.

Cash games are ideal for quick practice rounds with profitable rewards

Poker is more than the world’s greatest card game, it’s several awesome card games. Playing online poker for real money at Ignition gives you lots of game choices. But regardless of what poker game you play online, it must be one of two formats: cash game or tournament.

The differences are large enough that you could excel at one format, and suck at the other. In cash games, every hand is its own distinct event that requires a tactic that’s different from tournaments, where you play a sequence of hands trying to outlive your opponents. There are several differences to look out for when deciding which to play.

Chips in cash games are exchanged in cash for the printed face value. The chips at a tournament have no denomination on them. Payouts are always available to you in cash games. You simply leave the table and cash out. Tournament money only comes after you win or get eliminated. Managing your bankroll in cash games gets smoother as it rises. In tournaments, your bankroll goes down more frequently than it goes up, so you need to be more cautious. Cash games have no time limit. Play as long as you want. But in a tournament, you must wait until the end, which could take hours or even days.

The bottom line is that cash poker games give you a lot more freedom compared to tournaments, which will affect your playing style and quite likely your outcomes. It’s probably best to bone up on all the ins and outs before you commit. Learn the difference between cash games and tournament poker

Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments offer quick workouts for future superstars

Our Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments are quick three-player poker games where all players start with a 500-chip stack and the prize pool is determined randomly at the beginning of each game. The winner is the one holding all 1,500 chips at the end. It’s the quickest route to winning a thousand times your initial buy-in.

Jackpot Sit & Go buy-ins range from $2 to $60, so if you hit the jackpot with a $60 buy-in, you could be looking at a $60,000 prize. 

Playing Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments for your WSOP preparation is quick and easy with most games lasting only a few minutes. It’s a thrilling format with fabulous chances to win real money!

Our Golden Spade Poker Open is always big money and big fun

For guaranteed great poker action every day and every night for a full month, get into the Golden Spade Poker Open. Our big money online tournament series happens every year on our site and at your place, if you dare.

The event brings in all kinds of players, kind of like a virtual Vegas. The attraction, of course, is millions in guaranteed prize pools. Playing some qualifying rounds within seven days before the main event will help you enjoy some poker action – and a few bucks in winnings – while preparing for this unbelievable event.

Visit the poker lobby for the entire qualifiers schedule and play your way into our Golden Spade Poker Open.

Enter the ring for the ultimate battle in our Knockout Poker Tournaments

With a bounty on your own head, your objective is to knockout your opponents and collect their bounties.

It’s kill or be killed. Our Knockout Sit-and-Go Tournaments are high-speed, high-intensity, high-stakes action designed to break hearts (and a few heads) through the ruthlessness of no-holds-barred rock’em, sock’em poker. 

Sit-and-Go Knockouts involve at least 6 and as many as 18 poker players who buy in for a few bucks. Put down a $25 buy-in and the first $20 goes into the prize pool, while the remaining $5 goes on your head. Win the tournament and win it all.

Think you can stand up to a pummeling in the ring? Take your corner and then come out swinging.