The best real money rewards for your video gaming skills 

The world of online video games is enormous and perhaps the most popular entertainment industry ever created. While everyday video gamers play for fun and personal glory, some pros make money with their finger skills and keen hand-eye coordination. Their major sources of income are prize money, salaries, sponsorships, live-streaming, and video-on-demand content. A very few top level gamers make as much as $5K a month, but only after hours and hours of practice and a serious lack of sleep. Beyond talent, it also takes incredible dedication and a willingness to forfeit a healthy lifestyle. Do the work, pay your dues, catch a few breaks, and fame and fortune might be yours.

However, you could earn way more money and get paid way faster with online casino games at Ignition. Sure, that’s easy for us to say, but we put our money where our games are – immediately within your reach.

In fact, many of our online games are modeled after some of the most popular video games out there. Our Cyberpunk City is adventurous and mesmerizing. Gold Rush Gus has been compared to Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros. And we’ve got sports games for just about every fan. So, if you’re a video gamer (and who isn’t these days?), you’ll feel right at home playing and winning with us at Ignition Casino.

Here are some of the games you should check out for easy money without losing any sleep or breaking a sweat. Settle back, fire up your desktop, tablet or mobile and start the fun.

Cyberpunk City is the future of fun and fantasy

If you’re into sci-fi and RPG, this game’s futuristic theme will take you there. It’s exciting for fans of the genre, especially anyone who has played and loves CyberPunk 2077. This first-person slots game lets you target free spins, expanding wilds and a random progressive jackpot! Lock and load, grab your crew and take over the streets of Cyberpunk City. First, the theme is crazy cool like you flew into a wacko Blade Runner world. Watch the woman with a mohawk on the left side of the screen with the big gun she fires every time you hit a big win or a bonus. 

To earn a bonus, get the words “Cyber” and “Punk” to matchup. That’s when the winnings can get heavy depending on your bet. There are 5 reels, 3 rows, 20 paylines and a 1¢ minimum bet, making it super easy to drive the progressive jackpot to astronomical heights.

At Ignition, we recommend playing Cyberpunk City on your phone. The software is among the best around and the games adapt perfectly to whatever screen size your iPhone, Samsung, or Android has.

Leave the real world behind for a moment and leap into Cyberpunk City.

Gold Rush Gus digs deep to make you richer

If you’ve ever saved Pauline in Donkey Kong or raced through the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario Bros, you’re going to want to help Gus in his (and your) Gold Rush.

This fun slots game features a new way to play that mixes five reels and side-scrolling excitement. Jump into your cart and ride through the mine for bonus games, free spins and instant wins.

If you’ve ever thought online slots were small time, talk to anyone who missed out on a progressive jackpot because they didn’t know how to activate it! We’re here to help you do everything you need to score that big win.

First, look for two scatter keys on reels 1 and 3. That’s the signal for the digging mole to come out and pull a treasure chest from the ground. Inside the chest is one of Gold Rush Gus’s colored gems. Some are instant wins that pay winners cash, while others get you into a bonus game or set you up for a mini jackpot win. The one you want to see is the diamond, which means you’ve just won the casino’s progressive jackpot. In the past, we’ve seen the jackpot for this online slots game go as high as $41,000, making it one of our most popular online casino jackpots.

Spin that pickaxe and get in on the hunt for gems and gold in your favorite virtual mine.

Zombie FC serves fresh brains all day, every day

They may be undead, but Zombies still love soccer. Welcome to Zombie FC, the zombified slots game fielding teams of decaying corpses. Grab your firearms, bullets, and soccer cleats, and don’t fear, because only the zombies stand to lose an arm and a leg. You’re on the pitch to win!

Perfect for your desktop, tablet, or mobile, Zombie FC lets you stack up the cash like you’re stacking zombies with free spins and epic multipliers from 10x up to 100x. Plus, you can get either a 100% welcome match up to $1,000 or weekly reload up to $100 at Ignition Casino!

The zombie action never stops with a slot machine that spins gory graphics, putting you in a decaying stadium with wall-to-wall undead. Look for new wins to fill in on the tumbling reels, with expanding wilds and multipliers that are sure to score big winnings for you. 

It’s a gruesome, edge-of-your-seat story complete with high-quality, nightmare-inducing graphics splashed with blood.

Hungry now? 

The football season never ends with Gridiron Glory 

The NFL has captivated millions of fans for decades, and the Madden NFL series capitalized on that very early on, leading the pack for video gamers everywhere. These days, many are saying that Madden NFL has jumped the shark, but the passion for football, real and virtual, has never disappeared. 

So, if you’re missing the old video games or the real thing since the season ended, Gridiron Glory is the next big thing. Not just for the non-stop excitement, but also the non-stop winning.Everyone knows that it takes grit, guts, determination, and a lot of padding to win a football game. At Ignition, we believe all you need is the desire to win. Gridiron Glory offers that plus all the action you can handle (See what we did there? Handle? Slot machine? Moving on…).

This five-reel video slot features gut-busting action and 243 possible winning combinations. Stacked Wilds can lead to some Super Bowl-sized rewards. Three or more scatter symbols earn you a free game with up to 15 free spins. Collect a prize for a winning combination and cheerleader pompoms reveal new symbols that lead to a chance to increase your total.

Whenever you’re ready for glory, we’re set for kickoff! 

Virtual Sports and real winners 

Are you a gamer from the days of the PS2? We think you’re going to love Virtual Sports at Ignition! And even if you’ve never been a video gamer, we think you’ll like this, especially if you want something different. 

When it comes to offering sports fans and slots enthusiasts something to love, we’ve totally nailed it. All the virtual sports excitement you can handle, gamble, and win, with non-stop action 24/7! 


It may not be the biggest game in the US, but soccer is huge in the rest of the world. 

At Ignition, you can bet on a soccer game and enjoy watching the players even if there aren’t any actual games being played! You may have to wait a few seconds for a game to start, which is when you can place your bet on a game that happens over about two minutes.

On screen, you can see results of the previous 10 games, and which games are being played at specific times. Place your bets, sit back, watch the quick game, and possibly count your winnings!


At Ignition, our Virtual Basketball league makes it simple to bet and win some awesome jackpots. Instead of actual teams, we pit city vs. city with 16 teams and online virtual sports games that only take a few minutes to complete. Watch clips of the games as they take place, narrated by an announcer to keep it lively. This action is way faster when an entire 30-game season is played in a day! 

It’s not a video game. An algorithm determines every factor of each game. The computer makes all plays based on the relative strengths and ratings of each team and player, and then shows the results.

The basic bet is called a moneyline bet on the winner of the game. Games have odds favorites and you can bet on whether you think the favorite or the underdog will win.


Auto racing and gambling are a recipe for high-grade adrenaline. The excitement on the track screams off your desktop, tablet or mobile screen to keep you on the edge of your seat. But before you decide your bet, take a look at the results from previous races. Which car has the edge? Choose carefully and win big!

With Ignition Supercars, we put six cars on the track for you to bet on. Once in a while, we start a race with 8 cars to keep it interesting and surprising. Keep in mind that the races go super quick, so fasten your seatbelt and place your bet!