Cryptocurrency is taking over the digital world and making an enormous impact in online casinos – especially at Ignition. 

In fact, you could say we’re quite Bitcoin savvy, and the online gamers who use cryptocurrency can score bigger and better bonuses. If you’re considering moving over to Bitcoin, we’ll make it easy and very profitable for you. Use your Bitcoin at Ignition and we’ll give you a 25% match up to $1,000 – a bonus on every deposit.

As if that’s not enough, our Tell-a-Friend bonus earns you 200% of your friend’s first deposit up to $100. Better yet, if they deposit Bitcoin, we’ll add an additional $25. Spread the word and your friends will thank you!

Ignition poker is legendary among online casinos and your chances grow to mammoth proportions when you play with Bitcoin. We are always looking to make your Bitcoin investment payoff while you’re having fun playing (and winning) in our casino.


Before grabbing your seat at the poker table, get your Bitcoin account started with this simple 4-step process:

  1. Create a free wallet on a site such as
  2. Create an exchange account with a provider listed at
  3. Buy the Bitcoin on the exchange account with traditional money
  4. Transfer the Bitcoin from your exchange account to your wallet

Now you’re ready to play with Bitcoin at Ignition. Your Ignition Casino deposit will only take a few minutes before the funds are available in your account. Using Bitcoin at Ignition Casino means you can take advantage of our Bitcoin Match Bonus with your deposit! All bonuses are bigger and better with Bitcoin.


Your winnings at Ignition will always be available for withdrawal and it’s super easy to do. Simply go to your digital wallet and click “Receive.” Then copy your digital wallet address exactly, return to the Ignition website and paste it in the “Your Wallet Address” field. Next, enter the amount you want to withdraw.

Once we’ve received your withdrawal request, the funds will go into in your digital wallet within about 24 to 48 hours. Then you can immediately send them to your exchange account and convert them to US dollars.

Okay. Your Bitcoin account is setup and you’re ready to play, win and rake in the bonuses at the poker tables.


 As one of the best crypto casinos on the market today, we pride ourselves on hosting a wide range of cryptocurrencies. We’re all about freedom and flexibility for our members – and this is no exception!

So, if you aren’t keen to do your crypto betting with Bitcoin, you’re in luck. At Ignition Casino, you can also deposit, gamble, and withdraw using Bitcoin SV (BSV), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and USDT (Tether). Plus, you’ll still be eligible for certain crypto promotions when you use these cryptocurrencies instead of Bitcoin.

Just like Bitcoin, these are all decentralized cryptocurrencies, which makes deposits and withdrawals uber-convenient. With any and all of these currencies, you’ll follow the same steps to deposit and withdraw as you would with Bitcoin. Simplicity at its finest.

To learn more, visit the Ignition Casino Help Center or head over to our crypto section. You can also learn more about the benefits of crypto betting here if you need a little extra convincing.


Poker has been going strong for centuries, you should know the poker strategy. The internet has only made it bigger. Now anyone in the world can play poker online for real money. While there are lots of poker variations, these days most people play Texas Hold’em. It’s an incredibly popular game and the following tips will teach you how to play for big bucks at Ignition Poker.

Like most poker games, Texas Hold’em requires one standard 52-card deck, at least two players and a dealer. The players take turns as dealer going clockwise around the table. To keep track, a special dealer button is placed on the table in front of that person and passed around from player to player. All of these special items will be organized for you when you play Texas Hold’em at Ignition.

The game starts by dealing everyone two cards (hole cards) that are kept face down. The dealer then places three community cards face up in the middle of the table. These cards are shared by all the players who combine their hole cards with the community cards to create a five-card poker hand. If necessary, the dealer may place two more community cards up to a maximum of seven cards to be used to make a five-card poker hand. Conventional poker hand values are applied, with the famous and rare royal flush (ace-king-queen-jack-ten of the same suit) at the top of the winning heap.

During a single hand of Texas Hold’em, a round of betting takes place after each deal, starting with the two hole cards. Poker chips come in different denominations and if you’re playing a cash game, those denominations represent real money. In a poker tournament, the chips represent points, with the prize money awarded to the longest-lasting survivors in the game. 

Each bet is placed in the middle of the table, creating a pile of chips known as the pot. After someone bets, the player to the left can either raise (put a larger amount of chips in), call (put in the same number of chips), or fold (put the hole cards in the middle). The pot goes to the last player standing, or whoever has the best poker hand when all seven cards have been dealt. 

Simple? Yes. Boring? Never! At Ignition Casino we offer many betting variations and tons of tournaments with massive payouts.

Get your game face on and play now! 


Got an itch to play poker at 4 in the morning? You’ve come to the right place. Ignition cash games run 24/7 with buy-ins as low as $2 – an easy way in and amazing ways to win.

With fixed limit, pot limit, and no-limit games like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Omaha Hi-Lo, spontaneous play has never been more rewarding.

The advantages and benefits of playing cash games are legion, while flexibility and opportunity always play in your favor.

First, you can choose how much cash to sit down with and you can join or leave a game whenever you want. Keep in mind that the chips in play represent real money, the blinds are fixed and the games run as long as players are at the table.

There are no set hand limits, no specific start times and you can play several tables at once to increase your chances of winning, as well as the prize pot.  

Cash games mean serious money for a good hand. A royal flush will score 50 times the big blind, up to $200. Took a beating? No sweat. Collect 100 times the big blind, up to $1,000.

Poker isn’t just a great card game, it’s several great games. When you’re playing online poker for real money at Ignition, you can choose from a bunch of exciting games. A live casino may offer more, but no matter what live or online poker game you play, it is only ever one of two formats: cash games or tournaments.


When you’re ready for the big leagues and big, big cash prizes, immerse yourself in one of our many poker tournaments. They’re more fun, more exciting and very often more intense, but the chance to win huge cash prizes makes them absolutely irresistible.

Ignition Poker offers you some of the best online poker tournaments around. Even better, you can play from the comfort of home or on-the-go with your mobile device.

You’re going to compete with thousands of players at the same time. Because every player must pay an entry fee and buy-in, the prize pool can grow into tens of thousands of dollars. The prize pool is split among the top survivors – around 15% of the players who enter. The longer you survive, the bigger your prize, and the most cash goes to the top winner. You can win up to six figures in a single event. Some skill is required, but even beginners can win

Choose from freeroll tournaments with no buy-in or entry fee, satellite tournaments, where you can win a seat into a larger buy-in event, or our new Jackpot Sit & Go format, where you play against two other players for a random prize. There’s also Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo tournaments, our insanely popular and lucrative Black Diamond Poker Open and more.

The players are waiting, the cards are hot and the prizes are mouth-watering. Sign up now! 


Mad Mondays are coming back to Ignition so get ready for a massive tournament roster and plenty of guaranteed prizes.

The action starts bright and early with a reasonable $25+$2.50 buy-in for our $4,000 guaranteed tournament and ends with a late-night, $75+$7 event. Then new events start every hour after that, covering a wide variety of themes and buy-in amounts, which can range from $7.70 up to $270. We’ve got something to whet the appetites of all types of poker players. Mad Mondays feature 16 events, a heads-up tournament, a mini main event, and the $75,000 guaranteed main event.

Step up to the felt and take your shot with a low buy-in and great chances to win big.