Ok, we’ll say it: Ignition has some of the best online poker tournaments around. Yeah, there are plenty of other online poker sites, but when you check under the hood, a lot of them just don’t have the horsepower.

Series are kicking off all over the place with huge guaranteed cash prizes for top winners.

There’s tons of chances to play – it’s not just final tourneys. These multi-day events give you lots of opportunities to get in the game at a time of day that works for you. There’s so many ways to play with monster stacks, knockout bonuses, and more! Check the poker tournament schedule and find something that looks ripe for taking down.


Looking for something to do for the next few months? Get that bankroll ready, because Ignition poker tournaments will be popping off every month. Mad Mondays, the NBA Tipoff, the Golden Spade Poker Open, the Festival of Felt – if you want big games, you’ve got ‘em! Below you’ll find info on the 2023 fall and winter lineup. If you play your cards right, this could be a six-figure season.


Got a case of the Mondays? Blow off the stress with some killer online poker in our Mad Monday tournaments series. The big tourneys are usually on Mondays, but there’s qualifiers and tune ups in the week before. This gives you a chance to get your online poker skills sharp and to play your way in through low cost satellites. Win these smaller tourneys and you can earn a ticket to one of the Mad Monday Tournaments.

Different tournaments kick off all day, from early in the morning to late at night. There’s a bunch of $5,000 and $10,000 guaranteed tourneys with fun variations like 6-handed tables, micro roller specials, and hyper speed structures. These are perfect for people who want to blast through the game and get to the result as fast as possible.

The fall event series includes over a dozen different poker events with $1.4 million in guaranteed prizes. The crazy part? It all happens on a single Monday in October!

There’s Monster Stacks, Micro Rollers, PLO, a Main Event worth $125K minimum, and lots more!

Of course, there’s qualifiers and tune up games to play from September 25th on. You’ll be in fighting form by the time Monday, October 9th comes around! It’s Columbus Day, so you’ll definitely need to be in a mood to “explore” the cards after your Ignition poker login. For our Canadian friends, the games will be on Thanksgiving and hopefully will provide you with a bounteous harvest of cash prizes.


Who will it be this season? Will the Celtics finally reach the mountaintop with their young squad in peak form? Will Joker and his Nuggies repeat? Will everyone be forced to put even more respect on Himmy Butler’s name after another insane playoffs run?

We don’t know, but we DO know that you can get fully pumped up for the season in our NBA Tipoff event series. Tune-up events will run from October 2 to 16 in the Ignition poker client and online, while Tipoff events will run from October 17 until October 22. Bombs away at the tables and nail some buzzer-beaters of your own!


This is an absolutely monster series. There’s more events to play (150+) and money to win than you could possibly take on all at once. Our advice is to pace yourself and find the events that seem most exciting.

Golden Spade Poker Open 11 (GSPO11) kicks off on Tuesday, October 10th with qualifiers and tune-up events. The main series will run from Saturday, October 14th until Wednesday, November 15th. The action builds to an electrifying Main Event with a $425 + $25 buy-in on Sunday, November 12th. The player pool is huge and the amounts in play are going to be growing with every player registering. Be there for your piece of that shiny golden spade!


Thanksgiving with the fam is nice, but during the downtime, we’ve got all the sweet pie you can handle! Our November Million Dollar Weekend starts warming up on Thursday, November 16th, and stretches to the 22nd. The big events will happen while you’re stuffed on the couch from Thursday, November 23rd to Monday November 27th. Want to have lots of dough for Cyber Monday splurging? Take on the turkeys in the November Million Dollar Weekend!


The rest of the holiday season will be merry and bright, with plenty of events to keep you warm by the fire. The Festival of Felt brings together two series that will run from November 28th, 2023 to January 7th, 2024: 12 Days of Triple-Headers and The Holiday Series. 12 Days of Triple-Headers runs from November 28th to December 12th.

The Holiday Series runs from December 13th to January 7th. You’ll have tons of flexibility to take tickets from your satellite wins to a huge variety of holiday tournies. When the weather is cold and the sky is dark, the Festival of Felt will light up your nights!


12 Days of Turbos is back for yet another year of excitement and money-stacking fun. This year, it’s called 12 Days of Triple-Headers. This means three – count ‘em THREE – back-to-back-to-back poker tournaments. They’ll be similar, but have different buy-ins and guaranteed prize pools. (Those used to our Sunday Triple Headers will know just what this is all about.)

• Qualifiers start on Tuesday, November 28th.
• Tune-ups run from November 28th to 30th.
• Main series events will run from Friday, December 1st to Tuesday, December 12th.

There will be a LOT of poker played for many large chip stacks.

7– 2023-2024 HOLIDAY SERIES

The second half of the Festival of Felt is the Holiday series – a four-week set of events that we’ve run for years.

• Qualifiers start on Wednesday, December 13th, 2023.
• Tune-ups are every day during the qualifying period until Christmas Day.
• Main Holiday Series events will start on Tuesday, December 26th and will build to Main Events Sunday on January 7th.
• New Year’s Eve is yours to party. No event that night.
• Our usual tourneys ($150 + $12 and $100K High Roller – $300 + $25) for that night will happen on New Year’s Day.

It’s going to be a fantastic season of events. Get that gaming chair ready and play your best poker – we’ll see you on the other side, hopefully a lot richer!



No one can say Ignition doesn’t do it big. For this event, there’s over ten mil in real money prizes up for grabs with all tournaments combined. We call it the Black Diamond Poker Open.

We’ve had this event in years past and it’s always been a huge crowd pleaser. Many card players have given their bank account a gargantuan glow up at the BDPO. The 2023 edition will be the biggest yet!

This is the 11th time we’ve run the BDPO, and you can count on anywhere from 150-200 individual events. Buckle up and get your fingers cracked – it’s going to be a wild month of poker here at Ignition Casino.

Get your schedule clear for the Black Diamond Poker Open 2023. Qualifier tournaments began on the 22nd, and ran for over a month. There’s events for high rollers, small grinders, and everyone in between. No matter what your game is, you’re going to find events that will turn up the excitement to levels that shouldn’t even be possible.

$300,000 was guaranteed to be in the prize pool. It’s a huge pile of cash that hopefully will keep you focused to play your very best poker. There’s a few famous events in the poker world, and the Black Diamond is fast becoming one of the biggest to watch every year.


These are for players who feel the need for speed. 

Jackpot Sit & Go’s are three-player tournaments with blinds that increase every three minutes. It’s a “Hyper-Turbo” format – pretty much Texas Hold’em poker for the adrenaline junkie. And you can jack up the excitement even more by playing up to four games at the same time. 

To get going, once you’ve picked “Jackpot Sit & Go” from the tournaments page, just choose your buy-in amount when you register for a game – your buy-in options are either $2, $7, $20, $60 or $100 – and how many tournaments you want to play in. (Remember, Tiger, only up to four tournaments at a time). 

As soon as a third player has registered, it’s game on. The spinning reels determine the randomized prize pool for a given tournament. The jackpot payout table will show you how the multiplier works and give you a look at your probability of success.


If you’re starting out in the poker world, and especially if you’re starting out with a limited bankroll, freeroll poker tournaments might be just the thing you need. They offer a great way to practice online poker games, and they could even boost that bankroll too.

The concept is simple: freerolls let you play real money poker, but with no entry fee. That’s right – we provide the whole prize pool, and all you need to do is enter the tournament and play poker.

Our freerolls offer either cash prizes or tickets to a bigger tournament that we’re hosting. And we’ve added weekly freeroll tournaments to certain Rewards members. Each type of freeroll tournament offers you a chance to win, risk-free.
Get in on the freeroll action.



These tournaments live up to their name: huge stacks are available at the beginning of every event, which means you can stay in the game longer. 

Monster Stacks let you play poker online for money – lots of it. They’re a great way to have fun at the tables, whether you’re a recreational player or an expert.

There are multiple events per day, and we run the Monster Stack series for at least a few months every year. Buy-ins range from small to large to suit every player, from weekend warriors to high rollers. 

It all adds up to huge online poker action with stacks and prize pools to match.


Since we’re dealing with a ton of players from all over the planet, we do need to make sure we keep the games flowing at all times. So there are rules. Not a ton, but just keep in mind a few of the main ones.

Most importantly, the blinds increase after a certain amount of time. This is to make sure players who aren’t playing get eliminated. This keeps things moving for everyone, and helps make sure the playing experience at Ignition is a great one. 

Antes are also part of our online poker rules. Each player has to contribute some small number of chips to the pot at certain levels, in order to keep the pot size nice and juicy. This depends on the tournament so be sure to read the rules to avoid surprises.

Interested in learning about – and avoiding – things like ratholing, whipsawing, chip dumping and more? Most online poker sites have the same basic set of rules, and you can check out Ignition’s full list of house rules.

The overall idea? You will never run out of great tournaments to choose from at Ignition, so whether it’s a multi-million dollar Texas Hold’em tournament, a fun freeroll or a speedy Sit-and-Go, you’ve got the goods to play poker online anytime.