Every game has its “main bets.”

For blackjack, you’re trying to beat the dealer’s total without busting.

In craps, most folks are betting on the pass line.

And in roulette, many bet red or black.

But the side bets casino games have to offer can often make these games way more exciting.

You can bet on pairs in blackjack.

You can bet on “6 or 8” in craps.

And you can make a “corner bet” in roulette.

Then there’s the JACKPOT side bets. These are the “hidden” bets that actually can make you the most money at many of the games we’re going to talk about below.

Let’s start first with the basics.

What are side bets?

A side bet is a bet aside from the main game you’re playing. It’s not the wager that kicks off the game. Instead, it’s often literally off to the side of the game table. Let’s look at a classic example: insurance in blackjack:

When the dealer shows an ace, a player is offered insurance. This bet, equal to your original wager, pays 2 to 1 if the dealer flips over a blackjack. If there’s no blackjack, your insurance wager is over, and the hand continues normally. The bet was secondary to the main action of the hand. Thus, it’s a side bet.

Which games have side bets?

Live Dealer Blackjack – a massive jackpot side bet

Live Dealer Blackjack has one of the best side bets casino games have to offer at Ignition. It’s called the Super 777 Progressive Jackpot. If you get dealt three sevens, you get a jackpot. If you are dealt three sevens of diamonds, you get 100% of the game’s progressive jackpot. For one lucky player, this amounted to $293,000! You need to have the $1 side bet active to win it, though.Here’s where you can find it:

Tap or click the “J” in the orange circle to place the $1 side bet and activate the Super 777 Progressive jackpot.

Other table games with progressive jackpot side bets

Games like Let ‘Em Ride and Caribbean Hold’Em have similar side bets. They pay out large jackpots when you hit the best poker hands. A royal flush, for example, gets you 100% of both games’ jackpots.

For Let ‘Em Ride, you’ll need to tap or click the yellow button with the star in the upper right of the game screen to activate the bet. If you hit a royal flush and you’re not participating in the side bet – no jackpot. Don’t let it happen to you!

For Caribbean Hold’Em, the progressive jackpot side bet is a big red circle. You can tap to activate and also tap or click again to turn it off and stop wagering. These side bets are wagered on each hand, so keep an eye on your stack if you’re trying to play slot or have a long session.

Andar Bahar – the game with the most side bets?

Andar Bahar is a game with lots of side bets. There’s a whole list of them on the left side of the game:

The main game involves a card dealt to the center. Players bet whether a match to it will be dealt on the left or right side. It’s very simple! But the side bet list takes everything to the next level. You can bet on the middle card suit, color, value, and more. Betting on an exact value (e.g., a king) pays 12.45:1. Safe wagers like betting that the middle card will be red payout 1.9:1.

If you like side bets, Andar Bahar virtually has a whole separate game made of them.

Are they technically side bets? The many betting alternatives of Craps

Craps, the classic dice game, has a ton of side bets. In fact, it has one of the busiest-looking fields in the whole table games area:

So, what are the side bets casino games like craps offer? Well, you can bet on certain rolls in the bottom right. You can bet straight up on a seven. You can bet on 6 or 8 in the bottom left, and that’s not even all the bets that are possible! The basic game of craps is about whether a shooter will crap out before hitting their point again. But while that plays out, there’s a bunch of fun side bets to make to crank the action up a notch.

The pros and cons of placing side bets

Side bets are a special kind of wager. Many games are built around core bets which are “balanced” in a certain way. They allow for a game flow that is fun and familiar. But when a game needs some spicing up, that’s a great time to place a side bet.

  • For side bets with long odds: play these sparingly. They’re fun and super exciting when they hit, but if the odds are not in your favor, they’re tough to win. Your money will last longer if you only make them once in a while. The pro is a nice multiplier if you get them right, and the con is the cost of overplaying them.
  • For jackpot side bets: you want to have these active if you’re in the hunt for a big payday. Some players play poker alternatives just for a relaxing session. It’s fun to ride the little ups and downs as they come and go. Other players, however, are big win For these folks, keeping a progressive jackpot side bet active is mandatory – it’s the only way to crack the massive prize pool. For them, sessions are an investment in hunting for a mega money win.

Side bets are a great way to add some variety to classic games and to open up the possibility of a huge win. Keep your eyes peeled for side bets and always check a game’s rules to see what’s available. It can add a whole new layer of fun to your next game session!