Spin to Win: A Look at the Top Slot Features

Slots have come such a long way from their standard 3-reel format. You don’t just have to line up symbols anymore to get a win. There’s expanding reels, bonus rounds, mini- games within the games themselves, and so many different ways to win. This article will cover some of the most common and new slots features to watch out for. We’ll also preview a few of our new games to try out, so read on!

Slots Offering New Ways to Win

In the past, classic slot machines offered you one way to win: the center horizontal line. Today, online slots feature very advanced mechanics, great features and graphics and multiple paylines. Golden Buffalo, for example, offers six reels and 4,096 ways to win!

Innovative features like cascading reels, cluster pays, bonus rounds, free spins, and expanding wilds have enhanced gameplay, providing players with more opportunities to hit big wins. Thanks to technology, online slot games will continue to evolve and offer even more thrilling and rewarding experiences for players.

How Slots Work: Best Features

Slots Feature #1: Cascading Reels

Cascading reels offer you a chance to chain together wins. When winning combinations appear, the winning symbols explode or disappear, making room for new symbols. These then give you a shot at an additional bonus win as they cascade onto the reels.

Our sports-themed slots are big on this type of feature: Gridiron Glory, Zombie FC, and Hockey Enforcers all feature symbols that cascade. They’re basically like free wins, and they can keep adding up as they go on! It’s definitely a satisfying way to tally up a mega win.

Slots Feature #2: Bonus Buys

It can be hard waiting for those bonus rounds and free spins to roll in. That’s why bonus buys are one of the best slots features. For a set amount, you can guarantee that the next round will trigger a bonus.

Slots Feature #3: Cluster Pays

Cluster pays save you from being confined to paylines. With a cluster slot game, you can score a win just by having symbols touch each other in the correct way. Forget lining up – this feature pays you just for having “symbol neighbors” be near each other.

Slots Feature #4: Bonus rounds

If you’re working on how to play and win slots, you’ve got to keep an eye on bonus rounds. These can take on so many forms. Gold Rush Gus will have you on a roller coaster minecart ride grabbing coins and hitting speed boosts. A Night With Cleo has a racy double or nothing bonus game that is legendary in the casino biz. And Reels & Wheels XL has a bonus wheel that unlocks another bonus wheel!

For most games, there’s a special symbol like a scatter that you need to hit three of to trigger the bonus rounds. There’s many other ways to trigger bonus rounds, too. Once you do, it’s off to a big score that will put regular wins to shame!

Slots Feature #5: Hot Drop Jackpots

One of our favorite features of the past year is Hot Drop Jackpots. These must-drop jackpots are guaranteed to pay out before their limit is reached. They come in Hourly, Daily, and Epic, and you’ll find them in our Hot Drop Jackpots games.

Get three Hot Drop symbols and you’ll trigger the Hot Drop bonus wheel. Then you’ll find out which jackpot you’re getting. Keep an eye on the flaming borders. When a jackpot is close to the limit, your chances of scoring it climb higher and higher until it is paid out!

Slots Feature #6: Expanding Reels

With this feature, the symbols on the reels can expand. Have you ever wished that a symbol would stretch to another payline to make you a win? They can, with expanding reels. Essentially, the whole reel can become one symbol. You’ll hit on more paylines and see bigger wins whenever these are triggered.

Golden Gorilla, Monster Manor and Tiki Tower (which can expand up to 8 rows and 80 paylines) all offer a chance to check out this super-sized slot feature.

Slots Feature #7: Wilds

In slot games, wilds are essentially hero symbols. They’re basically symbol substitutions that can help you land a winning combination that you wouldn’t have scored otherwise. It’s sort of like in card games where Jokers are wild; you can slot ‘em in wherever you need to create a winning hand and come out on top.

Across different slots – particularly those that are older vs. newer – you’ll find different types of wilds. In more basic slot games, such as Cyberpunk City and Gumball 3000, wilds usually just act as substitutes for all symbols except scatter and jackpot symbols.

But there are more multifaceted games with a wider range of wilds. For instance, one of our latest games, Lady’s Magic Charms, features wild symbols that come along with a 2x multiplier. There’s also Super Wilds; in this slot game, three wild symbols will trigger Super Wilds Free Spins, giving you ample opportunities to boost your bankroll!

Slots Feature #8: Multipliers

Of all slot features, multipliers’ functions are probably the easiest to guess. As the name suggests, this feature multiplies your winnings by a predetermined figure. Simple but very profitable. Depending on the game, you could be looking at multipliers of anywhere between 2x, 5x, 10x, 100x, or even more! While not every single game has them, multipliers are super common, especially in progressive slots.

It’s also important to remember that not all multipliers are created equal; some slots have more basic forms of multipliers, while new games have more advanced multipliers.

For example, if you opt to play A Night with Cleo, you’ll have a shot at winning free spins with 3x multipliers, while Ten Times Wins offers a 10x multiplier. On the other hand, in 777 Deluxe, you could be looking at a major multiplier of 250x if you land a set of reels with all 7s. Similarly, Reels & Wheels XL features multipliers of up to 500x your wager on the Bonus Wheel.

2023 Slots with Great Features

Here are great 2023 slots to try

Temple of AthenaMystery symbols, hot drop jackpots, free spins
VikingsFree spins, Wild bonus symbols
Luxe 555Custom bet, play your way
Tiki TowerScatters, Stage Play, Expanding reels
Year of the RabbitHot drop jackpots, free spins, wilds, scatters

1. Temple of Athena Hot Drop Jackpots

The ancient Greek Goddess of Wisdom invites you to enter her temple and pay tribute – and you may be showered with riches. Not only will mystery symbols fill reel stacks and help you earn cash, you’ve got a shot at all three of our Hot Drop Jackpots when you play. With this many ways to win, it’s one of the most thrilling wagers at Ignition.

2. Vikings

The world can never get enough of these primal warriors of old! If you have a love of raiding ships, sharp axes, and braided beards, this may be your ticket to a good time. Cast the runes before you, and steel yourself for battle. Valhalla awaits the brave!

3. Luxe 555

Luxe 555 is a beautiful, simple slot that features three reels and five paylines. Classic fruits and bells are there, but so are crowns and anchors.

Hit Custom Bet to choose from 1x, 3x or 5x on any of the paylines with a 1, 3 or 5 coin wager. Play your way and win your way!

4. Tiki Tower

Win up to 3,000x your wager with this colorful Pacific tiki-themed slot. Mega Tower Magic and tiki symbols will be helping you line up wins all over the game board. Get excited when you see those tiki statues – they’re going to transform and just might bring you good fortune!

5. Year of the Rabbit

If you were born in The Year of the Rabbit (’87, ’75, ’63…), this is your game and your year to win! Watch for this one and all the stars might align for you in 2023.