The 2023 World Series of Poker has come to an end. While we’re sad to see poker’s biggest event ride off into the sunset, we’re happy to have been along for the ride with Ignition poker pros as they took on the world’s best card players in glorious battle. First things first: who won?

2023 WSOP Main Event Winner: Daniel Weinman

Daniel Weinman, from Georgia, took home first place at the No Limit Texas Hold’Em tournament known to poker fans simply as the Main Event. He won 12.1 million dollars (can’t forget that point one)!

Daniel is a pro player who has played in many WSOPs before. In over 16 attempts, he had only cashed one before. He thought about skipping this year’s tourney, but destiny had other plans for him. He beat over 10,000 other entrants to take home the biggest share of the over $93M total prize pool. He nearly busted out on Day 8, but the cards smiled upon him and let him hit a runner-runner to stay alive.

The final table, final hand put Weinman’s Jack-king against Steven Jones’s jack-eight. Having your opponent completely dominated is a great way to secure that all-important final pot. Jones had put the screws to Weinman with an all-in shove, and Weinman ultimately made a tough hero call that made him twelve million dollars richer.

How will he spend it? In his own words, “I have no clue. Probably invest it” – Playing it close to the vest, as always. Surely, he’ll find a little splurge once the reality of his riches hit him in the months and years to come.

Ignition’s Casino’s Shaundle Pruitt (aka “CrazySixes”) snags some profits at the 2023 WSOP

He had a tough run, and the big paydays eluded him. But he still managed to grind out some profit at the 2023 WSOP. As this year’s champ proves, you may have to play for years before your ship really comes it at the most competitive event in the world. This year wasn’t Pruitt’s year, but we suspect that he’ll continue sharpening his skills and be back ready to slay in 2024. Here are his results this time around:

Ignition in Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker: YouTube Videos

Videos are up on the Ignition Casino YouTube channel. Here’s a preview of what you can find:

Video #1: Heads Up in the Desert

What drew CrazySixes and the Casino King, Matt, into an arid desert? A high-stakes poker showdown with unforeseen consequences. The victor walks away with a golden opportunity. The defeated? They’ll leave with more than just a bruised ego.

Shaundle game some solid poker strategy tips in the video for those who want to improve heads up play. If you want to know some of his best pieces of advice, watch the video till the end.

Video #2: Side Bets on the Streets of Vegas

The casinos don’t love the idea of our pros filming inside the building, so they did what they do best: gamble. Betting on everything outside the casinos, Shaundle and Matt went head-to-head in a battle to see who’s most in tune with their psychic side. There’s always something to bet on in Vegas, and with live people on the scene, there’s never a dull moment.

Video #3: Interviewing Vegas Locals with Casino and Poker Trivia

Matt and Shaundle hit the busy streets of Vegas and surprise people with some spontaneous casino and poker questions/trivia. Watch the full video for some entertaining answers!

Matt the Casino King just misses the money in the Mini Main Event

Event #74, the “Mini Main Event” is a great way to get action at the WSOP, and it only carries a $1,000 buy in. The Casino King dove in and right away started mixing it up. Bottom pair with an ace-high flush draw got him in some hot water, though. The flush never came in and an opponent pulled away a nice chunk of his chips on the draw. Grind mode: engage.

Casino King tried to stay in the game, snatching blinds where possible, but the competition was tough. At a low of 8,000 chips, down from 60,000, things were looking bleak. A turn in his luck, however, had him back in the black, reaching 250,000 in chips by the dinner break. He also sucked out with 55 v AA, but this karma came right back at him, and his pocket kings went down to the almighty aces. His final desperate hand was KTo v AQo, which slayed him once and for all. 15 spots out from the bubble, this run was a bust.

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