Trending Ignition slots are the perfect place to start winning

Everyone talks about trending on social media. But what do they mean? Most likely, it’s anything that’s super popular or controversial for a moment or two; anything or anyone that grabs and holds the public’s attentions for many reasons. Most of the time, trends are obvious. Sometimes, they’re just strange (and a little fun). Like swants, which is when you wear a sweater as pants. Or caged animal jewelry that involves live birds or rodents in necklace or headband cages. Or temporary, stick-on facial hair… you get the point. A trend can be hot for an instant, for a month, for a season, but when it’s over, it’s done, and people end it because it got boring or they keet it going because it’s fun.

At Ignition Casino, our members tell us what’s trending every time they play and replay our online casino slot games. They keeping playing for a variety of reasons. It’s a fun game, it’s easy to play, it’s easy to win, the payouts are frequent and big, it offers tons of free spins and bonus rounds… That’s why we setup a trending casino games section on our site. We want to make it quick and easy for you to find favorite slots and we want to provide a space for newbies to start.

Here are some of the hottest games you should be playing. Whether you’re a new player or you’re just looking for something to shake up your slots routine, this is the perfect place to start. These are the slot games our veteran and most active players choose regularly. Take a look at these previews and you’ll quickly understand why they are trending.

Reels & Wheels XL is the perfect size for bigger wins

Definitely not surprised that Reels & Wheels XL tops our list of hot slots. It’s an enhanced version of the classic 3 reel, 1 line slot but with 5 reels and 20 lines. More lines give you more opportunities to build your bankroll, and Free Spins, Bonus Wheel and Jackpot Wheel are the main ways you could get the cash real soon.

The in-game play shows the different, and quite awesome, payouts on the left side of the screen. Get the bonus icon to appear anywhere in the middle of the screen and a giant wheel will appear and spin for you. This wheel has lots of big multipliers, but also the huge jackpot prize.

You can win 12 Free Spins – with possible re-triggers – and each Free Spin has a random multiplier of up to 10x. Or win up to 500 times your bet or access the Jackpot Wheel feature offering five different jackpots.

Go extra big on your desktop or mobile device!

Golden Buffalo is a stampede of adventures and winning

If you haven’t discovered the Golden Buffalo at Ignition Casino, get ready to ride the plains in your quest to capture the elusive beast and take home a fortune! This slots game features 6 reels and 4 lines, awesome bonus payouts, and up to 4096 ways to win.

There are free games at sunset as the hunt goes epic with Wild Multipliers that can increase your winnings by more than 3000X.

We pay tribute to the history of these magnificent creatures with fantastic graphics that make your hunt a joy ride. While you may not bring down an actual buffalo, you can take home a heavy fortune in gold with your membership at Ignition Casino, where the rewards are killer.

Get ready to ride into a herd of winnings!

On the hunt and hungry like the Mystic Wolf

There’s nothing more haunting than a wolf howling into the night, but the mystery behind that chilling cry has been long uncovered. Howling is used as a social call, a heads up about prey or as a territorial claim – it can also help a lost wolf find its way back to the pack.

We celebrate the majestic wolf as a fearsome symbol of secrets and hidden mysteries with this 5-reel slot game. There’s plenty of secrets, and big wins, waiting to be uncovered by the light of a full moon. Get your animal instincts on and head into the deep forest to hunt for treasure and rewards. Go full lupine and watch the reels for symbols like the Moon, Magic Feathers, a Mystic Coin, a Diamond, Lunar Dice and so much more. When you hit the right combinations, you could be howling with joy at a big payday.

Channel your inner lone wolf and satisfy your hunger for big jackpots!

Golden Gorilla is the smart way to play

Gorillas are highly intelligent and exceptionally strong, and their genetic code is 98% similar to humans, which makes them our closest cousins. While scientists have successfully taught a gorilla to use sign language, at Ignition Casino, we’ve taught a gorilla to hand out money. Now that’s what I call evolution. When you conquer our Golden Gorilla, you discover a jungle filled with riches!

This five-reel, three-line slot offers free spins, expanding wilds, and bonus rounds that feel like the action of an old-time adventure film.

You get free spins you can retrigger with the Super Rounds, there’s an Expanding Wild in which the powerful gorilla will expand and fill the entire reel to act as a multiplier during Free Spins and Super Round.

You can also participate in leaderboard competitions and get extra free games.

Go primitive and find the missing link to big payouts!

A Night with Cleo is a revealing history lesson

Think you can win over the woman who seduced Julius Caesar and ruled an empire? This slot is not for the easily offended – viewer discretion advised, which is what makes A Night with Cleo so popular.

A night with Egypt’s most beautiful queen is a naughty 5-reel, 20-line video slot, where you’re invited into Cleopatra’s chamber. When you spin her reels, you quickly realize this is no ordinary slot. It’s racy, sexy, risqué, bawdy, naughty (get a Thesaurus for more fun with words), and an epic way to feel like a king or a queen.

A unique “Pick Me” Double Up feature gives you a chance to double your winnings – and your luck with Cleo. When you guess right, Cleopatra begins her seduction, removing one garment for each and every accurate guess. Double your winnings five times in a row, and you’ll see everything that caught the eye and libido of a Roman emperor.

Pull down the shades, light a few candles, and get that bag!

Monster Manor will test your nerves in rewarding ways

The old haunted house has been a fixture for horror stories since forever. It seems people like to be scared, until they meet up with a real ghost (hey, it could happen). This amazing Ignition slot takes place in a spooky old home hiding tons of cash, protected by Dracula and his gruesome friends in Monster Manor.

With 5 reels and 50 lines, you’ll face off against the infamous vampire, along with his pal Frankenstein, plus some witches and black cats thrown in for Free Spins, a Pick Bonus and Expanding Wilds.

When you get the guts to enter the mansion and get 3 bats, you win 10 Free Spin rounds with a 3X multiplier. Frighteningly generous.

But be warned! The Monster Manor hides a secret lab and if you match 3 potions of the same color, you multiply your bet. Find the witch that could appear during the Free Spin round and watch what happens!

Be brave and bring some garlic, the payouts are more than worth it!

Dragon’s Siege brings magic, adventure and jackpots

If you’re in the mood for some Game of Thrones epicness, today’s your lucky day. Your fantasy starts after crossing a bridge and entering the heavy gate to a castle where enormous riches await. But first, you need to get past a mighty majestic dragon!

Your quest is to defeat the dragon and plunder the castle for free spins, bonus multipliers and huge payouts. This exciting fantasy-themed slot game brings new adventure as you storm the fiercely defended medieval castle.

Attack the dragon and use features like a Pick Your Hero bonus, free spins multiplier or grab the Random Progressive Jackpot to win the day!

Once you get inside the castle, you can enter the treasure chamber and earn up to 25 free spins. Your free Spins Multiplier starts at 1 and can go as high as 10X. At the end of any game, there’s a chance to win a Random Progressive Jackpot, which is paid out no matter your wager amount.

Sharpen your sword, polish your armor and storm the castle! Who knows what treasures await…